American Communist/Islamofascist-sympathizers are wringing their hands over 2011 Muslim Hate Crime stats

From the radical leftists at the Southern Poverty Law Center (where BNI and other anti-Islam bloggers top their hate-groups list), we learn that that the FBI numbers for anti-Muslim hate crimes in the U.S. are about the same for 2011 as they were in 2010 when there was an “unprecedented 50% spike.” What they choose not to highlight is the fact that anti-Jewish hate crimes are still about 5 times higher than anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Religious bias
FBI Hate crimes motivated by religious bias accounted for 1,318 offenses reported by law enforcement. A breakdown of the bias motivation of religious-biased offenses showed:

62.2 percent were anti-Jewish.
13.3 percent were anti-Islamic.
5.2 percent were anti-Catholic.
4.8 percent were anti-multiple religions, group.
3.7 percent were anti-Protestant.
0.3 percent were anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc.
10.5 percent were anti-other religion. (Based on Table 1.)

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US Drops 10 Spots In Economic Freedom Rankings

‘Cut it or Shut it!’: Tea Party Says No to Budget Compromise at DC Rally Today

Jenny Beth Martin looked out on the rain-dampened crowd along Constitution Avenue and pointed over her shoulder at the Capitol.

“They heard us, but they’re not listening!” Martin, a tea party leader, told members of the movement that helped put Republicans in charge of the House last November.

The crowd booed.

Four months after the historic election, the populist force that helped drive Republicans to power is finding that its clout on Capitol Hill isn’t automatic.

What brings you out today, one tea party member was asked. “Saving our country, obviously.”

Sensitive talks over how many billions of dollars to cut from this year‘s federal budget have strayed far below the Republicans’ campaign promise to slash $100 billion. Rather than standing firm and allowing parts of the government to shut down until enough lawmakers came around, House Speaker John Boehner was doing exactly what the tea partiers thought they had elected Republicans to avoid: negotiating with President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats over spending cuts.

“Cut it or shut it!” chanted the crowd outside the Capitol on Thursday.

“I’m not talking about $5 billion or $6 billion or $10 billion. I’m talking about $100 billion,” said one tea party activist (seen in the picture above), speaking of the budget cuts. According to the AP, $10 billion has been cut so far.

Among those not balking were some of the 87 freshmen Republicans, who more than anyone in the House owe their seats to the tea party juggernaut.

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Obama calling for more infrastructure spending

WASHINGTON (AP) – Vowing to find new ways to stimulate the sputtering economy, President Barack Obama will call for long-term investments in the nation’s roads, railways and runways that would cost at least $50 billion.

The infrastructure investments are one part of a package of targeted proposals the White House is expected to announce in hopes of jump-starting the economy ahead of the November election. Obama will outline the infrastructure proposal Monday at a Labor Day event in Milwaukee.

While the proposal calls for investments over six years, the White House said spending would be front-loaded with an initial $50 billion to help create jobs in the near future.

The goals of the infrastructure plan include: rebuilding 150,000 miles of roads; constructing and maintaining 4,000 miles of railways, enough to go coast-to-coast; and rehabilitating or reconstructing 150 miles of airport runways, while also installing a new air navigation system designed to reduce travel times and delays.

Obama will also call for the creation of a permanent infrastructure bank that would focus on funding national and regional infrastructure projects.

Administration officials wouldn’t say what the total cost of the infrastructure investments would be, but did say the initial $50 billion represents a significant percentage. Officials said the White House would consider closing a number of special tax breaks for oil and gas companies to pay for the proposal.

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So there we have Joe Biden telling Americans yesterday that “we’re heading in the right direction.” Well … from his standpoint, and certainly from the standpoint of his boss, The Community Organizer …perhaps he’s right. Right, that is, if your version of “the right direction” is toward the economic tyranny that will be visited upon us by Obama’s vision of a centrally planned economy.

Just take a look at some of the headlines over the past few days:

* Home sales in the United States were down in July. This in spite of dirt-cheap mortgages and greatly reduced prices. The figures are the worse we’ve seen in this country in over a decade. The experts are telling us that we’re in for another drop in home values. Welcome to Recovery Summer!

* The Financial Times says that disappointing US economic figures are driving a surge in demand for low-yielding assets. I’m not sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound good. Here’s a quote: “Things appear to have come to a head…with markets braced at the edge of a precipice ahead of key US economic data likely to further unnerve investors already concerned by the extent of impending slowdown.” Welcome to Recovery Summer!

* This from The Wall Street Journal: Day after day, investors have been hit with more evidence that the economy is stalling. The Dow is down over 4% this month, after an ebullient July that was fueled by impressive earnings results from U.S. companies. The Dow posted another triple-digit loss today and at one point fell below the 10,000 level. Michael Casey has details about the factors driving today’s market action. But earnings season is now over and investors are far more focused on potential troubles ahead. What’s that Biden said? Oh yeah … Welcome to Recovery Summer.

* Economist David Rosenberg, apparently someone who has earned a certain degree of respect in economic circles, writes a daily brief for investors. Yesterday he said that the U.S. economy is heading into a 1930s-style depression. He reminded his clients that the Great Depression also had some high points such as positive stock market gains .. but then, as now, those signs of recovery were unsustainable and only provided a false sense of stability.

* Charles Nenner, founder and president of Charles Nenner research says that the Dow is on its way down to 5000 in the next 30 months. He’s saying that things “really look bad for the next 10 years.”

* While millions of Americans are looking for jobs so that they can start taking care of their families again, Our Hero is looking for over 5% in new income tax that our own government says will affect 50% of the small business income that we need to put to work to grow new jobs. Smart, isn’t it?

* You saw the jobless claims that came out last week. Try 500,000 new jobless claims. Welcome to Recovery Summer.

* The number of subscribers to cable and satellite television fell for the first time in history during the second quarter of this year. People just aren’t going to pay the price any more .. not in this economy they’re not.

* The Obama Administration is no longer using the “jobs created or saved” nonsense to tout the effectiveness of the stimulus plan. There’s a new phrase now …. “lives touched.”

* The Obama Administration has now as much as admitted that ObamaCare will increase the cost of medical care in this country and, at the same time, add to our deficit. Exactly the opposite of what was promised when they were trying to get the bill passed earlier this year.

Is this all working out the way you planned it in 2008? Absolutely NOTHING that Obama and his Democrat dog washers are trying is working. In spite of the infantile ravings of Biden, there is no recovery. Millions of Americans are still out of work while Democrats borrow money for such wonderful stimulus projects as teaching Siberians how to deal with their government. Siberians, in case you were educated in our hideous government schools, are Russians .. and the government we’re trying to teach them to interact with is located in … Moscow. There you go. A quick $200,000 shot to hell by Pelosi’s big spenders … and Obama calls this “economic stimulus.”

This is what we get when the idiot voters in this country fall for a smooth talking community organizer with absolutely NO executive experience at all … and who has often professed his disdain for the private sector … and we put this menace in charge of bring our economy back.

Would you take your sick puppy to a vet that hates dogs? Why, then, would we take a sick private sector economy to a ruler who hates the private sector?

This is all so much worse than I ever could have imagined when Obama got his crown of thorns in January of 2009. I’ve seen incompetence before … but this character gets the gold medal.

I’m telling ya. If the Democrats remain in power after the November election this year, it’s time to buy some luggage. If they remain in power after 2012 … and this disaster of a president gets a second term … it’s time to pack.


Now you have to love this bit of nonsense. Once again we’re seeing how valuable our system of government education is to the Democrats. After all, you could never pull this off with an educated electorate.

You know, don’t you, that taxes are going up at the end of the year. At the beginning of the Bush presidency the Republicans simply didn’t have enough votes to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. The Democrats insisted on an expiration date of December 31st, 2010. Now … since those tax cuts will expire and taxes are going up .. The Democrats have decided it might be a good political ploy to start referring to this as a “Republican Tax Increase.

Nope … not kidding: House majority leader Steny Hoyer says that the expiration of the Bush tax cuts is a “Republican tax increase” for “working Americans” and the Democrats have “no intention” of allowing it to go into effect. Hoyer says, “We have no intention of allowing the Republican tax increase — that their policies would lead to — to go into effect for working Americans. Period …. We’re going to act and make sure that the Republican phase out and increase in taxes does not end as they provided for in the laws they passed.”

This is just amazing. Now we have a lot of economists telling the Democrats that if they don’t extend the Bush tax cuts our economic recovery will be damaged. Democrats don’t want to cut the taxes on the top producers. They know that their base constituency loves taxing the rich … but they also don’t want to be seen as increasing taxes during a recovery. After all … what if the experts are right? What if increasing taxes on the very people who we’re depending on for job growth stalls our recovery? Well, that’s easy! We’ll just call them “Republican tax increases” and let them take the heat!

Again .. not to belabor the point … but you can’t get away with this if the voters are truly educated and informed.

Government Drunk on Stupid

In these tough and turbulent economic times, we need to look for small things we can be thankful for.

For example, I am thankful President Obama is not a lifeguard, as I believe he would toss concrete blocks to drowning swimmers instead of life preservers.

Why do I believe that? His economic policies are drowning our economy, leaving many Americans unemployed or underemployed, and he knows it.

President Obama can squawk all he wants and blame everyone from President Bush to Tea Partiers to Fox News, but our anemic economy is the result of his willingness to mindlessly over gorge Fedzilla—the burgeoning federal bureaucray—on more grotesque spending and borrowing and signing more blubber-infested bills that no one knows what’s in them, how they will be implemented or the impact they will have on the economy.

The evidence is glaring: The business community does not trust President Obama. They don’t trust his Socialist economy-killing policies, his Wall Street reform sham that no one knows what is in it or how it will be implemented or his take-over of the healthcare system. They are uneasy about his cap-and-tax energy proposal, green-energy scam and his support to kill the Bush tax cuts.

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