Same-sex marriage to be on Maryland ballot

As expected, opponents of the same-sex marriage bill passed last February in close votes by the Maryland General Assembly gathered enough signatures to place a referendum on November’s ballot. With 55,736 valid names required, the Maryland Board of Elections announced yesterday 70,039 names have been validated so far, with thousands remaining to be checked.

Obviously the coalition which has pushed for Maryland to accept same-sex marriage isn’t taking the contest lying down. Since they’ve expected the referendum to become a reality, they have opened campaign offices and hired staff for their efforts.

Yet while they complain about the National Organization for Marriage bankrolling the petition drive to place the referendum on the ballot, they are more reticent to discuss their financial backing, perhaps because union dues may be heavily involved. Other groups not normally associated with the LGBTQ issue who back Marylanders for Marriage Equality include the Maryland National Organization for Women, CASA de Maryland, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the League of Women Voters.

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Casa De Maryland Backs Racism and Media Lies

CASA de Maryland Joins Civil Rights Leaders to Call for
Justice for Criminal Trayvon Martin

WHAT: Civil rights leaders to hold rally to end racial profiling in the wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin
WHEN: Monday, March 26 at 5 p.m.
WHERE: Corner of Pratt and Light Streets, Baltimore, MD
This Monday, CASA de Maryland, the state’s largest Latino and immigrant organization, will join a march and rally hosted by the NAACP, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the National Action Network, and hundreds of Maryland activists to condemn the murder of Trayvon Martin and call for the prosecution of George Zimmerman.
“We mourn the death of Trayvon Martin,” said Gustavo Torres, Executive Director of CASA de Maryland. “Racial and ethnic harassment is just one of many symptoms of the unfinished business of the civil rights movement that Latinos share with our African-American brothers and sisters. We weep for Trayvon and call for the prosecution of his murderer.”

For more information, contact:
Susana Flores at 240-706-2624 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            240-706-2624      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or

casa de maryland Already Has The Names And Addresses Of Everyone Who Signed Petitions!

By Delegate Smigiel

When I called the State Election Board last week it was to inquire about the allegations that they were going to give the illegal immigration advocate group, CASA, the original petitions to take with them to copy at a local copy center. (see previous blog post).

Little did I know what was to come of that inquiry. The election board personnel gave me the numbers of how many petitions names had been approved, as handwritten and how many were done on computers they also told me how many had been rejected and how gave me a brief explanation of the various reasons for rejecting signatures.I asked if I could get some information sent to me to explain that process, (thinking that when we ask for the copies of the petitions I would be able to translate what the notations in the margins of the petitions mean and why any particular signature had been rejected) I was told I would be sent a disk.

Imagine my surprise, Saturday evening, when I opened the mail from the election board and found a disk that not only contained the information about who was rejected and who was certified along with their addresses, 54,971 names and addresses arranged by counties in alphabetical order.

I just realized that there is no longer an issue of what CASA is going to do if they get the names and addresses of all those who signed petitions, CASA, who also received the disk, already has the information on all those who signed the petition.

I have heard from dozens of people this last weekend who had two concerns:

“Do I have to worry about someone calling to harass me about signing the petition?” and

“How do I find out if my name is one of the more than 7,000 that was rejected and why it was rejected?”

It is my opinion that the actions of CASA to date would give petition signers legitimate reason to be concerned about what CASA may do with the lists of names. We know that CASA has been posting phone numbers to call if you see people out exercising their Constitutional duties per Article 16 of the State Constitution, collection signatures. CASA would then send people out to the location to intimidate and harass people coming to sign as well as those collecting signatures.

This weekend we also learned that CASA is hiring people through a group called “Field Works”. Young college students are being paid $12 per hour to go to the location of people collecting signatures and to shadow them, if they move they are to move along with them. They are handing out fliers entitled “ Think before you ink” which spew half truths and lies meant to suppress people’s willingness to sign the petitions. How is this not voter suppression? You have to be a voter to sign the petition and you have to get enough signatures to get the question on the ballot. I understand it is not a vote, but signing a petition is clearly a constitutionally protected part of the election process and those signing deserve protection from interference from outside forces. The bottom of the flyers being handed out has an authority line which lists, “One Maryland Defense Campaign” and gives and address of 8151 15th Street, Hyattsville, Md. If you look up CASA de Maryland on line and click on the contact button, you will be directed to the same address. Clearly CASA is already taking an aggressive, over the top, approach to stopping the will of the people to put this question on the ballot for the citizens to vote on at the next election.

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State Election Board OK With casa de maryland Taking The Petition Signatures to Kinkos to Copy!

By Delegate Smigiel

It never ceases to amaze me what kind of events occur under the heading of ”You can’t make this stuff up!”

Delegate Parrott called to tell me of a new problem he was having with the State Election Board wanting to allow the illegal immigrant support group, CASA de Maryland, (CASA) to take possession of the 67,000 petition signatures so they could be copied at a local copy center. Neil said that he was told our side would not be able to have anyone present while CASA was making its copies of our petitions.

At first I thought, poor Neil, the pressure has gotten to him and he is now imagining outrageous impossible scenarios which could materialize to destroy all the hard work that thousands of volunteers across the State had put in to fulfill the constitutional requirement of taking a question to referendum. Fortunately, Neil is still sane, unfortunately, I think the election board has lost its collective mind.
When I called to inquire as to whether what Neil had told me was correct I was greeted with a certain amount of incredulity. It appeared the election board personnel were just as shocked that I would be questioning their proposed plan as I was at hearing of their plan.

I explained that in my 22 years as an attorney who often sued governments and thus needed to obtain documents, it had always been the practice of government agencies, in my experience, to request so much per page, usually 25 cents. The agency would copy the requested documents and I would sometimes also be billed for the employees cost of copying the documents if it were a particularly large copy request. The election board explained they did not have the personnel to copy all these documents. It was explained to me that allowing the party requesting copies of petitions to take them to be copied elsewhere is the way that the requests had been handled in the past. The ACLU in particular had been allowed to do this in the past.

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Temporary Protected Status: a LEGAL immigration scam

Last week while collecting signatures for the in-state tuition for illegal immigrants referendum, a few of us in Boonsboro were confronted by an Open Borders activist from Identity, Inc. which I told you about in a post here. You might want to visit or revisit that post now and then read on below.

One of the things our harasser said in response to my question about how the illegals who would receive in-state tuition might have a path to citizenship she said they (activists including CASA de Maryland) were working on TPS. She mentioned Asylum too—El Salvadoran gays are persecuted, she said. So those claiming to be homosexuals are seeking asylum in the US. (I’ll have to tell you about that asylum scam another day.)

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Interesting petition facts

As many of you should know, the effort to stop the ill-considered SB176, better known as the in-state tuition for illegal immigrants bill, has been a fairly resounding success so far – over 58,000 petition signatures were turned in by the May 31 progress deadline when only around 18,000 were needed. Proponents of illegal immigrants are already threatening legal action to allow the law to take effect.

But thanks to the advocacy group Help Save Maryland, here are some interesting petition facts:

The top five jurisdictions for signing are Baltimore County with 14,307, Anne Arundel County with 8,586, Harford County with 5,922, Carroll County with 5,820, and Washington County with 3,310.

The county with the largest number of registered voters is Montgomery County, but unsurprisingly the liberal bastion has contributed just 2,301 signatures to the effort.

Locally among Lower Shore counties Dorchester leads with 587 collected, with Wicomico County second at 383, Worcester at 305, and Somerset the lowest in the state with just 50. But on the Eastern Shore we are pikers – Cecil checks in with 1,830, Talbot has 1,218, Caroline has 1,164, Queen Anne’s has 1,114, and even little Kent County has 435. Clearly we have some work to do!

According to petition drive leader Delegate Neil Parrott, “(P)lease note that over 25% of the signatures have come from Democrats, 15% from Unaffiliated voters, and the remainder from Republicans and 3rd party voters.” So it’s not just a Republican issue.

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Mark the Date, Protest Casa De Marylands Tax Payer Funded Multi Cultural Center

Protest Ribbon Cuting Ceremony Casa De Maryland Multi Cultural Facility – This is also a building that, my Senator from Washington County, District 2 Voted to give 1,000,000.00 Dollars to, that will assist illegal aliens and harbor them.  Thanks Don.

Saturday, June 19, 2010
12:00pm – 4:00pm
Casa De Maryland Multi Cultural Center
8151 15th Avenue
Langley Park, MD


Fellow Tax Payers to the Illegal Immigration Organization Casa De Maryland, we hold another rally, this time to protest the continued use of Tax Payer Funding to an organization who will not be held accountable for it’s continued lawless activities promoting, assisting, abetting, harboring, creating literature on how not to get arrested Illegal Aliens. This Organization comes forth every year to our State House, demands Tax Payer Dollars, Receives more then 3 million dollars a year from Montgomery County and PG County, Requests Funding from the Feds, and recieves more then 1.5 million dollars of donation monies annually from Hugo Chavez, the Terrorist President of Venezuela. Come out and take your state back, support SB 1070 The Arizona Act and stand up for your rights and hold this group accountable. No longer will we sit quietly as our tax dollars are stolen from us for Law Breakers and those who would take our jobs for cheaper wages under the table. We must also start reporting those business’s who continue to pick up these corner dwellers.
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