Revolt Among Republicans on Immigration Bill: 70 House Members Risk Careers in Planned Showdown With Leadership

Seventy House Republicans are planning a politically risky showdown with Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to try to force additional debate on an immigration bill they say will mean amnesty for illegal immigrants and have dire consequences for the country.

The 70 members are petitioning for a special Republican conference meeting on the bill, a “highly unusual” move to go head-to-head with the speaker, according to Reps. Michele Bachmann (Minn.), Steve King (Iowa) and Louie Gohmert (Texas), who are serving as spokespersons for the group.

Bachmann, King and Gohmert told TheBlaze the group is invoking the Hastert Rule: requiring support from a majority of the majority to bring a bill forward.

The petition is expected to go to the House leadership on Friday, but it’s possible some signatories might remove their names due to political risk, or that Boehner could head off the challenge by striking a deal. Going against leadership in such a way could have harsh political consequences for the signatories, including retaliation such as permanently getting passed over for chairmanship positions.

A Boehner spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.

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Is A Civil War Coming To America?

For anyone who has done even a cursory study of Barack Obama’s life, they know that his radical Marxist views are not a recent phenomenon.

During his New York years, he was a frequent participant in the annual Socialist Scholars Conference held in Manhattan.

In the 1990s, he was affiliated with the Marxist New Party.

He called for an outright ban on guns in 1996.

Through the 1990s and 2000s, he funneled millions of dollars to socialist front groups like ACORN, via the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. His buddy, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, helped stuff the money in the pockets of these “public welfare” groups, often taking money from wealthy donors who believed the funds were being used to further education or stamp out poverty. This was Barack Obama’s first foray into “spreading the wealth around.”

The dirty little secret about Marxists is that the moral outrage they have about the poor, about gun violence, about war, and even about the environment (so-called “global warming,” now rebranded as “climate change”) is that these are all simply tools to set up a totalitarian government. A so-called utopia where “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is not determined by the individual, but according to an elite bureaucracy.

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No Surprise: Debbie Wasserman and Nancy Pelosi do not like Weiner!

Democratic leaders are now calling on Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign after the New York lawmaker embroiled in a Twitter scandal admitted he had online contact with a Delaware teenager.

National party chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Weiner’s behavior is “indefensible” and his role in Congress is “untenable.”

The Florida congresswoman says “this sordid affair has become an unacceptable distraction” for everyone.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California says Weiner “needs help” and he should get some “without the pressures of being a member of Congress.”


Weiner has now requested a leave of absence to get “treatment.” Read about that, as well as how others have called for his resignation.

“Ya Think”

It’s been 770 days since the Senate Democrats have produced a budget. That’s over two years since we’ve seen anything from the Senate .. and yes, I blame this on the Democrats because they have held control of the Senate since 2007. While Harry Reid recently said it would be “foolish” for Democrats to propose their own federal budget for 2012, some of his Democrat colleagues are thinking twice.

In a, “gee, ya think?” moment yesterday, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said, “I think we need to have a budget that we stand by.”

Why does Feinstein believe this? Not because the Senate owes it to the people of America and their constituents to have a budget, but because the Democrats are now finding it to be politically detrimental. People are starting to catch on. The Democrats simply refuse to submit a budget of their own and stand on the sidelines lobbing grenades at the Republicans while telling frightened old people that the Republicans want them dead. Does that tactic still work? Apparently some Democrats are afraid that is might not still be the key to regaining power.


Well that just about wraps up the political career of Anthony Weiner, wouldn’t you say? I mean, c’mon … when asked by a reporter if that is a picture of your package, any innocent imbecile with half a brain would say not only no but hell no. Instead, Weiner’s response is: “I can’t say with certitude” that picture isn’t of me.

Looks like Weiner needs to start looking for a new profession. But wait a minute. I’[m forgetting something here. The Weiner is a Democrat. They pretty much get a pass on this sort of thing. After all, it’s not as if he got a mouth hug from some intern. Wait … that happened too, didn’t it? Oh yeah … but that was a Democrat as well; a Democrat with a unique idea of what a cigar holder should look like. So just what in the hell does a Democrat have to do to torpedo their own career? We know what it takes for a Republican … just take a picture of yourself with your shirt off. That’s what New York Republican Christopher Lee did … and he sent that picture over the Internet to some cutie. Whack! He’s toast! Clearly Lee should have taken a picture of Big Al and The Boyz for that young flatbelly. He would still be in congress. But wait again! No he wouldn’t! He’s a Republican! Different standards.

We learn today that Weiner has hired a private law firm to look into how his account might have been hacked. You can see through this, can’t you? If you haven’t noodle it out, here’s the deal:

* File a report with the police saying your computer has been hacked. The police investigate. The police discover that you haven’t been hacked and that you actually sent the crotch shot yourself. Oops! That’s filing a false police report and you’re charged with a crime.

* Hire a private law firm to investigate if and how your computer was hacked. The private law firm finds out there was no hacking and that you actually did send the picture. The law firm says nothing to anyone because there is a lawyer-client relationship that insures confidentiality. But you do get to posture before the media and the public that you’re actually trying to figure out who hacked your computer.

Tea Party Republicans Vow to Attack Deficit Spending ‘Once and for All’ in Next Session

Republicans elected to Congress with the help of Tea Party support pledged Sunday to devote themselves to balancing the budget over all else when they start their new jobs on Wednesday.

In the lead-up to the next session, Tea Party freshmen and activists have expressed disappointment at the legislation passed by Congress in the waning days of the post-election lame-duck session. The bipartisan package to extend the Bush-era tax cuts was seen by some conservatives as a flawed deal that failed to bury the estate tax and make permanent the income tax rates of the past decade. At the same time, critics assailed the package for containing billions in new deficit spending.

Tea Party candidates said Sunday they hope to change the culture of spending in Washington as they prepare to get sworn in this week. They said Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, earmarks and other items will all be on the table for serious reform. They warned their more experienced colleagues to hold back on the deficit spending once they come into office.

“It’s time to once and for all … stop perpetually spending money we don’t have and sending the bill to unborn generations of Americans,” Sen.-elect Mike Lee of Utah told “Fox News Sunday.”

Lee said the $858 billion package passed by Congress at the end of 2010 demonstrated the need for a balanced-budget amendment, which he said he will propose.

“It certainly is disturbing that we have to add an additional trillion dollars to our debt in order to preserve tax cuts without which our economy couldn’t survive right now,” he said. “Congress has long abused the authority to incur debt in the name of the United States. And we need to restrict that.”

Allen West, an incoming GOP congressman from Florida, said the problems facing Washington are big, but not “insurmountable.”

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