High school senior forms petition with over ONE THOUSAND signatures against Michele Obama speaking at their high school graduation

If expanding the guest list to include Michelle Obama at graduation for high school students in the Kansas capital city means fewer seats for friends and family, some students and their parents would prefer the first lady not attend.

A furor over what the Topeka school district considers an honor has erupted after plans were announced for Obama to address a combined graduation ceremony for five area high schools next month an 8,000-seat arena. For some, it was the prospect of a tight limit on the number of seats allotted to each graduate.

For others, it was the notion that Obama’s speech, tied to the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education outlawing segregation in schools, would overshadow the student’s big day.

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Common Core Obama’s Means to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America’s Education System

Proponents of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) often insist that the new standards are not a federal takeover of education. Actually, Common Core supporters could be right in one sense: Common Core is not so much about a nationalization of education as it is part of a world-wide initiative that may ultimately serve to make American values and practices secondary to global sharing.

Writing at Crisis Magazine, journalist Mary Jo Anderson asserts that Common Core is nothing less than the latest attempt by the U.N. to impose on the United States a globalist perspective with the utopian goals of worldwide peace, environmental sustainability, and economic fairness. In that context, Common Core is part of the Obama administration’s “transformational” education plan that places emphasis on global relationships rather than a unique American culture.

It is commonly known that Common Core is being financed with more than $150 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition, the Gates Foundation has collaborated with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In 2004, Gates’ Microsoft Corporation signed a Cooperation Agreement with UNESCO to develop a “master curriculum” which would include benchmarks and a testing program. According to the agreement, “UNESCO will explore how to facilitate content development.”

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Obama Math: Wrong Answers Accepted In New Common Core Program: 3 x 4 = 11

Public University Unfairly Raising Black Students’ Grades to Boost School’s Standing

Three former staff members at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, have come forward with a shocking claim. They maintain that administrators at the university have been purposefully boosting and curving African Americans’ grades.

This stunning allegation comes from Shira Hedgepeth, former director of academic technology, and two former professors. The two educators spoke on condition of anonymity when they detailed the allegations to Campus Reform, a conservative group that explores various issues on university campuses.

“Some students had their final grades changed based on their race. That was a common complaint of many of the faculty that I worked with,” Hedgepeth, who was terminated in 2011, told the outlet. “None of the Caucasian or non-African American students… none of their grades were changed.”

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U.S. Men Are Being Economically ‘Emasculated’

Even as the U.S. economy grows at a moderate clip, stocks post record gains, and the Federal Reserve entertains the notion of drawing down its $85 billion-per-month bond-buying program, some see trouble on the horizon.

That is, one writers believes that the U.S. has reached a point in its history where men are being “systematically emasculated” by economic and social trends.

“In America today, the percentage of men in prison is at an all-time high, the percentage of men with a job is near an all-time low and the percentage of children living without a father is at an all-time high,” Michael Snyder writes for The Economic Collapse blog.

“Do we have a crisis on our hands?” he asks. “Yes, we most definitely have a crisis on our hands.”

To prove his point, Snyder compiled a list of 31 statistics that, he says, show that there is indeed an “emasculation” crisis in America. Here are his top 9:

9. According to one very surprising study, “young, urban, childless women” make more money in America today than young, urban, childless men do.

8. In 1982, 1.9 percent of all men were receiving disability benefits. Today, 3.1 percent of all men are receiving disability benefits.

7. Thanks to government policies which are killing off small businesses in America, the percentage of self-employed Americans is at an all-time low today. This has had a disproportionate impact on men.

6. Between 1969 and 2009 the median wages earned by American men between the ages of 30 and 50 dropped by 27 percent after you account for inflation.

5. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the “real entry-level hourly wage for men who recently graduated from high school” has declined from $15.64 in 1979 to $11.68 today.

4. According to Time Magazine, unemployed men are significantly more likely to get divorced than employed men are.

3. During the last recession, men lost twice as many jobs as women did.

2. Back in 1950, more than 80 percent of all men in the United States had jobs. Today, less than 65 percent of all men in the United States have jobs. The chart posted below illustrates this stunning decline:

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Texas Officials Disqualify Winning Relay Team Cuz Runner Pointed to GOD!

UNREAL — Texas Officials Disqualify Winning Relay Team Cuz Runner Pointed to GOD!

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, May 2, 2013, 9:14 PM

UNREAL — Texas Officials Disqualify Winning Relay Team Cuz Runner Pointed to GOD!

What happened to my country?

Riehl World View and WFAA reported:

A Texas high school relay team was disqualified at a state-meet qualifier when the anchor pointed to the sky in an apparent gesture of faith.

As KHOU reports, Derrick Hayes anchored the Columbus High School’s 4 x 100-meter relay team at a meet that determined who would compete at the state championships. As Hayes crossed the finish line in first, he “put his hand by his ear and just pointed to the heavens,” Hayes’ father said.

Someone please tell me… Are there any Christians in this country who are willing to stand up for their faith and say ENOUGH!

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Top Thieves At The National Education Association

Dennis Van Roekel, President: $389,620
John Stocks, Executive Director: $379,260
Becky Pringle, Secretary-Treasurer: $332,539
Lily Eskelsen, Vice President: $332,390
Andrew Linebaugh, Director: $312,479
Cynthia Swann, Sr. Policy Advisor: $296,833
Donna Healy-Dean, Director: $282,244
Ronald Henderson, Director: $266,700
Sara Campen, Organizational Specialist: $257,716
Barry Melamed, Associate Director: $256,381
Ht Nguyen, State Affiliate Executive Director: $255,646
W McLaurin, Director: $254,636
Michael McPherson, Chief Financial Officer: $251,635
Michael Kahn, Associate Project Director: $250,684

Michael Simpson, Attorney: $249,825
Leona Hiraoka, Director: $245,758
Al-Tony Gilmore, Associate Project Director: $244,670
Nathan Allen, Organizational Specialist: $241,356
John Wilson, Former Executive Director: $240,538
Barby Halstead-Worrell, Senior Director: $235,349
Frances Beard, Associate Director: $231,129
Alice O’Brien, General Counsel: $228,719
Thomas Blanford, Associate Director: $225,320
Karen White, Senior Director: $224,809
Willard Raabe, Senior Director: $223,443
Earl Wiman, Executive Committee: $219,481
Armand Tiberio, Regional Director: $218,396
Douglas Walker, Associate Director: $217,851
Daniel Hand, Director: $217,568
Bill Thompson, Senior Director: $215,719
David Duvall, Regional Director: $214,353
Lisa Nentl-Bloom, Organizational Specialist: $212,857
Kimberly Anderson, Senior Director: $211,263
Elizabeth Daise, Manager: $211,030
Daaiyah Bilal-Threats, Senior Director: $210,260
Maurice Joseph, Deputy General Counsel: $209,525
Kathleen Lyons, Regional Director: $209,159
Bouy Te, Director: $208,658
Robin Butterfield, Senior Prog./Policy Specialist/Analyst: $207,775
Laura Gross, Senior Prog./Policy Specialist/Analyst: $206,696
Segun Eubanks, Director: $206,646
Robert Eagan, Organizational Specialist: $206,612
Janet Dade, Director: $206,314
Candace Lilyquist, Organizational Specialist: $205,880
Kenneth Farrell, Manager: $205,172
Katherine Mattos, Communications Counsel: $203,645
Michael Edwards, Associate Director: $203,455
Stephen Behrer, Senior Prog./Policy Specialist/Analyst: $203,316
James Hristakos, Producer/Director (Broadcast Media): $202,557
Linda Cabral, Associate Director: $202,487
Timothy Dedman, Regional Director: $202,242
Roxanne Dove, Director: $201,654
Corina Cortez, Manager: $200,767

Liberal Stupidity on the Eastern Shore

Right to work! More like “Right to lose your place in the middle class”. It is fascinating to see Republicans goose-stepping to the drum beats of the corporate leaders and businessmen who view unions as anathema. The history of prosperity in America is tied very closely to the labor movement. When workers get higher wages, the country prospers and people’s lives are better with benefits like health care and retirement plans. Conversely, when workers are paid low wages, the people suffer at the whim of a few plutocrats, such as those today who instead of investing in America hoard their wealth or move it overseas.

Beginning with the trickle-down economic myth perpetrated by Reagan that low taxes cause prosperity, we have drifted for 30 years into an America that has elevated the wealth of the richest among us and gradually crushed the middle class. American greatness began with progressive taxation of its citizens. We paid more if we made more, but all benefited because spending was enhanced by all economic segments of the population.

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Obama forces new curriculum on local schools

As states across the country implement broad changes in curriculum from kindergarten through high school, English teachers worry that they will have to replace the dog-eared novels they love with historical documents and nonfiction texts.

The Common Core State Standards in English, which have been adopted in 46 states and the District, call for public schools to ramp up nonfiction so that by 12th grade students will be reading mostly “informational text” instead of fictional literature. But as teachers excise poetry and classic works of fiction from their classrooms, those who designed the guidelines say it appears that educators have misunderstood them.

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Student Expelled for Refusing Location Tracking RFID Badge

After months of protesting a policy requiring high school students to wear an RFID-enabled ID badge around their necks at all times, Andrea Hernandez is being involuntarily withdrawn from John Jay High School in San Antonio effective November 26th, according to a letter sent by the district that has now been made public.

The letter, sent on November 13, informs her father that the Smart ID program, which was phased in with the new school year, is now in “full implementation” and requires all students to comply by wearing the location-tracking badges.

Since Andrea Hernandez has refused to wear the badge, she is being withdrawn from the magnate school and her program at the Science and Engineering Academy, and instead will have to attend William Howard Taft HS, which is not currently involved in the ID scheme, unless she changes her position.

Civil liberties lawyers at the Rutherford Institute told Infowars.com that they are in the process of filing a temporary restraining order petition to prevent the school from kicking Hernandez out until further appeals can be made to resolve the matter. Representatives for John Jay did not return calls for comment by the time of publishing.

Andrea, backed by her family, has claimed the policy violates her religious beliefs and unduly infringes on her privacy. The controversial ID badge includes the photo and name of each student, a barcode tied to the student’s social security number, as well as an RFID chip which pinpoints the exact location of the individual student, including after hours and when the student leaves campus.

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