Occupy Salisbury: Another Failed Liberal Idea

As you can see there were thousands of angry liberal protestors this past Saturday, NOT!

In Fact…………

…there may have been more cops than protestors.

How many police officers were at the Salisbury Tea Party? Nowhere near this many.

They have no idea which way is up do they?

I wonder if more hateful Liberals would have showed up if there was free drugs, free sex and free food. maybe that is why the cops were out so early. At least Salisbury is out in front and not allowing these violent thugs to try and take our city.

This is from WMDT 47:

A dozen of citizens stood out front of Bank of America in Salisbury on Saturday to encourage residents to withdraw their money from big banks and reinvest in smaller local institutions.

They believe Bank of America and other major corporations continue to reap huge profits while a large majority of Americans suffer financial hardships.

The event is part of a nationwide day of protest some are calling it “Make Wall Street Pay,” others label it “Bank Transfer Day”.

What a big write up. Again, Liberal moochers need free items to come out and protest.

Now this pic should scare Freedom loving Americans.

Is this what the Occupy Wall Street wants? Is this what Occupy Salisbury wants?

SU Blog Declares War on Joe Albero


Albero seems to be laboring under the impression that the SAPOA President’s daughter created this blog. Well seeing as I have a dick and am the original founder of this site, I’m nobody’s little girl. Try checking your facts again Joe. Oh wait. You don’t have them do you? What’s that? You don’t know shit about whose running this blog? Yea, that’s because there are 5 of us dumbass. Feel free to start running Joey. We’ll give you a head start. You’re gonna need it.

We noticed you waited until after the election to go after students. Smart move but it won’t save you. You spread lies like it’s your job….oh wait, it is. Contrary to your false claims, we have never made any attempt to post a link to our blog on your site. STUPID! As our blog grows, your readership will get smaller and smaller until *poof* -No more SBY News.


No worries. We will not be going anywhere. We are here for the sole purpose of providing you with quality information so that you can be better informed about the community. We aren’t about to let some cigar smoking hobbit with a superiority complex get in the way of that. We are the new gavel of Delmarva.

Albero- You brought this on yourself. Prepare to get served little man- cause it’s on.

Read more here.

Rant on blogger raises eyebrows

News of the conviction of the man who confessed to killing an 11-year-old Salisbury girl found dead on Christmas Day took a back seat when the child’s grandmother publicly criticized a local blogger during a news conference.

Less than an hour after 31-year-old Thomas James Leggs Jr. pleaded guilty in the kidnapping, sexual abuse and brutal murder of the young child, the victim’s maternal grandmother stood at a podium outside the Cecil County Circuit Courthouse and thanked law enforcement officers, the State’s Attorney’s Office and the thousands of volunteers who search for the child who was abducted from her home Dec. 23, 2009.
“In my opinion”

Roberta Wechsler’s statement at Tuesday’s news conference took an unexpected turn when she openly scolded blogger Joseph “Joe” Albero for additional “crimes and assaults” against the deceased child and her family as well as the “exploitation of her murder” for personal gain.

“In my opinion, there is still a sociopathic criminal loose in our community,” Wechsler said. “He is the leader of a small cult of other sociopathic lemmings. From the moment of Sarah’s kidnapping, in my opinion, he has exploited her murder and her memory and tortured and pillaged my family. In my opinion, he is as much a criminal as Thomas Leggs.”

Wechsler also criticized Foxwell’s paternal aunt, Tracey Powell, whom Wechsler said assisted Albero in using the child’s murder as a means for wealth and fame.

The blogger said Thursday that he has abandoned plans to write about Foxwell’s kidnapping and murder.

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Foxwell’s grandmother chastises blogger Joe Albero

The grandmother of Sarah Foxwell publicly ridiculed and chastised a local blogger who she said exploited the memory of her granddaughter who was murdered.

Roberta Wexler made the comments during a news conference that followed a Cecil County Circuit Court plea hearing for Thomas James Leggs Jr., 31, on Tuesday.

Leggs pleaded guilty to murder, sex offense, kidnapping and burglary charges as part of an agreement with prosecutors to withdraw the state’s intent to seek the death penalty.

Leggs was taken into police custody Dec. 23, 2009, after Sarah Foxwell, 11, was reported missing by family members. Two days later, thousands of volunteers from around the region reported to Arthur W. Perdue Stadium to assist law enforcement in the search for the child on Christmas Day. The community later mourned when law enforcement officers announced that the child’s badly burned remains had been located in a wooded area in Delmar later that afternoon.

On Tuesday, Leggs, a registered sex offender in Maryland and Delaware, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on murder and sex offense charges. He was also ordered to serve a consecutive sentence of 30 years on the kidnapping charge and 20 years on the burglary charge.

After the hearing, Wexler accused Joe Albero of attempting to profit from the death of her granddaughter.

“In my opinion, he has used Sarah’s name to line his pockets,” she said.

She alleged the blogger intended to write a book about the child’s murder. She also accused him of falsely stating that he paid for Foxwell’s funeral.

Wexler told reporters her family has been victimized by “Joe Albero and his cult” of followers and she plans to “seek justice.”

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The Wicomico County Americans for Prosperity Chapter

Here is their organizational lineup.

Julie Brewington , Wicomico County Co-chair
Joe Collins, Wicomico County Co-chair
Vaughn Baker, Commnications Director
Terry Hickman, Events Coordinator
Matt Trenka, Wicomico County Liaison
SJ Disharoom, Salisbury City Liaison
Kim Trenka. Wicomico County Liaison
Eileen Lenehan Historian and Book club
Bruce Spicer, Speakers and Training
Jack Plumber, Organizer
Joe Raffa,Organizer
Kathleen Raffa, Organizer

National debate plays out locally as immigration groups clash in Silver Spring Point, counterpoint lost amid a tsunami of flags, bullhorns

Kimmie Propreack - American Sellout

National debate plays out locally as immigration groups clash in Silver Spring

Point, counterpoint lost amid a tsunami of flags, bullhorns

An issue of national importance hit home in Silver Spring last weekend as several anti-illegal immigration groups rallied outside an immigrant-rights advocacy group’s headquarters on University Boulevard.

Flags were waved and fingers were wagged on both sides of the line Saturday in front of the Casa of Maryland worker’s center as members of the Langley Park-based immigrant-rights group squared off with members of Rockville’s Help Save Maryland. Both groups struggled to exercise their first-amendment rights against a backdrop of American flags, bullhorns and the flashing lights of several police cruisers parked along the street to uphold the amendment’s wording: the right of the people to “peaceably assemble.”

Up to 30 anti-illegal immigration protestors picketed outside Casa’s center while nearly as many Casa volunteers helped clean the grounds inside the fence.

Whitney Riley, of Baltimore, joined the Help Save Maryland protest as a way to voice her support for what she called “the rule of law” regarding immigration.

“We want [Casa] to stop funding illegal aliens with taxpayer money,” she said. “They have pamphlets that show how to circumvent the law; … in the end we need to be a nation that stands on the rule of law. Illegal immigration is illegal, period.”

Go to link for the whole story.