‘Trump Effect’ Takes Over Iran As Regime Starts Covering Country With American And Isr aeli Flags

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Avoiding The Flags Has Become Symbol Of Protest

by J.E. Dyer | Jan 17, 2020 | Foreign Policy/Terrorism

Trump Effect Iran regime

Probably the most overlooked aspect of the “flags on the sidewalk” phenomenon in Iran is that, as the regime paints those flags everywhere, hoping Iranians will step on them, it is basically symbolizing its – the regime’s – effective “occupation” by its obsession with the Great Satan and the Little Satan.

Not focusing on that point is as it should be, of course. The nobility and honor of Iranians who refuse to tread on the foreign flags are what is most important. Americans and Israelis are awed to see such courageous signs of goodwill and respect. I know I speak for many when I say we wish we had more direct ways to con
vey our reciprocal admiration and support to the Iranian people.

Darya Safai MP@SafaiDarya

Just like the protesters in…

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No Zionists’ and ‘No Straights’: Tweets From Teacher Rattle Elite New York City Scho ol By 

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By Pamela Geller – on January 17, 2020

Is it any wonder anti-Semitic attacks proliferate across New York City. Or that millennials, exposed to left-wing inculcation and indoctrination, are so dumb and dangerous, hateful and bigoted? #Homeschool


By: Adam Kredo, WFB January 9, 2020:

As anti-Semitic attacks proliferate across New York City, the social media postings of one outspoken teacher at an elite Bronx private school are raising fresh concerns among Jewish parents and students.

“Making latkes tonight for my birthday and channukah [sic], text me if you want to come over, no Zionists,” J.B. Brager, a history teacher at the prestigious Ethical Culture Fieldston School, tweeted on Dec. 20.

That posting and others singling out straight individuals for criticism and portraying Israel as a genocidal aggressor in its conflict with the Palestinians have…

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