HuffPo publishes threat to conservative site

Writing in the Huffington Post, a senior fellow at a George Soros-funded radical think tank with close ties to the Democratic Party seemingly threatened the Discover The Networks website.

Discover The Networks, launched by former radical turned conservative David Horowitz, is a central database that maps out left-wing agendas, activists and causes.

“I’ve got friends, too – and they’ve got friends, and they’ve got friends, and they’ve got friends … enough to cause a computer meltdown at Discover The Networks,” wrote Richard Eskow, senior fellow at Campaign for America’s Future, or CAF.

The veiled threat was issued in a Huffington Post blog piece responding to a WND article reporting how the CAF had launched a new website urging politicians and activists to wage class warfare.

The new website,, also hailed what CAF called a new era in politics – the use of class warfare to win elections.

The WND article quoted from Discover The Networks about the ties of the Eskow’s CAF to so-called progressive Democrat politicians.

In his Huffington Post piece, Eskow also attacked WND as a “leading source for those tinfoil-hat ‘birther’ theories about President Obama.”

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Democrat operatives launch class-warfare website

A George Soros-funded radical think tank with close ties to the Democratic Party has launched a new website urging politicians and activists to wage class warfare while hailing what it calls a new era in politics – the use of class warfare to win elections. was launched last week by the Campaign for America’s Future, or CAF.

CAF’s co-director, Robert Borosage, explained the need for such a website.

“America’s growing diversity and its increasingly socially liberal attitudes played a big role in this election. But looking back, we are likely to see this as the first of the class warfare elections of our new Gilded Age of extreme inequality,” he wrote in a statement.

“More and more of our elections going forward will feature class warfare – only this time with the middle class fighting back. And candidates are going to have to be clear about which side they are on,” he wrote.

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After $100k ‘public relations’ payment from teachers union, Media Matters attacked Fox News

A document the National Education Association filed with the U.S. Department of Labor in 2011 indicates that the teachers union donated $100,000 to Media Matters For America nearly two years ago, describing it as a payment for “public relations costs.” In the months that followed, Media Matters’ online coverage of teachers unions increased, focusing largely on attacking the Fox News Channel and other media outlets it considers “conservative” in nature.

The $100,000 payment was first documented in “Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind,” a book by Citadel international politics professor Mallory Factor published on August 21.

“[T]o ensure that NEA’s agenda makes its way in the media,” Factor wrote, “NEA has given $100,000 to Media Matters, the George Soros-funded liberal ‘charitable organization’ dedicated to targeting mythical right-wing media bias.”

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Sarah Silverman Offers ‘Lesbian Sex’ to Romney Supporter in Exchange for $100M for Obama

Meet Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin

Drug dealer, alleged child molester, and convicted perjurer, forger and Indiana Speedway Bomber (who is also believed to have played a role in the assassination of a grandmother), Brett Kimberlin spent 17 years in prison before his ultimate re-absorption into American society
He started a non-profit dubbed “Justice Through Music (JTM)” that has, since at least 2005, been funded by George Soros’ Tides Foundation and Barbara Streisand among other leftists
Along with his associate, Kimberlin also started an organization called “Velvet Revolution” that supports the Occupy movement
JTM’s goal is to use music to foster “social justice” and fight Republican “voter fraud” (like the kind George Bush allegedly used to “steal” the Florida election)
Any blogger — conservative and liberal alike — who has written the truth about Kimberlin has come under vicious attack by either Kimberlin or his minions, suffering death threats (veiled and unveiled), multiple lawsuits, loss of jobs and worse
He has filed over 100 frivolous lawsuits against anything that isn’t nailed down and somehow is being allowed to continue unchecked
This story has never been reported on in the mainstream media

CA Food Police to Shut Down Food Trucks

The California legislature continues to act as the hard left’s petri dish for testing totalitarian policies. AB 1678, introduced last Tuesday, would ban mobile food and beverage trucks within 1,500 feet of elementary and secondary schools.

From the Sacramento Bee we read:

The food truck nation is fretting over AB 1678, a bill introduced into the California State Legislature on Tuesday a.k.a. Valentine’s Day. But this was no love letter for fans of mobile food. The bill seeks to ban mobile food and beverage vending within 1,500 feet of elementary and secondary schools from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. when schools are in session. The bill was introduced by Bill Monning (D-Carmel), and already given support by the California Food Policy Advocates, which focuses on low income familes’ access to affordable and nutritious foods.

A statement from Monning’s office reads in part: “Mobile food vending poses a threat to student safety as well as student nutrition. Mobile vending near school campuses incentivizes students to leave school grounds, which increases students’ exposure to off-campus hazards such as heavily trafficked streets.”

So, here’s the part that has food truck operators and fans worried. Banning mobile food trucks from operating within 1,500 feet of schools would basically put food trucks out of business by severely limiting where they could operate. This map shows the effect AB 1678 would have in Sacramento if passed.

Take a second to click on the map link. The “no vend” zones would look effectively prohibit mobile food trucks from almost all of California’s urban and suburban cities.

The bill is designed to force school age kids to purchase state and federally subsidized on campus food, that is prepared by unionized food handlers. So, what’s really going on here? Well, the unions get more dues for purchasing more politicians, the politicians control of another slice of you and your children’s lives and liberties while adding another level of bureaucracy, the working taxpayers get shafted again, and a raft of entrepreneurial, non-unionized small businessman gets legislated out of business. And all of this is justified in the name of protecting the children. Call it another hard left win-win-win, if and when the bill is passed.

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Glenn Beck and the Death of Free Speech

Fox News has aired several interviews with Daily Caller editors and reporters on the influence of Media Matters, the Soros-funded left-wing attack machine. A series of articles in The Daily Caller sheds new light on the operations of the group, which masquerades as a non-profit but has partisan political ties to the Obama White House and the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, the interviews failed to touch on the most visible example of Media Matters working its will on the media—the sacking of Glenn Beck from Fox News.

One can imagine that this is a sensitive topic at Fox News.

It is even more sensitive in view of what News Corporation, the parent of Fox News, is doing to its staff at the British newspaper, The Sun. As part of an internal investigation of phone-hacking and bribery, News Corporation voluntarily turned over information to police authorities.

Sun associate editor Trevor Kavanagh reports that “30 journalists have been needlessly dragged from their beds in dawn raids, arrested and held in police cells while their homes are ransacked.” He said journalists were being treated like members of a criminal gang and that freedom of the press was in danger.

If News Corporation chief Rupert Murdoch would turn over his own journalists to authorities in Britain, why wouldn’t he sack Glenn Beck in response to an orchestrated campaign from George Soros and his operatives at Media Matters?

Beck has himself talked about Soros operatives making threats against his people, while a private investigator who interviewed News Corporation personnel confirmed some of them were living in fear. The channel was told to discontinue its probes into Soros and his financial interests.

When Beck left the channel and started GBTV on the Internet, a statement was issued that Beck and Fox would continue working on projects together. Nothing happened in this regard, although Beck has made some occasional appearances on the channel.

Commenting on The Daily Caller series and other reports, John Hudson of the Atlantic Wire writes, “The leftward shift or ‘course correction’ at Fox News in recent months could have several explanations but a pair of reports in Politico and The Daily Caller give credit to the cable network’s mortal enemy: Media Matters for America. It’s a thesis that Media Matters would gladly tout and Fox News would vehemently deny, but it comes as viewer complaints accumulate that the network is embracing a more mainstream conservatism compared with its previous embrace of Glenn Beck.”

The Daily Caller reported, “Glenn Beck, the former Fox News Channel host, drew the ire of a wide spectrum of liberal groups while his program aired nationally. But according to several people who watched the process from the inside, it was Media Matters that orchestrated much of the opposition to Beck.”

It quoted a former staffer as saying that the left-wing group Color of Change, co-founded by former White House “green jobs” czar Van Jones, received much of the credit for pressuring advertisers to drop their sponsorship of Beck’s show. But The Daily Caller said that in fact “Media Matters developed the campaign that cowed Beck’s sponsors” and provided a $200,000 grant to Citizen Engagement Laboratory, Color of Change’s parent group, to campaign against Beck.

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Glenn Beck Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives

Cliff Kincaid, president of America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI), a public policy organization, is leading a “Bring Back Beck” campaign to return Glenn Beck to the Fox News Channel, where he had a popular program devoted to analyzing current and future events, including the role of hedge fund billionaire George Soros, in the American political environment. Kincaid has produced several articles examining the role of Soros-funded groups in forcing Beck’s departure from the channel last year.

Kincaid recently learned of a private investigator, Douglas J. Hagmann, with information that the Soros role in Beck’s ouster was deeper and more insidious than previously realized. In order to further the public’s right to know as to how the First Amendment right of freedom of the press is being manipulated and subverted by covert forces in U.S. politics, Kincaid asked Hagmann, who is the CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc., and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network for permission to pass on this information. He has agreed, as long as the identities of the sources of information are deleted. There are several sources with information about strange goings-on at News Corporation in regard to the Glenn Beck matter, in which the most vulnerable of the news channel staff members have come under pressure not to report certain facts and information about President Obama personally. But Hagmann says the tipping point in the matter of Glenn Beck leaving the channel came when Beck began a series of programs on Soros, labeled by Beck the “Puppet Master” behind Obama and the progressive movement.

Hagmann informed Kincaid of the following:

“One of my sources, beginning in the first part of 2011, told me that the corporate leadership of News Corporation (the parent company of Fox News) began to put pressure on Glenn Beck — and especially his support staff — about certain topics that were considered ‘off limits.’ This source stated that Beck was advised not to focus on George Soros, as there were certain fiduciary relationships he was not privy to between Soros and either News Corporation or one or more of their board members/corporate staff.”

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Meet the Marxists Behind the Curtain

These individuals and groups are truly the Marxists behind the curtain pulling the strings for Occupy Wall Street.

* ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment)
* Adbusters
* Adriel Nation (
* Al Gore
* ALIGN (Alliance for a Greater New York)
* Alliance for a Just Society
* Alliance for Global Justice
* Al Sharpton
* American Nazi Party
* Anonymous
* Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
* Barack Obama
* Barney Frank
* Ben and Jerry’s
* Bernie Sanders
* Black Panthers (original)
* Blue America
* Citizen Action of New York
* Code Pink
* Colorado Progressive Coalition
* Communist Party of China
* Communist Party USA
* Congressman John Lewis
* Cornell West
* David Duke
* Debbie Wasserman Schultz
* Deepak Chopra
* Down with Tyranny
* Dylan Ratigan
* Elizabeth Warren
* Frances Fox Piven
* Freedom Road Socialist Organization
* George Soros
* Greater Boston Labor Council
* Greenpeace
* Hezbollah
* Hugo Chavez
* ICAN (Idaho Community Action Nettwork)
* Industrial Workers of the World
* International Bolshevik Tendency
* International Painters and Allied Trades
* International Socialist Organization
* Jesse Jackson
* Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.
* Jobs with Justice
* Joe Biden
* Kanye West
* Laborers’ International Union of America
* Little Green Footballs
* Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
* Lupe Fiasco
* Mark Ruffalo
* Marxist Student Union
* Michael Moore
* Move to Amend
* Nancy Pelosi
* National Lawyer’s Guild
* National Nurses United
* New York State United Teachers
* New York Transit
* 9/
* Noam Chomsky
* NYC Communities for Change
* Oregon Action
* Party for Socialism and Liberation
* Peoples World
* Peter Joseph, founder of the “Zeitgeist movement”
* Pete Seeger
* PLAN (Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada)
* PressTV (Iranian government outlet)
* Rainforest Action Network
* Rebuild the Dream
* Revolutionary Communist Party
* Revolutionary Guards of Iran
* Roseanne Barr
* Russel Simmons
* Russia Today
* Seattle Central Community College
* Socialist Party USA
* South Florida Jobs for Justice
* Strong Economy for All
* Student Labor Action Project
* Susan Sarandon
* Tavis Smiley
* Teamsters
* The Government of North Korea
* The Main Street Alliance
* The New Bottom Line
* The Other 98%
* Tim Robbins
* United Teachers of Los Angeles
* USA Job Party WPA 21 Century
* US Border Guard
* OUR (Organization United for Reform) aka ACORN
* Van Jones
* Venice for Change (
* Vocal New York
* Washington CAN
* Washington Community Action Network
* White Revolution
* WikiLeaks
* Workers World
* Working Families Party
* Yoko Ono
* Young Communist League

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