ObamaCare Architect Zeke Emanuel: If You Like Your Doctor, “You Can Pay More”

Cancer Patient Who Spoke Out Against O-Care – Gets Audited by IRS

Now he is being audited by the IRS.
Frontpage reported:

Bill Elliot was a cancer patient who lost his insurance due to ObamaCare and couldn’t pay the expensive new premiums. He was talking about paying the ObamaCare fine, going without health insurance and “letting nature take its course.”

He went on FOX News where his story was picked up by C. Steven Tucker, a health insurance broker who helped him keep his insurance.

Now suddenly Bill Elliot is being audited for 2009 with an interview only scheduled in April 2014. Assuming he lives that long. That might be a coincidence, but Tucker is being audited back to 2003.

Obama: Fight with family at Thanksgiving

Forget getting the cranberries ready, the pie cooked, the stuffing made or the turkey roasted, an email from Erin Hannigan at BarackObama.com told readers today that it’s most important to prepare to fight with your family and friends over Obamacare.

“No matter what Uncle Doug has to say tomorrow, make sure you’re armed with the facts,” she warns, with a link to a BuzzFeed community site that is headlined “5 Handy Responses To Misinformed Arguments About Obamacare.”

“If you’re like me, you’re getting mentally prepared to be put on the spot by one of your loved ones – especially when it comes to health care reform,” Hannigan wrote. “Here are some helpful, last-minute pointers we put together to make sure you’re ready for whatever’s headed your way tomorrow.”

She advised, “You should save it, bookmark it, print it out, or just read it right now.”

Family and friends, the email explains, should be told directly how they’re wrong.

For example: “If they say: The Affordable Care Act is increasing health care costs. Tell Them: Actually, the majority of Americans will pay lower premiums, and many will qualify for subsidies.”

But a fact check reveals the system and the website have failed so badly, it’s hard to guess how many people will pay higher premiums, lower premiums or the same.

She continued: “If they say: No one wants Obamacare. Tell them: Demand has been huge. More than five hundred thousand people have already signed up, including Speaker John Boehner.”

However, that answer leaves out the fact that while 500,000 – which is far below worst-case projections – may have signed up, more than 5 million others have had their insurance coverage canceled by Obamacare.

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AWFUL… Lying Democrat Kay Hagan Blames Insurance Companies for Cancelled Health Care Plans

What a horrible woman.
Democrat Senator Kay Hagan told her constituents yesterday they were losing their health care because of Insurance companies.

Kagan is one of several Democrats who promised Americans, “You can keep your insurance, if you like your insurance.”
It was a lie.

ABC Local reported:

Hagan was one of the speakers at Monday’s forum but was attacked for her own leadership role when it comes to Obamacare.

ABC11 asked Hagan about the infamous promise that the public could keep their health insurance if they wanted, but she ducked the question more than once, blaming insurance companies instead.

“I think you look back at the insurance companies, for three years, sold these policies without telling the consumer that they would have to be canceled,” said Hagan when asked if she knew people would lose their policies.

Meanwhile, Ellmers has been trying to scuttle the Affordable Care Act from the outset.

“We were made a promise, that the American people would be able to keep their health insurance if they liked it and that they would be able to keep their doctor. Now we’re finding out that those things are not true and we’ve got to fix it,” Ellmers told ABC11.

Although Hagan did not want to talk about the promise, she was quick to talk about the problems and potential fixes.

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