Anti-Biblical, Fraudulent and Fake Wicomico County Quakers stand behind Violent Occupiers: Update.

Editors note: We do not stand behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement here at U.S. Constitutional Free Press. How can anyone stand behind such a violent, lazy, unethical movement where numerous drug overdoses, murders, rapes, sexual assault are occurring. Not to mention people masturbating in front of children and defecating in the streets.


An editorial in the Daily Times:

Recently, Quakers — the Religious Society of Friends — in Salisbury approved the following minute:

“Wicomico River Friends Meeting unites with the intentions of the Occupy movement to bring attention to the inequalities in our society and urge economic justice through nonviolent means.”

The Occupy movement calls attention to the failures of our government. Unceasing electioneering and an often corrupting influence of special interests are preventing our officials from doing the jobs we have hired them to do. This has led to ineffective regulations and poor enforcement that allowed a near collapse of our economy which we have not fully recovered from.

It seems appropriate to make this statement during this season of Thanksgiving. Despite a poor economy, we are grateful for the freedoms and bounty we enjoy. Even those among us who have the least have it better than many other places in the world.

That doesn’t mean some of our neighbors here aren’t suffering. A new shelter for the homeless just opened in Salisbury, a blessing to ease some of the need — but not all of it. We pray for a time when shelters are closing from a lack of need.

Social movements begin when society reaches a breaking point, forcing people into the streets with their anger and pain. The Occupy movement is young. It will take time for its leadership to evolve and coherent solutions to emerge to compete in the market place of ideas.

During this process we will be with them, praying for the success of the underlying goal which unites us: a more just and responsive government that better serves everyone.

We wish for all of our neighbors peace, prosperity and a happy Thanksgiving.

Dana Kester-McCabe


Kester-McCabe is clerk for the Wicomico River Friends Meeting. — Editor


After reading this letter, one can only assume the Wicomico County Quakers stand for the kind of violent, sick, twisted and criminal behavior that the Occupy Wall Street Movement stands for. One then has to question, how can this group actually be part of the Quakers? Or in fact, are they part of the Quakers at all?

This is the type of behavior this fake religious organization backs………….


Lawmaker Wants Veterans Cemetery Investigated Over Anti-Christian Rules

A Texas congressman has called for an investigation into what he calls “anti-religious” and “anti-Christian” decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs to allegedly prohibit veterans from mentioning “God” or “Jesus” during funerals at the Houston National Cemetery.

“The federal government should not have a policy of being anti-religious especially at a religious ceremony – a burial of one of our veterans,” said Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas. “Congress has got to get involved and change the anti-Christian, anti-religion philosophy in the Veterans Administration.”

Poe was responding to accusations filed in federal court that the Houston National Cemetery banned veterans from saying the words “God” and “Jesus” during funeral services.

Representatives of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and the National Memorial Ladies accused cemetery director Arleen Ocasio of:

1. Ordering an American Legion post to remove prayers from its burial rituals;

2. Telling the National Memorial Ladies they could no longer include “God bless” in its condolence cards or use religious messages when talking with veterans’ families;

3. Shutting down the cemetery chapel and turning it into a meeting room

A spokesperson for the National Cemetery told Fox News Radio they could not comment on pending litigation and would not go into details about procedures or protocols involving religious funerals.

The Department of Veterans Affairs released a statement to Fox News Radio, stating that it “respects every veteran and their family’s right to burial service that honors their faith tradition.”

Read more here.