Respect Trump: I’ll be hearing this in my head for a long time!

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“Watching the failing impeachment charade go up in smoke – I have only two words to still say: “GO TRUMP” I think I might drive all around town today with a YUGE speaker on the roof of my truck blasting this out👇”

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The Dan Bongino Show: This Entire Impeachment Hoax is Based on Lies

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@14 minute mark, “my own assumption, NO ONE SAID AID WAS TIED TO INVESTIGATIONS”! Ambassador Sonaland

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November 21, 2019Listen to Today’s Podcast:
ep 1116

In this episode, I address the Democrats’, and their media allies, hysterical response to yesterday morning’s impeachment farce, and how the story flipped on them in the afternoon. I also address some of the more ridiculous moments from yesterday’s Democrat debate.

Dan’s News Picks:

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After Coup Plot in America Exposed, Israel Attempts Coup Plot of Their Own!

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Wow, can they hate PDJT because he named Israel’s capital after 40 years of promises?

Do democrats hate America, Israel and Jews so to much they’ll try to destroy 2 world powers?
Netanyahu slams ‘coup’ after indictments
PM vows not to step down as prime minister following AG’s decision to indict him.

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