Freedom Before All Else….

Many conservative groups have sprouted up over the past year. The Tea Party Patriots, the whole Tea Party movement, the 9-12 project and Americans For Prosperity are just a few. These groups have great heart and a good purpose. In all honesty, these groups have become an easy target for those against freedom to label certain groups and ideas. They, in and among themselves, have been a way for our enemies to destroy us. However, many are also becoming splintered because of certain ideas and groups within the larger movement. Some individuals in these groups are promoting single issues before what is most important. In all truth, there are two things most important that we, as Americans, must stand behind and fight for, as one group, one citizenry and one people. Those two things are simply, the Constitution of the United States of America and Freedom!

If we do not stand for these two ideas and the way of life they represent, what else actually matters? Without Freedom, we lose who we are as individuals, we lose our souls. Right now, we can see ourselves losing more and more Freedom each and every day. Our government says we need more security, more legislation, more rules, that all risks must be taken away. They seem to be trying to create sameness, misery if you will. Please, do not underestimate this regime. They know exactly what they are doing, and many of Americans continue to let them move us into a totalitarian country.

There is a great line from Mel Gibson in “Braveheart” where he says, on the battlefield, “They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!” What will our lives to be without Freedom? What will our lives be worth, especially considering that a government official will be making healthcare decisions for us where all individualism loses worth and governmental money prevails?

Americans throughout the past have always done what is right. We have stood for individualism, Freedom and the rights given to man by our creator. However, most of the world has fought against these things, starting many years before this great country was born. Those who have fought against these ideas have always failed. Unfortunately, totalitarian regimes have always lost, only because of violent uprisings from the people. This is where the people of America have a great opportunity before us. We can halt this attempt to socialize America through non-violence-only because of the people, only because of each and every one of you.

The ideals and beliefs of the people of this country is what has made America what is has always been, the shining city on the hill. Once again we find ourselves at a crossroad, although, maybe one of much more importance than ever before. We have the people, the ideas, the heart to do what is necessary to return this country back to the people. I ask this though: do the people of this country have the will to put government back into their place? As a necessary evil only and not a regime that tries to control the decisions and lives of the people it is supposed to protect.

Freedom and individuality along with personal responsibility has for too long, been eroded away and put into hindsight. Now we must put them into the forefront as we march behind them down the road of revitalizing America. Do we need a revolution, or just a revitalization? We have everything we need to bring this country back to prosperity. Those things are in our Constitution and in our hearts and minds. Now is the time for people to get motivated; not under many ideas, but just one. That one idea is Freedom. With it, we can do wonders and live extraordinary lives; without it, everything is futile.

We have a long road ahead of us in this country. The choice is ours, the time is now.

We do, in fact, live in a strange time here in America. We know man can be inherently evil, however, our politicians are even more so. Our own government calls the ones defending and staning for the Constitution of the United States extremists, while allowing Islam to march all over our free speech and threaten American citizens with death. If we are the extremists, what are those who are in the process of destroying our Constitution, our freedom, and our way of life?

I have many more questions than answers at this point. I do, however, understand these evil men who lead our government must be stopped before they bring death and destruction to the United States just as Socialism has done throughout the history of the world.

Stock Markets and BP

First I want to say I am proud to be part of the U.S.Constitutional Free Press they are doing a great job keeping the American people informed about anything that the are not getting fom other media sources keep up the great work everyone

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Hello Everyone,

                               First I want to say I am proud to be part of the The U.S. Constittional Free Press, they are doing a great job. Keeping the American people informed about anything that they are not getting from other media sources. Keep up the great work everyone.

                               Lets start with BP British Petroluim it has come out in the last couple of days, that a new estimated amount of oil being poured into the waters of the Gulf. They are saying 30 to 60 thousand Gallons a day is spilling in the ocean,  which equels making an Exxon Valdes every 5 days. We are now on day 59 of this massive leak of oil,   

                               BP is an 80 Billion dollar company, and this spill could exceed the value of the company. In Europe they are saying that BP could have to file for Bankruptcy before the well is capped.  just this week they are saying that BP could spend 81 Billion dollars to just clean up this oil in the Gulf. Thats not even touching on the amount of money that will make the people of the affected area of the Gulf made whole. The Macondo well is spilling about 2.50 Million Gallons per day into the Gulf.  

                            Today it came out the President of the USA gave Mr George Soro’s own oil company the one he owns 80 percent of in Brazil 2 Million Dollars, Mr Soro’s has 80 Billion dollars in an oil company so whats the 2 Million Dollars for well its for drilling in the Deep waters of of Brazil for oil.   Mr Soro’s has been one of President Obama’s advisors on this oil spill.   

                              This week an new Fund was started for the people affected by the oil spill in the Gulf, and its being headed up by Kenneth Feinberg. Yes the same Gentleman that headed up the 911 fund, money was miss handled Mr Obama chose Mr Feinberg he said for his fine work with 911 fund. more to come about BP .

                               Now onto Information about the stock Market this last 2 weeks. This week California that they have a zero cash flow, just by saying that they are saying they are broke. What will happen next is that we have to bail them out, so here is what I say to CA inadvance  of their request for a loan. Tighten your wallets, pay off your bills, use the tenth Admendment of the state Constitution. Alot of the state spending is their fault, the rest of it is the federal Governments Fault. So CA get some guts to tell the Federal Government to keep their Mandates, next go through all of your monthy bills, pick all the important ones pay for those. And get rid of all of the waste and fruad and abbuse. There are at least 16 other states in the same boat, and that boat is about to sink into an never ending sea of constant. Debt I say that you need a realistic  Budget. There are 22 other states that are in so bad a shape that they will be cutting back on retirement benifits for their state employees, not suprised that Idaho is one of those 22 States in Dire straits.

                           There is someone that could teach you how to stay within your means. I have no debt other then my land, which will be paid of in about the next 1 year and half. My house is not finished, why becuase I have not gotten a loan to pay for the supplies to finish it but it is getting done.

                                        this next couple of weeks I will finaly have a closet, to put clothes in. I have been living out of a suitcase for the 12 years, I have lived here. Now before all of you yell at my husband, for me not having closets. Dave is a hard working man, he does a lot of honey do’s arround here. He tried to get the closets done while I was on my Mothersday vacation. I just got back before they were done lol. Anyways back to what I was saying about being Debt free. We dont spend money we dont have. We save up for everything we want, I am putting a business together piece by piece. I save up for awhile spend some on the things I need for my business, then I save up some more. I am not like the Government can’t borrow money, or print my own money. So I have to live within my means.  I feel its way past the time the  States get there act together.

                               This week Greece has been downgraded to BA1 statice which is junk Bond statice , and next week france will have their rating lowered to AA statice from AAA the rating.  Are done by Moody’s and this week I found out whom owns most of Moody’s.  This week I Found out that Moody’s is owned by Halliburtan and they are owned by Warren Buffett owns stock in both Halliburtan and Moody’s. well I will end this blog for today and will write my next blog on I should have a blog there in about 24 hours from now have a great day.

                             Tonight I will co host News Free Kooskia Idaho at this link   tonights show airs at 9pm Pacific and 10pm Mountain and 11pm Central and 12am Eastern time zones Tonight is our Thrsday night Ham Radio show with Dave Brainerd wb6dhw

Limited Government is Essential to Preserve Liberty

by Haley Shopp

Since its conception, one principle essential to the United States of America has been limited government. It was for this concept that the Revolution was fought: the colonists’ right to form their own government, small enough that individuals were in control of their own lives. When the British government began imposing heavy taxes on the American colonies, the forefathers fought for a government that allowed individuals to control their lives. An undercurrent of rebellion flowed among the colonists as Britain set harsher regulations on their American lands.

The Americans, whose distance from England had led to a strong independence, were not willing to acquiesce to British demands. They fought the Revolutionary War to gain their right to a completely free nation. The Declaration describes the need for oppressive governments to be abolished. The new nation was determined not to have a strong centralized government so as not to become oppressive. Americans were so focused on small government that they formed a confederacy, a loose alliance of independent states. This confederacy, unable to print its own money, make its own treaties, or impose any rules on its constituents, could not adequately function. The founding fathers realized adjustments were necessary, and met to revise the Articles of Confederation. The delegates who met decided that they needed to form an entirely new system.

While the founding fathers realized a stronger government was needed in America, they feared a government that was too powerful. They did not desire to have a king or a dictator, and they wanted to retain many of the states’ rights. The delegates at the Constitutional Convention recognized the need for a government in which the states were well represented but still able to work cohesively. These men who wrote the Constitution strove to compromise and work together, but above all they maintained a desire to keep government from interfering in the lives of citizens as much as possible.

As the Father of the Constitution, James Madison contributed to the compromises at the constitutional convention and positively influenced public support. He helped write the Federalist Papers, a series of essays published throughout the colonies that provided detailed reasoning behind the Constitution and explained to all Americans why the Constitution should be adopted. As debate over ratification of the Constitution continued, Madison and others feared that the Constitution still allowed for too much centralized power. Madison became a leading proponent of the Bill of Rights; ten amendments to the Constitution that would further limit the powers of central government. The Ninth Amendment says the “enumeration, in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”. This was the essential point of the Bill of Rights: that individual rights and liberties are assumed, they do not have to be granted by a central government, an important difference from any other government of the time. Madison helped to found the Republican, or Jeffersonian, Party, a party that was founded for the express purpose of keeping the government small.

The Constitution was ratified, aided by the publication of the Federalist essays. The Founding Fathers expressed that a key aspect of being an American was to be free from the constraints of government. America was founded as a reaction to a nation that was all-powerful; one that exercised its power in unfair ways. Once America broke free from Britain, its founders desired a government that allowed individual freedom.

As I have studied the formation of the U.S. government, I have realized that a limitation in government necessitates an increase in individual responsibility. If citizens desire to maintain small government, they must take responsibility to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them in a way that is completely independent from government. The Bill of Rights Institute in Arlington, Va., recently held an essay contest for high school students on the topic: ”What civic value do you believe is most essential to being an American?” Over 50,000 students participated from all 50 states and U.S. territories. The winners and runners-up received cash prizes, with $5,000 awarded to each regional first-place winner. Eagle Publishing was proud to be one of the sponsors. will be publishing the top nine winning essays over the next two weeks. Every Saturday we will be spotlighting a winning entry. This is the fourth essay.

Recognizing a widespread need among my classmates, I established and run a math tutoring center at my school. I have taken the responsibility to use my talents in the area of mathematics to assist those who struggle to become better in this discipline. In this way, I hope to take part in a system that is uniquely American: to take personal responsibility to fix a problem, instead of relying on government for the answers.

The founding fathers sought to create a government that was radically different than others. They achieved this by establishing a system that assumed its citizens had God-given rights that did not need to be granted by government, creating a limited government they considered essential for preserving liberty.

Haley Shopp is a high school student who attends Grace Preparatory Academy in Mansfield, Texas.

GE: 7,000 tax returns, $0 U.S. tax bill

By Annalyn Censky, staff reporter

NEW YORK ( — General Electric filed more than 7,000 income tax returns in hundreds of global jurisdictions last year, but when push came to shove, the company owed the U.S. government a whopping bill of $0.

How’d it pull off that trick? By losing lots of money.

Tax bills for 5 corporate giants
The 2009 income tax bills for America’s biggest companies ranged from $0 to $15 billion. Here’s why.

GE had plenty of earnings last year — just not in the United States. For tax purposes, the company’s U.S. operations lost $408 million, while its international businesses netted a $10.8 billion profit.

That left GE (GE, Fortune 500) with no U.S. profit left for Uncle Sam to tax. Corporations typically face a 35% federal income tax on their earnings. Thanks to its deductions and adjustments, GE reported an actual U.S. federal income tax rate of negative 10.5%. It got to add a “tax benefit” of $1.1 billion back into its reported earnings.

“This is the first time in at least decades that GE has reported negative U.S. pretax income and it reflects the worst economy since the Great Depression,” Anne Eisele, GE’s director of financial communications, said via e-mail.

But what about the $10.8 billion profit overseas? GE is “indefinitely” deferring income tax payments on those profits, Eisele said.

It may seem like accounting magic, but it’s completely legit.

GE isn’t the only “Top 5” company on this year’s Fortune 500 list that owed no income taxes. Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500), which suffered major losses in 2009, included a tax benefit of $1.9 billion in its annual profit.

“That’s one way of escaping taxes,” said Scott Hodge, president of the Tax Foundation. “Companies get to deduct their losses, so if there’s no earnings, then they pay no income tax.”

But GE isn’t exactly escaping all tax-related pain: The company paid almost $23 billion in taxes to governments around the world from 2000 to 2009, Eisele said.

Plus, paying the accountants to crank out 7,000 tax returns can’t be cheap.

And then there’s all the lawyers needed to defend those returns. GE filed tax paperwork in more than 250 jurisdictions around the world last year. “We are under examination or engaged in tax litigation in many of these jurisdictions,” the company dryly notes in its annual report.

GE may not owe the IRS, but it still has to file — and its filings are epic.

In 2006, as the IRS ramped up its corporate e-filing program, the tax agency actually issued a celebratory press release when it processed GE’s tax return. On paper, the return — the nation’s largest — would have totaled a massive 24,000 pages. But instead, the IRS was able to upload the 237 MB document in under an hour.

Reading it, though, is apparently taking a bit longer. The IRS is currently auditing GE’s tax returns for 2003-2007.

Empathy And The Supreme Court

by Jonah Goldberg

If you don’t mind, I’m going to skip the preliminary bouts over which party is more hypocritical for switching its views on Supreme Court nominees. Democrats now insist that decency and precedent require Republicans to green-light anyone President Obama nominates to replace John Paul Stevens, and Republicans insist that there’s nothing wrong with them adopting the tactics and standards advocated by Democrats — including then-Sen. Obama — when George W. Bush was in office.

Instead, I’d like to get to the heart of the matter. Obama and the vast majority of Senate Democrats believe that Lady Justice should peek from under the blindfold every now and then.

Obama opposed both of President Bush’s Supreme Court appointees, John Roberts and Samuel Alito, presumably because they lacked what he called the “quality of empathy, of understanding and identifying with people’s hopes and struggles.” And in his run for the presidency, Obama said in 2007, “We need somebody who’s got the heart — the empathy — to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor or African American or gay or disabled or old — and that’s the criteria by which I’ll be selecting my judges.”

According to Obama — a former law instructor — in 95 percent of the cases, precedent and the law are clear enough for judges to go with the rules, but in the last 5 percent, judges have got to have a heart that bleeds for certain kinds of people.

Sean Hannity FREE

Last week, the president offered a more populist spin, saying he wants a nominee who “knows that in a democracy, powerful interests must not be allowed to drown out the voices of ordinary citizens.” The Associated Press calls this a “fight-for-the-little-guy sensibility.”

According to Obama and countless other liberals, this sort of compassion in the law is “pragmatic” because it pays heed to the real world and real people as opposed to legalistic abstractions such as impartial justice. As former Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman put it last year: “I’ve never been sure why Lady Justice wore a blindfold as part of her permanent wardrobe. Yes, it’s supposed to be a symbol of impartiality. But it does limit her vision a bit.” For Goodman, the best judges reject the “myth” of impartiality.

Of course impartial justice is an abstraction, but it isn’t so much a myth as an ideal. Since we are all designed from the crooked timber of humanity, we can only approximate perfect justice.

What I don’t understand is why we should abandon an ideal simply because it is unattainable. If I can’t be a perfect husband, should I get a divorce? If an umpire can’t call each game flawlessly, should he stop trying? Maybe for 95 percent of pitches the ump should call ’em straight, but for the other 5 percent he should give the black or gay batters the benefit of the doubt?

In a country this vast, diverse and dynamic, any judicial conception of the little guy is bound to confuse more than it clarifies.

For instance, liberals who like Stevens’ rulings insist he understands the plight of the downtrodden, despite the fact that the nearly 90-year-old justice was born rich and has served on the court for almost 35 years, becoming more liberal as he has become more distant from life as lived by the little guys.

Meanwhile, Clarence Thomas was born dirt poor and black in rural Georgia and spends his vacations exploring America in an RV. But those same liberals insist he doesn’t understand poverty and race the way Stevens does. How do they know? Because they don’t like his rulings.

In other words, the empathy-for-the-little-guy standard is simply a Trojan horse for an approach just as abstract as any endorsed by the right. In fact, I would say it’s more abstract because at least there’s a text conservatives invoke — the Constitution — rather than the indefinable feeling of “empathy.”

Unless the plight of every gay, black, poor, old or disabled American is the same, then coming into court favoring a specific category of human being is nothing more than state-sanctioned prejudice.

The benefit of the ideal of impartial justice is that it provides a standard by which judges aren’t asked to rule by prejudice. We’ll never fully get there, but I don’t think we should stop trying.

Published at Town Hall

An Open Letter To All Tea Party Activists

April 12, 2010

As we approach April 15th and the next round of public protests against the collectivization of our American culture by the Obama administration and Congress, I have been reflecting upon the struggle that we recently lost with the passage of the draconian health care legislation, which now moves the government another giant step forward towards becoming our totalitarian master, while at the same time destroying the very citizen rights it was charged with protecting.

We could blame our representatives in Congress for failing to actually represent the great majority of us who opposed this nationalization of the medical and insurance professions. We could point to the many cowards among them who sold out their values, their conscience, and their constituents for a few dollars or some special backroom deal. And we could certainly point to the underhanded and unconstitutional tactics that were used to completely bypass the normal legislative process in order to ram this bill down our throats. But there is another reason that we lost this battle — one for which we have to accept responsibility, acknowledge our mistakes, and correct.

When Obama and the Democrats stated that health care in America was broken and must be reformed, what was the response? The Republicans jumped right on the bandwagon, conceded that, yes indeed, health care was busted, and then proposed their own plans for its renovation. Over the next few months, my state representative sent out a series of proposals indicating that he and his fellow Republicans had at least three different and much better sets of ideas for how the government should regulate the insurance and medical professions in order to achieve far superior results to those being proposed by the Democrats. And it wasn’t just the Republicans. There were reform alternatives being proposed by everyone from conservative and libertarian think tanks to syndicated newspaper columnists, and these proposals were supported in varying degrees by bloggers, social networks, Tea Party groups, and individuals, as a better and more rational solution to the need for health care reform.

The problem with all of this was that the original assumption went unchallenged — Obama’s claim that the insurance and health care industries were, in fact, broken.

Over the course of the past year, we have learned a great many things about how we arrived at our current state of health care coverage. And the bottom line is that our system has absolutely nothing to do with how high quality, cost effective health care could and would be obtained in a competitive free market. Instead, what we have is the abominable end result of a steady stream of foolish government tax policies extending back to World War II, combined with an insane set of regulations placed upon doctors, nurses, medical practices, hospitals and insurers, causing them to act suboptimally and in a manner neither in their, nor their customer’s best interest. It is these market-distorting policies which must be eliminated if we ever wish to improve medical service and reduce costs. Yet, even when these facts have been properly identified and appropriate solutions suggested, they were always presented as an alternate solution for health care reform. And this is our mistake! It is not the medical or the insurance industries which are in need of repair. It is the government policies which cripple their normal functions that is the true source of the problem. We do not need, nor do we want any type of health care reform. What we are truly seeking is GOVERNMENT REFORM!

Words are powerful tools. We lost the battle because we allowed our opponents to frame the nature of the issue, which immediately accorded to them an undeserved legitimacy for their position, while undermining ours. Each time we spoke of health care reform, we were implicitly agreeing that the source of the problem resided somewhere within the medical and insurance arenas, and were then reduced to merely arguing about the specific details that constituted the best possible fix. And by accepting their framework, we allowed the Democrats to turn the doctors, insurers, pharmaceutical and medical device makers into scapegoats for the results of the government’s own failed policies. We had lost the fight before we began it.

Consider just how different the debate would have gone if the Republican opposition had stood up and proposed Government Reform, consisting of the elimination of all existing regulations hampering the insurance and medical industries, and reforming tax policy so that every individual enjoyed the same tax benefits for personal medical savings that had been available only to businesses. When Obama and the Democrats then called out for health care reform, we should have responded, “Hell No! It’s Government Reform that’s needed”, completely changing the nature of the debate, forcing our opponents to address the topic on our terms, and focusing the discussion on the true nature of the problem. Imagine how much more effective this approach would have been in getting other members of the public to view this subject in completely different terms.

In issue after issue, the argument remains the same. Whenever we closely examine a problem, whether it be in the area of housing, automotive, finance, education, job creation, energy production, or anything else, we discover that every attempt by the government to intervene in the economy and the lives of its citizens simply makes the problem worse. And in every case, the true solution to those problems is the same — getting government out of the way and allowing the collective wisdom of free individuals, interacting within the framework of a free market, to find creative and cost efficient solutions to their problems. The required solution in every case is Government Reform.

And there is no guesswork involved, because we already have the blueprint for Government Reform spelled out for us by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence provides us with the philosophical framework establishing the primacy of the individual, with our inherent unalienable rights:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

and decrees the subservient role of government, tasked with the single purpose of protecting those rights:

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed

The Constitution is intended to be a straitjacket placed around the federal government, strictly limiting its scope and power to a very specific set of enumerated actions — and nothing more.

Clearly, things have gone very wrong. The Supreme Court, which should have been our last and best line of defense in preserving our rights under the original intent and meaning of the Constitution, has failed us. Since we can no longer rely upon the court, it falls back to us, the sovereign citizens of the United States, to reassert our supremacy and authority over the government, which we can do at the polls by voting out every big government Democrat and Republican and replacing each of them with an entirely new breed of politician who understands the principles upon which this country was founded — individual rights and strictly limited government — and can demonstrate the integrity and courage of their conviction to go to Washington D.C. with the single-minded purpose of dismantling the behemoth and returning the three branches to their proper constitutional roles. When evaluating any candidate, be ruthless in judging their character and commitment to both economic and personal freedom. And if they fail to live up to the necessary standard, reject them and find someone else who is up to the task. The days for political compromise are over. The Herculean task of cleaning our political stables is under way.

And let us never again make the same mistake. Moving forward, we must change the nature of the political game and establish a new set of rules. No longer will we allow our opponents to frame the issues. We are setting the terms, and those terms are:

Government Reform — Constitution Style

You activists — the true American patriots within the various Tea Party organizations — are the new watchdogs and gatekeepers of our political system, standing guard to insure that from this moment on, only those with a true commitment to the original intent of the Constitution will be granted the privilege of representing us. All others need not apply.

I look forward to seeing some of you manning the front lines on April 15th.

In Liberty,

C. Jeffery Small

Jon Voight’s Letter to Obama

In one year, the American people are witnessing the greatest lie that is cleverly orchestrated by President Obama and his whole administration. The lie is a potent aggression that feeds the needs of people who either have not educated themselves enough to understand the assault upon us all or the very poor and needy who live to be taken care of.

President Obama feeds these people poison, giving them the idea that they are entitled to take from the wealthier who have lived and worked in a democracy that understands that capitalism is the only truth that keeps a nation healthy and fed. Now the lie goes very deep and President Obama has been cleverly trained in the Alinsky method and it would be very important that every American knows what that method is.

It is a socialistic, Marxist teaching and with it, little by little, he rapes this nation, taking down our defenses, making new language for the Islamic extremists. The world looked up to us as a symbol of hope and prosperity now wonders what will become of the entire world if America is losing its power.

The American people who understand exactly what is taking place have come together in the thousands, vowing to try to stay together as a unit of love and freedom for all men and women, from all walks of life, shivering to think that this once great nation will be a third world country.

This will be the first president to ever weaken the United States of America. President Obama uses his aggression and arrogance for his own agenda, against the will of the American people when he should be using his will and aggression against our enemies.

Every loving American for peace and truth and the security of our nation must come out and join the Tea Parties in their states. The opposition will continue their tactics; they will lie and plant their own bullies amongst us. Everyone must pay close attention to who stands next to them. We can weed out the liars and agitators.

Let us all stay in Gods light. Let no man put asunder. We can and we will prevail. God bless us all!

~Jon Voight, April 10th, 2010

U.S. Constitutional Free Press

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