Domestic Terrorist, Bill Ayers: The Left Must Utilize Its ‘Absolute Access’ to America’s Classrooms

Bill Ayers: ‘I Get Up Every Morning and Think…Today I‘m Going to End Capitalism’

Unions and left-wing groups organize Occupy Wall Street

Anybody who thinks the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and elsewhere across the country sprang up spontaneously hasn’t been paying attention. Aided and abetted by reams of gee-whiz coverage from the liberal mainstream media, the OWS movement represents a carefully planned and orchestrated campaign by left-wing activists to take American politics “to the street.” The aim is to replace American democracy with mobocracy. Some interesting connections are coming to the fore in the process, as major left-wing activist groups and labor unions pump money, media and volunteers into the movement and integrate the street demonstrations with their own programs., for example, put out an email fundraising appeal earlier this week that said “in addition to providing all the support we can to #OccupyWallStreet, at MoveOn we’re scrambling to launch a huge campaign to make Wall Street pay. We’re organizing mass meetings in hundreds of cities … And we’re helping organize two major national days of protest in November.” Among the unions that have lent support are the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, Communications Workers of America, United Auto Workers, and the Writers Guild of America, East.

A question asked by many since the demonstrators occupied New York’s Zuccotti Park is why Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken such a hands-off approach. The official explanation is that Bloomberg’s hands are tied by the fact that the park is privately owned. There may be more to the story, however: Zuccotti Park is owned by Brookfield Properties, one of the directors of which happens to be Bloomberg’s girlfriend, according to the Atlantic Wire.

Then there is this: Brookfield Properties is a subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Managers, which has another subsidiary, the Brookfield Renewable Power Co. The latter owns Granite Wind Power Co. in New Hampshire. Granite recently received a $167 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy under President Obama’s economic stimulus program. Among BAM’s stockholders is one George Soros. Small world, isn’t it!

The list of infamous activists involved in the Occupy movement reads like a Who’s Who of the Radical American Left. Former Students for a Democratic Society Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers posted the initial statement of the Occupy demonstrators on his blog. Wade Rathke, an ACORN founder and former SDSer, praised the movement and helped organize the Occupy New Orleans demonstrations. Another former ACORN leader, Maude Hurd, is a leader of the Occupy Boston demonstrators, who have been particularly aggressive in confronting local authorities.

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Quite a name … maybe you’ve seen it around. That’s David Plouffe, senior policy advisor to The Community Organizer and the man who helped Bill Ayers write “Dreams from My Father.” Plouffe is catching heat for saying that Obama’s base is not going to be all that upset over the unemployment numbers and it won’t affect the way they vote. I stand before you this day to defend David Plouffe. After all, if you’re really talking about Obama’s base you’re talking about people who are far more concerned about the money they are going to receive from the government in the form of entitlements than they are about the money they are going to get in an actual paycheck. Plouffe has a point.

Terrorist, Dying America is a Tremendous Opportunity For U.S. Revolution: Bernardine Dohrn

Trump Claims Ayers Wrote Obama’s ‘Dreams’

Wednesday on the Laura Ingraham Show, presumed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continued to rattle the media establishment.

As reported in the Daily Caller, Trump argued that former terrorist Bill Ayers was the real author of Barack Obama’s acclaimed 1995 memoir “Dreams from My Father.”

“They say ‘Dreams of My Father’ was genius, and they give [Obama] full credit, and now it’s coming out that Bill Ayers wrote it,” said Trump, getting everything right but the preposition in the book’s title. “That’s what started him on this road where he became president.”

Trump also correctly noted the difference between the writing quality of Dreams and that of Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, published in 2006. A bit hyperbolically, Trump observed that Audacity “was written by a guy that’s like a sophomore in high school.” He was referring to likely author Jon Favreau, who, though an ardent video gamer, was actually in his early twenties when the book was written.

Although Trump dished Audacity much as Bill Ayers had in his videotaped remarks at Montclair State University on March 24, he did not get his information on Obama’s books, as the Daily Caller implied, from Ayers’s presentation. In fact, Trump’s observation were too detailed to have come from anyplace other than my own book, Deconstructing Obama.

If Trump is indeed a Republican presidential candidate, he is one impressive rogue elephant, happily trampling the media village.