American Patriots For Liberty

A new organization just popped up on Facebook. This is in response to the local Tea Party being co-opted by the MDGOP as well as, the local MD chapter of AFP. It seems so many conservative groups who begin with the right intentions and the right people, are overtaken by ego’s, self-serving interests and political opportunists. It seems it is easier to co-opt and organization when those people are fighting a war on both sides. So many in the Tea party are fighting against socialism, but also with many who call themselves conservatives, but who are not. The country club Republican is back with a vengeance and trying to steal the Tea Party for their election purposes.

Well, it seems a few in Maryland are fed up with it all. It would be nice to keep things open to all and allow anyone to come in. However, that is how the Salisbury Tea Party came to an end. Things must be controlled in a tighter fashion and members must be known, as well as, their intentions. A leaderless organization is pure and true ideology, but alas, also the quickest way to fail.

Some of the things American Patriots For Liberty stand for:

The American Constitution
The U.S. Republic
The American People
Principle over Party
A strong National Defense
The Free Market
The Fair/Flat Tax

This is a new organization that is just coming together and was born from the phone calls between just a few locals on the Eastern Shore of Maryland a month ago. More information on them will be comign soon as they are intent on not being co-opted and building a non-profit chapter.


The Andy Harris ‘job interview’ was….

…..cleverly disguised as an Americans for Prosperity meeting.

Last night over 100 people jammed into the back rooms of Brew River to have an opportunity to ask questions of the man who wants to be our next Congressman and avenge his close defeat by current Rep. Frank Kratovil.

Read more at Monologue here.

The Wicomico County Americans for Prosperity Chapter

Here is their organizational lineup.

Julie Brewington , Wicomico County Co-chair
Joe Collins, Wicomico County Co-chair
Vaughn Baker, Commnications Director
Terry Hickman, Events Coordinator
Matt Trenka, Wicomico County Liaison
SJ Disharoom, Salisbury City Liaison
Kim Trenka. Wicomico County Liaison
Eileen Lenehan Historian and Book club
Bruce Spicer, Speakers and Training
Jack Plumber, Organizer
Joe Raffa,Organizer
Kathleen Raffa, Organizer

Americans For Prosperity–Salisbury, Maryland Chapter

May 26th meeting at Brew River, 7pm.

The Wicomico County AFP (Americans for Prosperity™) is composed of a cross section of hundreds of Wicomico County citizen activists committed to educating their fellow citizens about the lack of local fiscal restraint and the consequences of irresponsible government spending.

A recent poll [1] details Maryland citizen concerns:
• 79% would favor freezing government spending.
• 62% of Maryland citizens are concerned about our fiscal direction.
• 58% want fiscal restraint.
• 29% of Maryland voters are concerned about the economy and jobs.
• 18% more are concerned about taxes and spending.
• 9% more are concerned about the deficit.
• Remove unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and
opportunity to keep jobs in Wicomico County and attract new jobs.

Stop complaining and do something about it on May 26th!

AFP will be conducting a job interview of Andy Harris for Congress at Brew River, 7 pm, May 26th to decide if he can lead us out of this mess, as we continue our meet the candidate series.

Contact AFP:

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