Man granted coronavirus release attacks woman in home invasion

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MARCH 27, 2020

A man who was released early last week from a Utah halfway house because of the spread of the coronavirus attacked a woman in her home two days later, tying her up and threatening her with a knife, police said Wednesday.

But state corrections officials did not answer questions about how the virus played a role in the man’s release.

The woman told officers in the city of American Fork, south of Salt Lake City, that she was asleep in her bedroom last Thursday when the man broke into her home, according to a police probable cause statement. Wielding a large knife, he started to tie her up in the bed and threatened to rob her, but her son called 911, the statement said.

Officers arrived at the house and when the man tried to hide in the bed with her, she ran downstairs panicked and horrified…

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HELP — Trudeau is hiking the one TAX that touches everything when Canadians need relief

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One in three Canadian businesses will not survive for more than a month of the coronavirus pandemic, and that’s on top of the almost one million Canadians who lost their jobs last week.

This isn’t going to get any better soon. People still have to pay rent, buy groceries, take care of their kids and make car payments.

Canada is in lockdown mode, people are scared, and the economy is being hammered. Families are facing unemployment, bankruptcy and poverty.

And any government that would choose to punish families and raise taxes at such a time would be laughed at by the international community for doing something so dumb — or scorned for such shameless cruelty, right?


But that is exactly what Justin Trudeau is doing.

His government is planning…

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Coronavirus Shows the Euthinasia Community Ready To DNR Those They Feel “Aren’t Worthy” of Saving

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