Bill Maher: Voting for Republicans as Stupid as Voting Not Guilty for Casey Anthony

Bill Maher weighed in on the Casey Anthony verdict Friday night with a decidedly different take than most of the pundits this past week: He compared it to Republican thinking on economic issues.

If you can look at a crime where everything points to one answer and not see it, you’re a dumbass. And if you can look at the deficit and not see that the problem is that the rich stopped paying taxes, you’re a Republican.

And before you accuse me of equating the Casey Anthony verdict with Republican thinking, save your breath: I am…if you’re a working-class American who still votes Republican, then you don’t get to b*tch about that verdict.

Attacking Republican opposition to a higher corporate jet tax, Maher said:

Voting for them is as stupid as voting not guilty for the mom who lost her baby for a month and went looking at a wet T-shirt contest.


The Casey Anthony Jury

Juror No. 3 has now started talking. She is saying that the prosecution didn’t prove how Casey died. Guess what? The prosecution doesn’t need to prove how the victim died to prove murder. The jury had all the information it needed to determine that Casey didn’t die of natural causes and that Casey’s mother was the cause. As time goes on this jury will become known as a jury that didn’t understand it’s job, didn’t understand the evidence, didn’t engage in due and intelligent deliberation … and let a murderer go. They will have to live with that. As for Casey Anthony? She will self-destruct. The only question is when.

Ann Coulter: Casey Anthony: Single Mom of the Year

How many months of man-hours did Florida police spend searching for little Caylee Anthony back in 2008, while her mother, Casey Anthony, knew exactly where the child’s body was?

If you were the victim of a crime in Orlando, Fla., between July and December 2008, you should be enraged that the police couldn’t prevent or investigate your crime because they were too busy looking for a missing child whose mother already knew the kid was dead.

It’s a zero-sum game with police resources. Cops combing through the woods searching for a missing child are not going to be patrolling your street or arresting suspects.

From repeat domestic violence calls to Los Angeles car chases, hit-and-run drivers and the balloon-boy hoax, worthless louts consume vastly more law enforcement resources than the rest of us. Cops in any town will tell you all the domestic violence calls come from the exact same homes, over and over again.

As long as we’re looking for new revenue streams, how about billing these white trash low-lifes for their massive consumption of police resources? The dregs of society need to be assessed a fee for their abuse of government services and thrown in debtors prison in the unlikely event that they can’t pay.

As I described in my last book, “Guilty,” the leading cause of all social pathologies is single motherhood. One way or another, Casey Anthony’s refusal to give up Caylee for adoption was going to cost society — and cost Caylee.

The statistics are so jaw-dropping that not giving up an illegitimate child for adoption ought to be considered child abuse.

Various studies have shown that children raised by a single mother comprise about 70 percent of juvenile murderers, delinquents, teenaged mothers, drug abusers, dropouts, suicides and runaways. Imagine an America with 70 percent fewer of these social disorders and you will see what liberals’ destruction of marriage has wrought.

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The Casey Anthony verdict

Outrage? That’s putting it mildly. The outrage over the not-guilty verdicts in the Casey Anthony case is just about as close to universal as you can get. Thus far I haven’t heard one commentator or citizen say “Hey, hold on a minute here. Maybe the jury is right!”

Did Casey Anthony kill or have a hand in the death of her daughter? Probably. The jury did not say that she wasn’t involved in her daughter’s death. The jury said that the State of Florida didn’t PROVE that Casey Anthony was responsible for Caylee’s death beyond any reasonable doubt. To re-state: The jury didn’t say Casey was innocent. They said guilt wasn’t proven … and that’s the way our system works. As Voltaire (or some other character back then when people had only one name) said … paraphrasing here … “It is better that 100 guilty men go free than to convict one innocent man.” What’s worse? Leaving Casey Anthony to deal with the torment of what she did, or to put a completely innocent man behind bars for the rest of his life for a crime he did not commit?

Yeah — a guilty person may well have walked yesterday. Stuff happens. But instead of being angry, take a few seconds to try to understand what really happened here. The immense power of the state was thwarted.

I know you’re angry. We’re all angry. This skank probably got away with murder. Think pas that for a moment. Consider the fact that the state wanted to take Casey Anthony’s miserable life — and the state was stopped from doing so by a dozen common, ordinary and usually powerless private citizens. We had a nursing student, a salesman, a high school dropout (like Casey), a care giver for the elderly who does odd jobs on the side … everyday people who stood between Casey Anthony and the power of the state. These people were able to stand against this immense power and tell the state “Back off. You didn’t do your job. You haven’t proved guilt. So turn this woman loose and leave her alone!”

If you can set that anger aside for a moment and think … maybe you’ll realize just how wonderful this system really is. In our society the government — the state — has one exclusive power that nobody else has. The government, and only the government, can use deadly force to deprive a citizen of life, liberty and property. Take a look at other countries and other civilizations throughout world history. We’ve had dynasties, caliphates, dictatorships theocracies and monarchies. In all of those societies criminals could and would be punished at the behest (whim?) of some ruler; be it the King, an Imam, or some simple half-assed dictator. Not so in our country. Here we have the State of Florida a facet of the most powerful country in the world, stating its desire and its intention to put Casey Anthony on trial and execute her for the murder of her child. Monarchy, Muslim caliphate, Christian theocracy or simple dictatorship — Casey is on her way to the gallows. But in the United States 12 ordinary citizens step forward with the ability to stop the immense power of government in its tracks.

Frankly … I think there is as much of a reason to celebrate this verdict as there is to be outraged by it. What, after all, is our alternative? Do you want appointees or employees of the state to be the last line of defense between you and a government determined to take your liberty or your life?

But what about the verdict? Do you really think that the prosecutors proved Casey’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? Really? Tell me, how did Caylee Anthony die? Did you hear any solid evidence proffered as to how she died? I hear theories about duct tape, and the defense floated this drowning theory. (Clever pun, don’t you think?) Then there was chloroform .. but did any of these ideas become more than theories? I have expressed my own theory several times over the months. I thought (and still think) that Casey had this idea of using chloroform to temporarily incapacitate her daughter so that she could party for a while. That’s how I think Caylee died. Then it was panic time. It matters not now.

The jury was told that they had to eliminate every reasonable hypothesis concerning the manner and cause of death in order to convict Anthony of murder. Can you say that was done? Let me ask you, is it possible that one of Casey’s innumerable boyfriends grew jealous of the time and attention devoted to Caylee and decided to remedy the situation? After all, Casey wasn’t exactly dating the cream of the Orlando crop, was she?

OK … so Casey Anthony waited a full month before notifying her parents that Caylee was missing. Just what does that prove? Just that Casey Anthony is a miserable mother and a liar. And Casey didn’t really work at Universal Studios as an event planner as she told both her parents and the cops. What does that prove? Again — she’s a liar. Does it prove murder? Is it even evidence of murder?

Let’s think about the police for a moment here. When were the police first notified by this strange Roy Kronk guy. That would be August of 2008. One month after Caylee was reported missing. The cops met with Kronk at the site. Apparently the cops didn’t like (a) Kronk, and (b) the fact that the site was littered with Rattlesnakes … so they made a cursory search and left. What if the body had been found in August? There would probably have been much more evidence to be gathered. Maybe Dr. G could have actually determined the cause of death! Here we go with the woulda coulda shoulda stuff.

Casey going forward

Yeah .. there will be a book deal. The book won’t sell though. People know she’s a liar, and why read yet another pack of lies? And yes, some tabloid will pay her for her first interview. The money will come rolling in —for a while — but a person like this is going to go through that money like squeeze through a goose.

And where does Casey go when she’s released from jail? Home to her parents? “Hi mom! Hi dad! I’m home! Sorry about that sexual abuse thing! No biggie, right?”

Maybe she’ll rent an apartment somewhere .. but what apartment complex is going to want her around?

She’s going to be the focus of media – especially tabloid – attention for years. The paparazzi will be at every club she heads to … and will follow her to every mall. And what about a job? Eventually, when she runs through the initial cash, she’ll need one. Would you hire her? I predict a downward slide .. a self-destructive slide to complete misery. Trust me – she’ll be living in her own well-deserved hell for years to come. Karma can be a mother.