Project Veritas: VIDEO: Dem Operative Confesses to Selectively Editing Video, Leaves Out Verbal Attack Including ‘Gotcha B*tch’

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Today, Project Veritas released another video about the lawsuit filed by Democracy Partners.

In January 2017, Democracy Partners operative Lauren Windsor chased down and screamed profanities at Veritas journalist Allison Maass for exposing Democracy Partners during the 2016 election cycle. Windsor later posted a video of the encounter that did not paint a full picture of what really took place.

We knew it, but then we got her to admit it under oath, so now you can see and hear it for yourself.

In this video of Windsor’s deposition, Windsor told Project Veritas Action Fund’s attorney that she selectively edited the encounter to better fit her narrative. ( )

Here are some of the highlights of the story:

  • Democracy Partners Operative Lauren Windsor and Her Associate Ryan Clayton Chased Down and Screamed Profanities at Veritas Journalist Allison Maass in Washington After Maass Exposed Democracy Partners’ Schemes to Foment Violence at…

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