Ninth Chicago Man Arrested in Taped Gang Rape of 3 Teenage Girls

The Chicago Tribune reported, Via WND:

A ninth man has been charged in connection with the kidnapping and sexual assault of three teenage girls last month on the West Side, according to authorities.

Michael McChriston, 20, of the 5700 block of West Race Avenue, was charged with three counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault and three counts of kidnapping, police said. McChriston was in court Wednesday where a judge set bail at $500,000 for him, records show.

McChriston is accused of being part of a group who attacked two 16-year-old girls and a 15-year-old, prosecutors said.

The girls were walking in the 700 block of North Parkside Avenue in the Austin neighborhood about 9:45 p.m. Oct. 19 when a 1999 Chevrolet van approached, according to police and prosecutors.

As the van parked outside of a liquor store, two suspects exited and started to talk to the girls. Later, the victims agreed to get into the van and left with them. The attackers had the girls sit on their laps and then gave the two 16-year-old victims alcohol and marijuana, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said at least two of the people took turns driving while the girls were assaulted. Meanwhile, the girl who did not drink the alcohol or smoke the marijuana “fought to protect” the other girls, screaming and pounding the walls of the van, according to court records and prosecutors.

Prosecutors provided more detail about the state of the two girls who were given the alcohol and marijuana in the van. They said one of the girls was “extremely intoxicated” and could not hold her head up. One of the girls had a blood alcohol content of .237, according to prosecutors. Police found that girl unconscious and partially dressed in a suspect’s basement, lying in a pool of her own vomit, prosecutors said.

Eight other men have been charged in the case.

“Machine-Buster” Republican Paul McKinley for Congress Releases New Ad

Libs Have No Interest in Chicago Gun Violence or Child Victims of the Economy

RUSH: My adopted hometown, Sacramento, California. Hi, Judy. I’m glad you called. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You’re the first person I heard. I turned on my radio just a minute ago, and I was listening, and I thought, it strictly is using the kids. They’re there to learn. I understand writing letters is learning, but I’d like to see a few letters from these children, how their homes are changing. Maybe they’re living in their car now. Maybe they’ve lost their home. Maybe their dad is driving two hours to work.

RUSH: Let me tell you why I took your call, Judy. Let me tell you why. Because you don’t know this. That’s why I wanted to take the call so I could tell you. You are thinking exactly as I am. I had a miniature monologue prepared on this very thing today. I look up at the call board, and I see you on the line, and Snerdley has written, “These kids should be writing to Obama to tell ’em their fathers don’t have jobs.” That’s what your point is. Instead of writing about, “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. Please take guns out of people’s hands.” How about my daddy needing a job? You are so right about it. Because what are we talking about here? What hurts children.

The regime and the media are joining forces to try to create the notion, and people believe it, by the way, that their children are at risk in school every day. We are subjecting our children to violence and harm, and we must do something. And of course only the federal government can do things. But the truth of the matter is, our children, go to Chicago and talk to them. Speaking of the media, just yesterday or the day before, another 14-year-old, another 15-year-old, black kids killed in Chicago. Where’s the media? Why isn’t the media reporting on this? Is it because it’s black-on-black crime and that isn’t a story?

The teenage death rate by virtue of guns in Chicago is dwarfing what happened at Newtown. We’re talking 500-a-year, minimum, in Chicago. Where is the media? Where is the consciousness raising? Where are the children writing letters from Chicago? Where are those letters? Is Obama receiving them? Does anybody care if it does not happen somewhere in the Northeast? Does nobody care if it’s one or two kids a day instead of 25 or 30 in one day? Does nobody care if it’s black-on-black crime? If white people were shooting the black kids in Chicago, would the media be there?

If gun violence and children at risk because of gun violence is the number one story, then how in the name of Sam Hill can the media not be in Chicago every day? Why doesn’t every media outlet have a Chicago bureau, and why isn’t what’s happening in the Chicago leading the news every night? If the objective is to control guns, if the objective is to control violence, if the objective is to register owners, if the objective is to find out everybody’s got a gun, prevent the sale of certain sizes, types of guns, why isn’t anybody in Chicago?

Is it up to me to answer these questions? That’s not gonna dovetail well with my attempt to keep a low-profile. Answering the questions that I just asked about where is the media in Chicago dealing with the gun violence there is not gonna fit well with my low profile effort. It’s not gonna fit well with my effort not to be threatening to people, 24-year-old girls, women. Well, I guess maybe one of the reasons is there is a Democrat mayor in Chicago and we’re not gonna use the media to highlight trouble anywhere where a Democrat runs the show. “Mr. Limbaugh, that is patently absurd. That so silly. I mean, the media is highlighting Newtown, Connecticut, and the Democrats run Connecticut. Obama is a Democrat.”

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Obama Second Term Preview: We Are All Chicagoans Now

In March 2003, amidst simmering legislative controversy over the future of Chicago’s lakefront airport, Meigs Field, then-Mayor Richard M. Daley sent bulldozers in the dead of night to carve the letter “X” several times into the runway, rendering the airport useless and ending the debate. That stunt is a model for President Barack Obama’s second term, in which he is determined to exceed the boundaries of his power.

On every front, the Obama administration is testing its constitutional limits. Yesterday’s announcement of 23 executive orders to implement gun control without the consent of Congress is only the most recent example. Obama knows that some of the orders will not stand, just as some of the legislation he has proposed will not pass. But if he can make even a small dent in the Second Amendment, he can change the debate forever.

Likewise on the debt ceiling, where Obama has indicated bluntly that he will not even negotiate with Republicans. In 2006, Obama railed against a new debt ceiling increase, when the national debt was $8 trillion–half of what it is today–just as he raged against what he saw as the expansion of executive power under President George W. Bush. Now that he is the one in control, Obama is determined to seize whatever he can.

The list goes on. Obama has already used his executive power to create a “Dream Act” by fiat, staying the deportation of illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children. He is challenging the First Amendment religious liberty of faith institutions that do not wish to provide insurance coverage for abortion or contraception. He is usurping the Senate’s power to review appointments or even to determine when it is in recess.

In other words, welcome to Chicago.

It is worth remembering that at the outset of his improbably fortunate political career, Obama dared not dream of the presidency; his ambition was to be mayor of Chicago, just like Harold Washington, whose pioneering victory drew Obama to Chicago in the first place. He began by railing against the Daley machine. He ended by submitting to it, then winning its support and making it his own.

Obama now rules America the Chicago way. He plays to racial and ethnic divisions and resentments, stoking class warfare while convincing business leaders that he is the only game in town. He punishes opponents harshly and rewards supporters generously, putting the “bully” in pulpit and the “crony” in capitalism. He behaves as if Congress is the Chicago City Council–a one-party chamber whose rancor can be safely ignored.

The results for Chicago are a forecast for America. The city enjoyed a renewal during the Bill Clinton–nay, Michael Jordan–era. But the city’s economy is struggling–one in three Illinoisans lives in or near poverty–and its population has been declining, even as it struggles with huge debts and unfunded pensions. The rich huddle in small pockets while the murder rate skyrockets and the mayor fiddles with distractions like gay marriage.

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Rahm Emanuel Attempts to Revive Gun Control After Failure in Illinois Assembly

After the Illinois General Assembly failed to bring a bill amounting to a near-total statewide gun ban in last week’s lame duck session, Rahm Emanuel said today he isn’t willing to wait any longer for new gun control laws.

Emanuel told reporters he feels confident he can pass expanded gun regulations:

Waiting isn’t a strong suit of mine… First of all, I believe there’s, I know there’s a majority in the state, an overwhelming majority in the city for a ban on assault weapons, clips, and comprehensive background checks on all sales, wherever they take place, wherever the location may be. And there’s also a majority in the legislature.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Emanuel plans to introduce the legislation at next week’s city council meeting but refused to give any details. Last month, the state of Illinois’ ban to conceal and carry firearms in public was ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court.

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Grim milestone: 500th homicide in Chicago

Gave Bates smiled through tears as she swiped her hand across her phone, flipping through pictures of her cousin playing around and striking goofy poses.

“He was a lot of fun, very good at imitating people,” Bates said of Nathaniel T. Jackson, 40. “He just had so much fun all the time. And we all grew up together in the same house.”

Jackson was standing outside a store in the Austin neighborhood around 9 p.m. Thursday when someone walked up and shot him in the head, police said. His death was the 500th homicide in Chicago this year, marking a grim milestone. The city last reached that toll in 2008.

Jackson grew up on the West Side, a few miles away from where he was gunned down, and had been released from prison this past summer after serving a sentence for robbery. He had been shot several years ago, after an earlier stint in jail, and Bates said she constantly warned him to be careful on the street.

“The last time he was out, someone had shot him several times, in the back,” Bates said as she stood outside Stroger Hospital, where Jackson was pronounced dead. “He was a fighter, he was a survivor.”

Police had no motive on the shooting outside Noah Foods at Augusta Boulevard and Lavergne Avenue. No one was in custody.

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Gun Control Actually Increases Gun Violence

The atrocity committed in Connecticut last week is still to me incomprehensible and ineffable. I can find no adequate words to express my grief for all of those affected by such an inhumane act. As the joys of anticipation of Christmas for those families were dashed and replaced with the profoundest grief at losing a loved one, especially the children, the weight of their sorrow has hung over all of us.

As a sentient people, we should be repulsed, angered, saddened, and outraged at such a heinous act. The challenge is to channel the emotions and the feelings that have distressed us, into actionable ways to address such violence. Our feelings and emotions instinctively call for reduction or elimination of the tool of choice for the perpetrator. Yet we must, when reaching for solutions, transcend our feelings, and reason through logically what is viable, what will work, and what won’t.

The immediate call for more gun control is instinctive, yet must be approached logically rather than emotionally, based on empirical data. And there is a lot of it available.

The city of Chicago currently has the most restrictive gun control laws on the books, has been declared a “gun free zone” where handguns are banned, yet it is the most bloody city in the world in terms of gun-related deaths. The city averages 40 deaths per month from guns, and is nearing 500 for the year. Chicago’s murder rate is 19.4 per 100,000, which is by far the highest rate in the nation, at nearly 3 times New York which is at 6, and nearly 2 ½ times Los Angeles’ 7.5. In fact, Chicago ranks as the number one deadliest Alpha city (significant urban center in the global economic system) on the planet. Since it is no longer possible to legally own guns within city limits, the only ones who still have them are criminals. It doesn’t appear gun control works for Chicago. In fact, the city illustrates how correct the aphorism is that if guns are outlawed, only the outlaws have guns. The law-abiding citizens do not.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), in 2003 thoroughly analyzed fifty-one in-depth studies dealing with gun control. Those studies included everything from the effectiveness of gun bans to laws requiring gun locks. From their objective analysis, they “found no discernible effect on public safety by any of the measures we commonly think of as ‘gun control.’”

In 2005, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine conducted a similar analysis of extant gun laws across the country. They arrived at a similar conclusion, as the abstract for their research concludes, “that evidence for the effectiveness of a given firearms law on an outcome is insufficient.” After reviewing over fifty different gun control laws, and coming to the conclusion that their effectiveness on an outcome is “insufficient” is euphemism for “they had no discernible effect.”

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Reading, Writing and Paychecks for Teacher Union Members

CTU President Karen Lewis and other principal negotiators finished up for the evening about 9:45 p.m.

“Today we made some progress,” said Lewis this evening. “We are trying to move the issues off the table. We still have a lot of work to do obviously. And we got a lot of work done today.”

“We pushed off (the table) looking at what the day actually looks like for people for elementary school, middle school and high school,” Lewis said. “Those articles that the board originally just completely struck out of their original proposals – they are now back in our contract. We worked on that today.”

9:30 p.m. CPS: 18,000 in ‘Children First’ programs

Of about 400,000 Chicago Public Schools students, about 18,000 took advantage of “Children First” programs at 144 schools throughout the city on the first day of the strike, according to the school system.

6:45 p.m. Vitale doesn’t expect strike resolution today

School Board President David Vitale left negotiations at around 6:30 p.m., and said he doesn’t expect the contract to be resolved today, although talks continued.

“We started out this morning by emphasizing that we are close to getting this situation resolved,” Vitale said. “That was our starting point. We spent the day exchanging proposals. Some of them are somewhat complex.”

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For most people, the word “Chicago” evokes images of the Cubs, the Blues Brothers, and really, really thick pizza. But apparently, MSNBC hosts aren’t like most people. You see, for someone like Chris Matthews, the word “Chicago,” when used in relation to President Barack Obama, is — wait for it — a racist dog whistle.

“It‘s all part of this Barack Obama as ’other’ sort of blanket campaign that has been waged by the Republican Party for some time now,” the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson said during a Wednesday broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”

“It may be gaining some traction now, though I wonder why now as opposed to a bit closer to election,” he added.

Matthews was more than happy to expand on this point because, apparently, the rhetorical thumping he received on Monday from former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich left no impression on him.

“What about now, is this constant barrage of assaults, saying the guy is basically playing an old game of demagoguery politics, where you take the money from the worker bees and give it to the poor people to buy votes,” Matthews said. “That‘s basically what they’re charging him with. Old big-style, big-city machine of 50 years ago.”

But here’s the fun part:

They keep saying Chicago by the way, have you noticed? They keep saying Chicago. That’s another thing that sends that message — “this guy’s helping the poor people in the bad neighborhoods, screwing us in the ‘burbs.”

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Racial violence explodes in more states

While most Americans were commemorating the nation’s birthday, racial violence, lawlessness and animosity marred Independence Day celebrations in Georgia, Florida, Ohio, California and Illinois.

Chris Rock started the day off with a bang: “Happy white peoples Independence Day,” he tweeted. “The slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

In Chicago, Ill., some were enjoying the celebration until they were set upon by a mob of dozens of black people intent on violence. One man was taken to the hospital, where he remains in good condition. Eleven black people were arrested and charged with assault.

As is often the case, the mainstream media did not report the mob was black. Witnesses and others took to the Internet to set the record straight.

“For all that don’t know, the perpetrators are African-American teens,” said a man self-identified as Jonathan Kizer on the Chicago Tribune website. “I work in the area and I’ve seen firsthand what these teens are doing. It’s really bothersome bcuz they are hurting innocent ppl, but also perpetuating a negative view of the black community. Not all of us are like this, but people would never know from what they see and hear.”

Local television reporters did remind people this is the latest in a series of mob attacks in the downtown and upscale North Side area.

In Albany, Ga., 85 police officers in the downtown area lost control of the crowd 20 minutes into the show after large groups of black people disrupted the celebration.

They stopped the fireworks. Police blamed the problems on teens without parents. Witnesses were not so forgiving, saying it was a dangerous and chaotic scene that some say included gunfire.

When posters to Albany websites said the rioter were black, some responded it was not an issue of black and white.

“So how many white kids did you see running around [destroying property]?” asked one witness. No one said they saw any white people involved in the violence or destruction.

In the Cleveland, Ohio, suburb of Shaker Heights, hundreds of black people created a “real dangerous environment” with violence and rushing into a crowd of fireworks watchers.

Eight people were arrested after police in riot gear with dogs quelled the disturbance, or tried to.

In one news story at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a reader was frustrated that the paper did yet reported the riot.

“My daughter and I will NOT be back next year. ‘Daddy why are all those kids screaming, swearing and fighting?’ ‘Because their parents didn’t raise them any better honey.’

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