Democrats Lard Pandemic Relief Bill With Goodies For Special Interests

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Representative James Clyburn, the Democrat from South Carolina, wasn’t kidding when he said the Chinese Virus relief bill that Congress is debating was “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

He and his fellow Democrats have packed the House version of the relief bill with money for special interests that has nothing to do with helping average Americans through the pandemic, or fighting the pathogenic scourge that has closed schools and stopped sporting events, and is wrecking the economy and confining Americans to their homes.

The Democrats won’t, as Obama veteran Rahm Emanuel said, let a crisis go to waste.

What’s in It
The “Take Responsibility for Families and Workers Act” is, as a columnist for USA Today wrote, a long wish list for a “liberal Christmas in March.”

Breitbart highlighted some of the goodes the radical Left can expect, courtesy of the American taxpayer:

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