Salisbury, MD: Your Attention is Needed

To all kilbirnie residents:


A very important issue was brought to those attending our Spring General Meeting, Tuesday, march 16, 2016.


Large industrial chicken houses in Wicomico County, Maryland Neighborhoods.


A process is currently in motion to put a massive industrial-sized house operation at the northwest corner of Walston switch and Shavox Roads.


At least four to eight 60-foot by 600-foot chicken houses are planned, which if approved would result in millions of chickens processed each year and thousands of trucks transporting chickens on Walston Switch and Shavox roads.


there is a “Protect the Paleo Channel” Public Forum, which will be held March 22, 2016 at 6 p.m. at the Wicomico youth and Civic Center to address this issue.


TSA Releases Creepy Cartoon To Indoctrinate Children Into Accepting Oppressive Police State and Teach Them Molestation is OK

Obama’s IRS To Target Conservatives

Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service was caught this year targeting conservative groups with harassment that included invasive probes into the content of prayers and unwarranted delays.

That issue is being worked out in court. But the IRS, nevertheless, remains on the attack, proposing new regulations that would silence the president’s critics.

Mathew Staver, founder and chief counsel of Liberty Counsel, said that after “being caught intentionally targeting conservative groups in the prior two elections, now the president wants his IRS to totally silence the voices of his political adversaries.”

New rules proposed in the Federal Register, Staver said, are “designed to silence and greatly restrict the activities of Liberty Counsel Action and other 501 (c) 4 nonprofit organizations during the upcoming election year.”

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Confirmed: U.S. Senate Passes ‘Nuclear Option’ Fundamentally Changing Filibuster Power

The Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate voted 52-48 Thursday to invoke the so-called “nuclear option,” making it possible to confirm most presidential nominees by a simple majority note.

But not all Democrats were on board with the change.

Thursday’s vote marks a major shift in more than 200 years of senate precedent that required a 60-vote majority to assure a final vote on most presidential nominees. The “nuclear option,” however, means only 51 votes are required to confirm most judicial and executive nominees.

Supreme Court appointees are still exempt form the rule change.

“It shows you just how desperate and cynical Democrats have become,” one Senate GOP aide told TheBlaze. “They have proven willing to destroy a defining and historic aspect of the Senate in order to distract from their disastrous health care law and the harm it’s inflicting on the American people right now.”

“Unfortunately, while their ploy may help them in the news cycle for a few days, Americans will still be suffering all the while,” the aide added.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) accused Republicans Thursday of “unbelievable, unprecedented obstruction” of the president’s selections for court vacancies and other offices.

“It’s time to change the Senate, before this institution becomes obsolete,” he said.

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Oops!… Obama’s So-Called Success Story Finds Out She Can’t Afford Obamacare After All

DEMOCRATS to REIMBURSE Insurance Companies Up to 80% on O-Care Losses

Obama Is Guilty of Serial Fraud – Impeachment Is a Remedy

Harry Reid’s Office Leaks Boehner Office Emails—And It Could Ruin Any Faith You Have in Washington

A series of emails from House Speaker John Boehner’s chief of staff, Mike Sommers, leaked by Senate Democrats Tuesday show that the Speaker may have coordinated with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) to exempt Congress from Obamacare.

The emails were leaked by David Krone, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s chief of staff, who actually has a history of this sort of thing (and is considered a taboo in Washington).

The emails show Rep. Boehner (R-Ohio) worked behind the scenes earlier this year to address confusion over how Congress may or may not be exempt from Obamacare. In fact, if one were to go by the leaks, which were first given to Politico, it appears that the offices of Boehner and Reid regularly coordinated to exempt Congress from the health care law.

But given that the Speaker is now apparently against congressional Obamacare exemptions, the emails make him look inconsistent and hypocritical – which may have been the point of their leaking.

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Obamacare Incompetence

GOP Lawmakers Call Out CNN Anchor During Tense Exchange Over Gov’t Shutdown

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