Police Chief: What happened to America? We started rewarding bad behavior, that’s what.

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If you have ever taken a psychology class you have probably been exposed to the notion of reward versus punishment. The basis being that you get more of that which you reward and less of that which you punish for.

Generally speaking it’s an accurate synopsis of how human nature works. When someone does that which society appreciates, something positive follows. When they perpetrate acts that we wish to discourage, some type of negative reaction transpires.

Yet in cities across the nation leaders are trying to convince the governed that they can rewrite the laws of human nature. These often times elected (but sometimes appointed) decision makers are in a frenzied race to prove that we can fix the ills of society by rewarding them.

While cities like San Antonio, Texas have worked on ways to eliminate the citywide epidemic of homeless panhandling by passing city ordinances to discourage this…

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