Top Liberal Blog Celebrates Christmas with “Silent F*cking Night” Series

Liberty Counsel list of 15 companies that diss the reason for the season

Apparently Santa Claus no longer has exclusive rights to a “Naughty & Nice” list.

The nonprofit Liberty Counsel has one of its own that highlights “naughty” companies that have put Christmas in storage and are trying to cash in on “holiday” shoppers.

The organization’s “Naughty & Nice List,” a more pertinent document for contemporary consumers than Santa’s traditional review of boys and girls, is based on Liberty Counsel’s own research and reports from consumers.

“Be sure to thank retailers that acknowledge Christmas and give your respectful opinion to retailers that pretend it doesn’t exist,” the group says in its report.

Take, for example, 77kids, a brand of American Eagle Outfitters. A search of the website for “Christmas” produced no results.

“77kids has been ‘Naughty’ since 2009 because the subsidiaries of the American Eagle brand entices ‘Christmas’ shoppers through use of the sights, sounds and symbols of ‘Christmas’ yet offends the American majority Christian population by using winter scenes that dominate their advertising. 77kids website is purged of all things ‘Christmas,’” the Liberty Counsel report says.

Likewise for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Not only can “Christmas” not be found on the company website, it also is missing from its 2012 commercial and other advertisements, LC says.

Another American Eagle brand, aerie, features “young models in very, very skimpy lingerie” on its “Wishlist,” LC reports.

The American Eagle brand itself has been “Naughty” for five years “over egregious disregard” for Christmas, with mention at all of the holiday.

The company “profits off colors, sights, sounds and symbols of ‘Christmas’ yet remains exclusive of ‘Christmas.’”

Fifth on the list is Athleta, a Gap brand, which has no references to Christmas on its website.

Then comes Banana Republic, also a Gap brand, whose website uses Christmas colors, sounds and symbols but has purged the word “Christmas” from stores.

EB Games from GameStop “is silent” on Christmas, which is mentioned only in manufacturer-labeled products. Five of the products “associate the words ‘nightmare’ and ‘killing floor’ in their titles.”

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ChicagoLand on Christmas

Christmas Brings Thefts Of Baby Jesus Statues, Lawn Decorations

Though the Christmas holiday is getting nearer, vandals and pranksters haven’t displayed a holiday spirit. Communities around Chicago have reported acts of theft and vandalism to Christmas displays recently.

Among the suburbs reporting such incidents recently were Elmwood Park, Lombard and Naperville.

In Elmwood Park, thefts were reported Dec. 15 from the 2200 block of 75th Court and the 2300 block of 75th Avenue, according to police. In the former, someone took Christmas decorations that made up a nativity scene from the front yard of a home, and in the latter someone took two Christmas penguins from the front yard of a home.

On Dec. 17, a theft was reported on 7700 block of Sunset Drive, police said. Sometime on Dec. 15 someone removed a 3-foot-tall illuminated Santa Claus from a fence.

In Buffalo Grove, a resident reported on Dec. 9 that when she and her husband returned home about 7 p.m. on the 1300 block of Gail Drive, they found that someone had taken Christmas decorations from their yard, police said.

In Lombard, on Dec. 17, someone reported to police that someone stole the baby Jesus figure from his yard on the 900 block of South Cherry.

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