Muslim pleads guilty to misunderstanding Islam, plotting jihad mass murder

Yet another Muslim illustrates the high cost of misunderstanding Islam’s peaceful teachings — and still no Muslim organization in the U.S., despite their protestations that anyone who thinks Islam is commanding him to do violence to unbelievers is misunderstanding the religion, has any program designed to teach young Muslims that the jihadist understanding of Islam is false.

“Alleged would-be suicide bomber pleads guilty,” from The Associated Press, July 30 (thanks to David):

A Chicago man accused plotting a suicide bombing overseas and claiming he was inspired by a radical Muslim cleric has pleaded guilty.

The plea Monday from 28-year-old Shaker Masri ends one of the last terrorism trials pending in the Chicago federal court. A plea deal was announced July 12, when Masri’s attorney said the agreement was favorable to his client, though he declined to elaborate. Masri’s sentencing is Oct. 16.

Masri was arrested in 2010 after the FBI exposed his alleged plot to attend a Somalia training camp to become a suicide bomber for terrorist groups al-Qaida and al-Shabab….