Either Obama is bad at math or a liar

Dear Ruler has been caught. A person can only tell a lie if they know the fact to be untrue at the time they utter it. And that brings us to an unctuous utterance from Dear Ruler. Is he merely demonstrating his ignorance (he has an adequate supply, after all) or was he lying. You be the judge. Here’s the situation …

On multiple occasions, Barack Obama has stated that he should not be paying a lower effective tax rate than a teacher. Here’s just one specific example (though there are many): At a recent town hall meeting in Mountain View, California, Obama said, “Somebody who’s making $50,000 a year as a teacher shouldn’t be paying a higher effective tax rate than somebody like myself.”

That’s a pretty bold claim on the part of our Dear Ruler, wouldn’t you say? So FactCheck.org did the math, and you can guess what they found … Obama’s claim that he pays a lower tax rate than a teacher earning $50,000 a year is false. Here are the details from FactCheck.org.

A single taxpayer with $50,000 of income would have paid 11.9% in federal income taxes for 2010, while the Obamas paid more than twice that rate — 25.3% (and higher rates than that in 2009 and 2008). And if the $50,000-a-year teacher were in Obama’s tax situation — supporting a spouse and two children — he or she would have paid no federal income taxes at all.

The outcome is the same whether we count payroll taxes or not, and even if we look at what the $50,000 earner will pay on 2011 income. Whatever the assumption, the rates Obama paid were higher — and usually much higher.

Obama has made it crystal clear that his 2012 reelection campaign is going to be based on the exploitation of wealth envy. If you’re paying attention you now know that he will resort to flat-out falsehoods in order to pander to the dumb-masses who don’t know any better. Obama is creating his own reality – a reality where the rich don’t pay their “fair share” and he pays taxes at a lower rate than middle-class Americans. Neither of these are true, yet he will continue to push these ideas until people actually believe that they are true.

Know what? I go with liar. These statements are untrue, he knows them to be untrue, and he knows them to be untrue at the moment he makes them. That makes him a liar.

Obama’s own campaign team has acknowledged this strategy of focusing on wealth envy, because he has zero accomplishments when it comes to the economy. His advisors say, “He needs to shift the focus from his stewardship of the economy to the stark choice confronting voters about the nation’s political leadership.” Well no $4it, Sherlock So now jobs are no longer the focus for Obama. Screw jobs, because Obama knows that he doesn’t know how to solve that problem. Instead, let’s focus on leadership. An Obama campaign advisor says, “Most Americans are very concerned about the future and the direction we’re going to take.” I don’t understand why the Obama administration thinks that this is going to work in their favor considering the latest Rasmussen polls show that just 17% of Americans say the country is heading in the right direction. So what direction does Obama want to take this country? Toward a redistributive society where the government seizes money from the Haves and gives it to the Have-Nots; toward a society where political leaders, not the private sector, decide where new economic growth will and will not be, and where new jobs will be created and where they will be eliminated. The LATimes reports, “Obama is tapping into resentment over the growing concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands.” They say this “helps the president forge an emotional connection with his base, especially minorities and working-class voters who have been falling behind.”

Does this re-election strategy inspire you to work hard or risk your savings to start the business of your dreams? If Obama manages to pull this thing off based on a re-election campaign of wealth envy, then the achievers in this country better bend over.

Senate rejects GOP bill to expand, speed up offshore drilling

The Senate on Wednesday rejected Republican-backed legislation intended to speed up and expand offshore oil and gas drilling.

In a 42-57 vote, the Senate failed to move forward with the bill, which was opposed by the White House and most Senate Democrats. Republicans needed 60 votes for the measure to proceed.

Every Senate Democrat voted against the motion to proceed along with five Republicans: Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Mike Lee (Utah), Richard Shelby (Ala.), Olympia Snowe (Maine) and David Vitter (La.).

The legislation – which is similar to bills the House approved in recent weeks – would set deadlines for several upcoming Gulf of Mexico lease sales.

It also would require lease sales off the coasts of Alaska and Virginia that the Interior Department had canceled following last year’s oil spill.

In addition, it would require the Interior Department to approve or deny offshore drilling permit applications within 60 days of filing, or the permits would be automatically approved.

Republicans characterized the bill as a step toward ending what they call undue White House limits on domestic energy development.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), speaking ahead of the vote, called it a modest “first step” in the GOP energy strategy.

Christians Fight Back

Unlike some past incidents where Muslims attacked Christian churches as congregants ran away, worshipers at two churches in Cairo didn’t sit around and take it. They met the fanatics in the streets and a riot ensued:

Religious tension continues to seethe in Egypt after a violent clash between Christians and Muslims left ten dead and 190 arrested, heading for military trials.

The county’s military rulers reacted swiftly after an attempt to burn down two churches set off a riot in a Cairo slum.

Mobs of ultraconservative Muslims from the Salafi religious trend converged on a church in the slum of Imbaba late Saturday following rumours of an interfaith romance.

Christians barricaded themselves inside and around the church when the demonstrations turned violent. Witnesses said people on rooftops fired into the crowd.

At least six of the dead were Muslims.

The incident follows the bombing of a church on New Year’s day that left 21 dead and sparked clashes between the country’s minority Christians and riot police.

“This is something that’s very much seething underneath,” said CTV’s Martin Seemungal, reporting from Jerusalem, noting that since Egypt’s recent revolution, “people are wondering, and Christians in particular are very concerned, how they are going to be treated in a new Egypt.”

They’ve already gotten an answer to that question.


Idiotic? Of course it is! But come on folks, what do you expect from a man with Obama’s impeccable anti-business credentials and complete lack of meaningful experience? Common sense? Haven’t you given up on that yet?

So now we have deep water drilling rigs cruising out of the Gulf of Mexico and heading to friendlier waters off the coast of Africa. These things aren’t like cruise ships … they don’t just turn around and come rushing back. Besides .. why would they? There’s no work to do here. Obama has his drilling moratorium in effect!

Twice the federal courts have slapped down Obama and his attempts to stop all deep water drilling in the Gulf .. and twice The Community Organizer has told the federal courts to shove their rulings where the sun don’t shine. He wants to ban drilling in the gulf for six months … or more … and no federal judge is going to tell The Chosen One what he can and cannot do as long as he is Go …. er … the president.

Reason? The Community Organizer says that drilling should stop until we find out what happened. Really? This has nothing to do with drilling safety. Obama’s actions in shutting down the economy of the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast because of the Deepwater Horizon debacle would be comparable to a decision to shut down all airline travel in the U.S. after one airline crash. It generally takes the National Transportation Safety Board about a year to report on the cause of an airline crash. Perhaps in ObamaWorld we should shut the system down until that report comes!

If you want to know what is really going on .. just check out the people Obama has appointed to top environmental posts. These are people who’s anti-capitalist credentials are every bit as strong as their love for Polar Bears and Gulf shrimp. Obama is taking advice from people who simply don’t like the private sector and will do everything they can at every opportunity that presents itself to denigrate and harm the private economy.

Thousands protest drilling moratorium at rally

LAFAYETTE — Thousands attended a rally in Lafayette Wednesday aimed at convincing the Obama administration to lift the federal offshore drilling moratorium, which officials said could further endanger the state through the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

The “Rally for Economic Survival” was held at the Cajundome and drew about 11,000 people, some dressed in their oil industry uniforms, others in shirts bearing messages of “Drill Baby Drill” and “No Moratorium.”

The event attracted national media attention and featured elected leaders from the local, state and federal level.

Lt. Gov. Scott Angelle served as master of ceremonies and fired up an already lively crowd, proclaiming that “it is time to quit punishing innocent American workers to achieve some unrealistic political agenda.”

Read more here.

First rig sails away over drilling ban

WASHINGTON — Diamond Offshore announced Friday that its Ocean Endeavor drilling rig will leave the Gulf of Mexico and move to Egyptian waters immediately — making it the first to abandon the United States in the wake of the BP oil spill and a ban on deep-water drilling.

And the Ocean Endeavor’s exodus probably won’t be the last, according to oil industry officials and Gulf Coast leaders who warn that other companies eager to find work for the now-idled rigs are considering moving them outside the U.S.

Devon Energy Corp. had been leasing the Endeavor to drill in the same region of the Gulf as BP’s leaking Macondo well, which has been gushing crude since a lethal blowout April 20.

But Diamond announced Friday it will lease the rig through June 30, 2011, to Cairo-based Burullus Gas Co., which plans to send the Endeavor to Egyptian waters immediately.

Devon is one of three companies that has cited the deep-water drilling ban in trying to ease out of contracts to lease Diamond rigs. Diamond, a drilling company, said it expects to make about $100 million from the deal, including a $31 million early termination fee it recovered from Devon.

Larry Dickerson, CEO of Houston-based Diamond, signaled that other of his company’s rigs could be relocated, too.

“As a result of the uncertainties surrounding the offshore drilling moratorium, we are actively seeking international opportunities to keep our rigs fully employed,” Dickerson said. “We greatly regret the loss of U.S. jobs that will result from this rig relocation.”

It was unclear how many U.S. jobs could leave with the Ocean Endeavor, but typically more than 100 workers are on the rig at any given time, doing everything from drilling to cooking meals. Onshore, a network of businesses supplies the rigs with groceries, equipment, uniforms and drilling materials.

“It’s not unusual for an energy service company to have 1,000 vendors that they buy from or purchase services from,” noted Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands. As a result, Brady said, the economic damage from the moratorium stretches far and wide.
Fearing for investment

Brady and other oil-patch lawmakers have been pressing President Barack Obama to end the six-month moratorium he imposed on 33 deep-water projects May 27 after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig that was drilling a well for BP.

Obama said the ban was needed to allow time for new safety standards to be implemented and a commission to investigate the cause of the April 20 blowout at BP’s Macondo well.

Although the administration on Thursday lost its second bid to keep the ban in place while it appeals a federal court’s decision to strike down the moratorium, federal regulators plan to try again with a revised version soon.

Dan Pickering, a financial analyst with Tudor, Pickering Holt & Co. Securities, said the legal uncertainties surrounding the ban – and the administration’s plan to issue a new, revised moratorium – ensure that no companies will resume deep-water drilling in U.S. waters anytime soon.

“Are you really going to spend $5 million … getting ready to drill a well that someone would then probably block you from drilling?” Pickering said.
Lawmakers complain

Pickering added that prospects are high that a dozen rigs ultimately could leave the Gulf of Mexico because of the ban.

Brady said the rig owners are searching for revenue – even if it means relocating to get it.

“There are two types of rigs in the deep-water Gulf today: those that are leaving the country and those that want to, because with this moratorium hanging over their heads, they simply can’t go back to work,” Brady said. “I’m afraid this is the first of many rigs and many American jobs to leave the Gulf.”

Once the rigs relocate, it could be a minimum of five to 10 years before they return, predicted Rep. Pete Olson, R-Sugar Land.

“We cannot afford to lose these jobs or the energy they provide,” Olson said. “President Obama should allow this moratorium to remain lifted and let Americans get back to work.”

During trading Friday, Diamond Offshore stock fell 86 cents – or 1.32 percent – to close at $64.40. It has fallen 29 percent from its closing price of $91.20 on April 20, the day the Deepwater Horizon exploded.