Even left finds DHS ammo buy ‘very troubling’

The White House may paint worries over drones in American skies, federal agencies buying up billions of bullets and local police forces arming themselves with military-style equipment as just “bogeyman” issues of the radical right, but an interview on New York City’s WABC Radio reveals even the left is starting to grow worried.

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, a left-wing “peace and social justice movement” known for its colorful marches and protests, told WABC host Aaron Klein the potential for the Obama administration to abuse its growing domestic police power is “extremely troubling.”

Klein asked Benjamin, author of “Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control,” if she was concerned that military-style drones now authorized to fly over U.S. skies could be used against American citizens, the same question that prompted U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., to filibuster in the Senate earlier this month.

“Very much so,” Benjamin replied. “We see a militarization of the U.S. police forces here in the United States, and it’s a very troubling tendency.”

Furthermore, Benjamin charged she was “upset” that liberal Democrats – who might question and fight the federal government’s growing police powers under a Republican administration – “have been very quiet when this is happening under Obama.”

Klein brought up concerns, such as those reported by WND, that the federal Department of Homeland Security and other non-military federal agencies have opened purchase orders for 1.5 billion or more rounds of ammunition over the last year. The ammo buy has been only one of several indications of a bigger, stronger and more militarized police presence in the U.S.

“Are we leading up to some sort of military-style control in America?” Klein asked.

“I think the potential is there,” Benjamin replied, “and the fact that 10 years after 911 the U.S. is still keeping the American people in the state of fear about terrorism and using that to take billions and billions of our tax dollars to use to set up these kind of facilities and equip our local law-enforcement agencies with military equipment and potentially really be turning us into a society where Big Brother is watching us all the time, I think is extremely troubling.”

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UNHINGED Code Pink Kook Crashes NRA Presser

Code Pink Co-Founder Medea Benjamin Reacts to ‘Occupy Unmasked’

Medea Benjamin, left-wing activist and co-founder of Code Pink, has mixed feelings about Citizens United’s new film “Occupy Unmasked.”

Benjamin, who was featured in the film, told Breitbart News, “I don’t think it represents what the Occupy movement is all about… I think it took a small minority view and blew it up to represent the Occupy movement, so I don’t think it’s truthful.”

When asked whether or not she thought there were any parts of the film that were accurate, Benjamin explained, “it took little bits and pieces here and there but put it together in a framework that was totally inaccurate.”

She did, however, elaborate that, “if it inspires discussion and if it gets people talking to each other and if when the movie is out, they invite people from the occupy movement to come in and have a discussion, then I think it could be positive.”

Benjamin also spoke candidly about the relationship between Code Pink and one of the country’s top anarchist and union protest organizers, Lisa Fithian, who is also featured in the film.

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Anti-Romney Protester at ‘Vagina’ Costume Rally: ‘I Wouldn’t Cry if He Died’

Code Pink activists are protesting the Republican National Convention in a manner quite unique to the feminist organization– by dressing up as giant, walking vaginas.

MRC-TV’s Dan Joseph went to the event, where he saw signs like “Republican arrogance hurt America more than Al-Qaeda ever did,“ and ”abort s*it Romney and his Taliban party.”

The man holding the latter sign explained: “I feel it’s an appropriate term to use towards him…He’s against gay rights. He’s the American Taliban.”

When Joseph pressed him, saying, “but you’re not going to kill him,” the protester replied: “I’m not going to kill him. I wouldn’t cry if he died…”

Watch the entire clip, which really must be seen to be believed, below:

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Westboro Baptist Church, Code Pink to Protest at Beck’s Restoring Love

No group despises love more than Westboro Baptist Church. So it shouldn‘t come as a surprise that the group has announced it is planning on demonstrating at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love gathering next weekend in Dallas at Cowboys Stadium.

Beck mentioned the news on his Friday radio program, and also said the radical liberal group Code Pink would be protesting, too.

In a posting on its website, the Westboro group rails against Beck as one who “despises God” and even appalingly attacks one of Beck’s children.

Here is the posting currently on the group’s website:

Glenn Beck despises God, and he proudly says so. He climbs on WBC backs to have an issue for his radio program.

God has Smacked Glenn Beck already, giving him a little child with disease, but that doesn’t even slow Beck down. He is wholly incapable of seeing the Hand of God at work in this earth, and he flatly refuses to give the Glory of God’s work, TO GOD! He worships Mr. Peanut, a god that has no power, and worse

WBC will be at Cowboys Stadium where Beck will be inside hocking his false religious system and his rebellion against God to some other rebels agianst God, and we will warn the living to flee from that place, lest you should become a partaker of Glenn Beck’s sin.

1Ti 5:22 Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other mens sins: keep thyself pure.

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Meet the Marxists Behind the Curtain

These individuals and groups are truly the Marxists behind the curtain pulling the strings for Occupy Wall Street.

* ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment)
* Adbusters
* Adriel Nation (wiredtoshare.com)
* Al Gore
* ALIGN (Alliance for a Greater New York)
* Alliance for a Just Society
* Alliance for Global Justice
* Al Sharpton
* American Nazi Party
* Anonymous
* Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
* Barack Obama
* Barney Frank
* Ben and Jerry’s
* Bernie Sanders
* Black Panthers (original)
* Blue America
* Citizen Action of New York
* Code Pink
* Colorado Progressive Coalition
* Communist Party of China
* Communist Party USA
* Congressman John Lewis
* Cornell West
* CrooksandLiars.com
* David Duke
* Debbie Wasserman Schultz
* Deepak Chopra
* Down with Tyranny
* Dylan Ratigan
* Elizabeth Warren
* Frances Fox Piven
* Freedom Road Socialist Organization
* George Soros
* Greater Boston Labor Council
* Greenpeace
* Hezbollah
* Hugo Chavez
* ICAN (Idaho Community Action Nettwork)
* Industrial Workers of the World
* International Bolshevik Tendency
* International Painters and Allied Trades
* International Socialist Organization
* Jesse Jackson
* Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.
* Jobs with Justice
* Joe Biden
* Kanye West
* Laborers’ International Union of America
* Little Green Footballs
* Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
* Lupe Fiasco
* Mark Ruffalo
* Marxist Student Union
* Michael Moore
* MoveOn.org
* Move to Amend
* Nancy Pelosi
* National Lawyer’s Guild
* National Nurses United
* New York State United Teachers
* New York Transit
* 9/11Truth.org
* Noam Chomsky
* NYC Communities for Change
* occupytogether.org
* Oregon Action
* Party for Socialism and Liberation
* Peoples World
* Peter Joseph, founder of the “Zeitgeist movement”
* Pete Seeger
* PLAN (Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada)
* PressTV (Iranian government outlet)
* Rainforest Action Network
* Rebuild the Dream
* Revolutionary Communist Party
* Revolutionary Guards of Iran
* Roseanne Barr
* Russel Simmons
* Russia Today
* Seattle Central Community College
* Socialist Party USA
* South Florida Jobs for Justice
* Strong Economy for All
* Student Labor Action Project
* Susan Sarandon
* Tavis Smiley
* Teamsters
* The Government of North Korea
* The Main Street Alliance
* The New Bottom Line
* The Other 98%
* Tim Robbins
* UnitedNY.org
* United Teachers of Los Angeles
* USA Job Party WPA 21 Century
* US Border Guard
* OUR (Organization United for Reform) aka ACORN
* Van Jones
* Venice for Change (venice4change.com)
* Vocal New York
* Washington CAN
* Washington Community Action Network
* White Revolution
* WikiLeaks
* Workers World
* Working Families Party
* Yoko Ono
* Young Communist League

Hamas Helen and Hearst

Clarice Feldman
Our gal Helen’s anti-Israeli remarks were not her only signs of support for the Palestinian terrorists. She actively raised money for those who funded the Gaza flotilla:

Helen Thomas, the Hearst Newspaper columnist under fire for her remarks last week urging Jews to “get the hell out of” Israel and “go back to Germany,” headlined a fundraiser for the terrorist support group Code Pink in the Fall of 2006.

Photos posted by Code Pink show Thomas receiving the group’s “Badge of Courage” at a fundraiser held at a Washington, D.C. restaurant on October 28, 2006.

Code Pink is a leader of the so-called Gaza Freedom Movement, the group behind the terror flotilla trying to break the blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Code Pink has led other efforts to weaken the blockade of the terrorist haven and has acted as a go-between from Hamas to Barack Obama.

Hamas guaranteed Code Pink’s safety during the group’s last trip to Gaza six months ago.

Contacted at the time of the Code Pink fundraiser, a spokesman for Hearst’s D.C. bureau said that as a columnist Thomas was free to raise money for Code Pink. Hearst wasn’t bothered that Code Pink had a history of supporting the terrorists in Iraq with cash and humanitarian aid.

Thomas Lifson adds:

Helen Thomas has exposed herself as a religious bigot of the worst kind. Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary who sued to field questions from her wrote in an email to Huffington Post (via Newsbusters):

“She should lose her job over this,” Fleischer said in an email. “As someone who is Jewish, and as someone who worked with her and used to like her, I find this appalling.”

“She is advocating religious cleansing. How can Hearst stand by her? If a journalist, or a columnist, said the same thing about blacks or Hispanics, they would already have lost their jobs.”

Lucianne Goldberg notes that the White House press corps could pull her credentials anytime.

Tim Graham of Newsbusters writes:

Thomas knows that she could never say the blacks should go back to Africa or the Hispanics should go back to Mexico, she would ruin her over-celebrated reputation as the “dean” of the White House press corps

We shall see if Jew-hatred is acceptable behavior in the eyes of Hearst and the WH press corps, and Thomas is still allowed her place of honor tomorrow.