Freedom Before All Else….

Many conservative groups have sprouted up over the past year. The Tea Party Patriots, the whole Tea Party movement, the 9-12 project and Americans For Prosperity are just a few. These groups have great heart and a good purpose. In all honesty, these groups have become an easy target for those against freedom to label certain groups and ideas. They, in and among themselves, have been a way for our enemies to destroy us. However, many are also becoming splintered because of certain ideas and groups within the larger movement. Some individuals in these groups are promoting single issues before what is most important. In all truth, there are two things most important that we, as Americans, must stand behind and fight for, as one group, one citizenry and one people. Those two things are simply, the Constitution of the United States of America and Freedom!

If we do not stand for these two ideas and the way of life they represent, what else actually matters? Without Freedom, we lose who we are as individuals, we lose our souls. Right now, we can see ourselves losing more and more Freedom each and every day. Our government says we need more security, more legislation, more rules, that all risks must be taken away. They seem to be trying to create sameness, misery if you will. Please, do not underestimate this regime. They know exactly what they are doing, and many of Americans continue to let them move us into a totalitarian country.

There is a great line from Mel Gibson in “Braveheart” where he says, on the battlefield, “They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!” What will our lives to be without Freedom? What will our lives be worth, especially considering that a government official will be making healthcare decisions for us where all individualism loses worth and governmental money prevails?

Americans throughout the past have always done what is right. We have stood for individualism, Freedom and the rights given to man by our creator. However, most of the world has fought against these things, starting many years before this great country was born. Those who have fought against these ideas have always failed. Unfortunately, totalitarian regimes have always lost, only because of violent uprisings from the people. This is where the people of America have a great opportunity before us. We can halt this attempt to socialize America through non-violence-only because of the people, only because of each and every one of you.

The ideals and beliefs of the people of this country is what has made America what is has always been, the shining city on the hill. Once again we find ourselves at a crossroad, although, maybe one of much more importance than ever before. We have the people, the ideas, the heart to do what is necessary to return this country back to the people. I ask this though: do the people of this country have the will to put government back into their place? As a necessary evil only and not a regime that tries to control the decisions and lives of the people it is supposed to protect.

Freedom and individuality along with personal responsibility has for too long, been eroded away and put into hindsight. Now we must put them into the forefront as we march behind them down the road of revitalizing America. Do we need a revolution, or just a revitalization? We have everything we need to bring this country back to prosperity. Those things are in our Constitution and in our hearts and minds. Now is the time for people to get motivated; not under many ideas, but just one. That one idea is Freedom. With it, we can do wonders and live extraordinary lives; without it, everything is futile.

We have a long road ahead of us in this country. The choice is ours, the time is now.

We do, in fact, live in a strange time here in America. We know man can be inherently evil, however, our politicians are even more so. Our own government calls the ones defending and staning for the Constitution of the United States extremists, while allowing Islam to march all over our free speech and threaten American citizens with death. If we are the extremists, what are those who are in the process of destroying our Constitution, our freedom, and our way of life?

I have many more questions than answers at this point. I do, however, understand these evil men who lead our government must be stopped before they bring death and destruction to the United States just as Socialism has done throughout the history of the world.

Chris Lewis, Once Again, trying to Defy the Odds and Represent the People

In 1998, Chris Lewis ran for Wicomico County Council (District 1) after graduating from Salisbury University. instead of choosing a party, he stayed true to his roots and ran as unaffiliated. In order to do so, he had to collect signatures to even be able to get on the ballot. Defying the odds, he was able to collect more than enough signatures and got his name on the ballot. he ran against Ed Taylor that year. Unfortunately, he lost. However, valuable lessons were learned.

In 2009, Chris helped to organize the first Tea Party here in Salisbury, Maryland. That first Tea party was the first taste of politics for many here on the Eastern Shore. The power of the Tea Party was that it was made up of regular Americans who helped build this society and who help bring prosperity to Maryland and the country. Grassroots is just not a term pundits use, and yet, it is much more than just a movement. A Grassroots campaign is how he plans on winning, while keeping costs down. Chris Lewis believes in the revitalization of America, and where better to start than on the Wicomico County Council here on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Once again, Chris Lewis, is running for Wicomico County Council. This time he is running At Large as a Conservative Republican. The main reason he is not running as unaffiliated is time restraints. However, he remains a staunch conservative who believes in representation, not the establishment. He believes in principle over party.

How many people can say their lives are better now than they were 4 years ago? How much of that has to do with the federal government and how much has to do with local government? Will voting the same people in change things for the better? Have things like the local economy, government spending, and crime gotten worse while these elected officials have been in office?

It is time for government to once again represent the people, not pander to them for the sole purpose of getting votes.

By Authority of Ralph Cordrey, treasurer

Learn More here and Listen to Jimi Hendrix in the background.

*We have learned the picture on the main page will be changed shortly to something more professional. Question, does a real working man’s candidate need a professional picture?

Calls to Cancel Concerts in Arizona Over Immigration Law Largely Ignored

Brooks and Dunn. (Reuters)

By Dan Gibson

Calls to boycott Arizona in the wake of the passage of Senate Bill 1070, otherwise known as The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, are going unheeded by most big-name musical acts.

Soon after Governor Jan Brewer signed the controversial bill into law, Canadian indie pop band Stars called for a boycott of the state. While a full-scale boycott has not unfolded, this month the first major show cancellation hit Arizona’s second largest city, Tucson. But so far the impact on the summer concert season appears to be minimal.

Cities like Phoenix and Tucson, despite their oppressive summertime heat, attract hundreds of musical acts, from mega-stars like Brooks & Dunn and their farewell tour to package concert events such as the Sarah McLachlan-fronted Lilith Fair and the punk-heavy Vans Warped Tour.

This spring Tucson’s Rialto Theatre had rolled out the red carpet for multi-platinum rap group Cypress Hill. The nonprofit venue had the promotional machine in full effect ahead of the planned May 21 show, including a giant mural painted on the outside wall of the venue facing the entrance to downtown Tucson. However, on May 10, the band posted an announcement on their website that they would be canceling their Tucson date in “a show of resistance to the criminalization of immigrant communities and in opposition to SB1070.”

Cypress Hill and their management went silent after the cancellation, but Rialto general manager Curtis McCrary shared his letter to the band, which urged them to perform as an act of social protest and to entertain fans who had nothing to do with the bill itself, while emphasizing that the venue would be “in league with you on this matter, regardless of what you ultimately decide.”

Other venues braced for a wave of cancellations by acts with Latin heritage after Miami-based rapper Pitbull canceled his May 31 show in Phoenix and Los Lobos publicly considered a boycott of the state. Some music fans, especially those planning to see Cypress Hill or Pitbull perform, were probably upset by the cancellations. But with well over 60 percent of Arizonans supporting SB1070, just as many or more residents of the state were either indifferent to or contemptuous about the political protests by the artists. Comment sections in articles written about the issue were quickly filled with pro-SB1070 voices.

The reaction within the music industry itself, however, was not resounding, with no other artists making widely publicized announcements about cancellations — or willing to go on the record opposing the bill.

Singer Belinda Carlisle had expressed on Facebook that she wanted the Lilith Fair date that her band was scheduled to play to be canceled, but within hours, the complaining post was removed. One band’s publicist (who wanted to remain anonymous) might have summed up the general industry perspective in saying that his acts were willing to sell tickets to anyone willing to pay, regardless of their political perspective.

For now, at least, it seems that the Cypress Hill and Pitbull cancellations are an aberration. According to David Slutes, entertainment director for the acclaimed Tucson venue Club Congress, Los Lobos are now convinced that a boycott would be less productive than playing shows in Arizona and rallying a base likely to oppose the bill. Slutes is in the midst of planning a large Latin music-themed show for the venue’s anniversary and said that the acts he’s contacted are more interested in performing for their fans and possibly speaking from the stage and setting up voter-registration tables than choosing to avoid the state entirely.

However, among those with an eye on the state’s music trends, there’s still concern about the economic fallout from the legislation. Slutes mentioned that a band faced with similar paydays for shows in either Phoenix or Albuquerque might choose the less controversial option.

Martin Cizmar, music editor of the Phoenix New Times and blog, put it this way: “Even if these bands did want to play here, some of them are going to be worried about offending politically conscious fans. The cancellations and public boycotts will get all the ink, but the really big losses are going to be silent, people just avoiding the potential hassle and skipping us without saying anything.”

Brew With a Beat

Written by Brooke Musterman

There is a new brew from the tea party movement. According to FOX News, conservative singer-songwriter, Lloyd Marcus, is putting together a charity album featuring some of the more musical tea-partiers. Take Back America is the theme song that a group which could include, Ted Nugent and Victoria Jackson to name a few.

The group has a “USA for Africa” feel to it, but will not feature many big names, focusing on more unknown acts instead.

“I love the fact that we’re going to have a bunch of unknown singers and bands,” Marcus said. “It’s not about getting celebrities to do it. This is about pulling musicians from all walks of life….”

“What will be wonderful is to have a rock guy with his hair down to his butt and a ring in his nose singing a duet with a guy in a business suit. There is just something fantastic about that. This album is about all the different kinds of voices in the Tea Party.”

It would seem that the tea party is the perfect place to bring such personalities together for a common purpose. Where else can you find someone like Ted Nugent partying alongside Mike Huckabee?

The “Uprising” of the American Patriot

The American people are in the midst of an uprising against this regime and are moving quickly toward freedom and our founding documents.

‘They will not force us’
‘They will stop degrading us’
‘They will not control us’
‘We will be victorious’

‘We should never be afraid to die’
‘Rise up and take the power back”
‘It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack’
‘Bad times are coming to an end’
‘We have to unify…’

…..we have to unify….. and fight for freedom. The real strength of America comes from freedom. Our strength comes from our being free to build, create, organize, succeed or fail and get up and try again. The people are powerful in a free country, we are powerful yet, more so than our government and the politicians. that is why there is such an effort to stifle free debate and free speech. That is why there is racism and violence thrown into discussions about the peaceful Tea Protest. “They” are scared of us, as they should be. Our peaceful intelligence will win out over ignorant obedience to a historically flawed and failed form of government.

Stay strong, stay positive, America will prevail. In America’s history, this is our time, the time of the Citizen patriot. True conservatism, true constitutionality will win over tyranny and totalitarianism in this country. God Bless the American Patriot. God Bless the Constitution and God Bless the U.S.A.

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