Judge Napolitano Says the Zimmerman Prosecution ‘Shot Themselves in Both Feet’ With This Seemingly Odd Decision

Prosecutors in the George Zimmerman murder trial on Tuesday played parts of Sean Hannity’s 2012 interview with Zimmerman, seemingly allowing the defendant to tell jurors his side of the story yet again. Judge Andrew Napolitano called the decision a “head-scratcher” and accused the prosecution of shooting themselves “in both feet.”

Appearing on “America Live” with Megyn Kelly, Napolitano said he’d never seen a move like that from prosecutors. He said it seems the prosecution is trying to prove to the jury that there have been some inconstancies in Zimmerman’s story about what happened on the night he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Napolitano went on to say that perhaps potential inconsistencies could be helpful during cross-examination if Zimmerman is called to testify by the defense. However, at this point, Napolitano said he couldn’t imagine the defense putting Zimmerman on the stand.

“He doesn’t have to testify,” Napolitano added. “There has been so much of him in front of this jury at the choice of the government. All of the explanations he gave are lucid. The differences between them are minuscule. I honestly think that the government has been shooting itself in the foot and with what they did today, they shot themselves in both feet.”

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Looks like Jon Lovitz is just warming up with his anti-Obama comments.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum took aim at George Clooney’s Obama fundraiser this time, calling the president hypocritical for trashing the rich while letting them line his campaign coffers.

“But what I find is he’s hypocritical with saying the, you know, the one percent don’t get us, and, you know, he’s a multimillionaire now, you know, they’re not paying their fair share of taxes, now I’m going over to George Clooney’s house to get money from millionaires and billionaires, and he collected $15 million, and, you know, “Wall Street are the bad guys, but now I have to go to a dinner with Wall Street people to get money for my campaign.”

Santorum attacks Google for playing politics with ‘horrific fifth’ searches

As most are aware by now, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has a Google problem with his last name, since it has another definition that rates higher in Google searches than his name itself. But according to Santorum, that’s not by accident.

On Friday night’s “Hannity,” Santorum doubled-down on the Republican sentiment of the day, arguing that the media has a bias and has played favorites, especially as it pertains to criticizing President Barack Obama.

“It’s fundamentally unfair, but you know it,” Santorum said. “These folks are despicable in what they will do to promote their agenda. They are all in the tank and they have been in the tank for the left, whether it’s Barack Obama or any other candidate. I’ve been dealing with this issue, as Newt and other conservatives have for every year I have ever been in public life. And we’ve been sabotaged in every possible way.”

Santorum mentioned his Google problem, but said there seems to be that same double standard because of the search engine’s willingness to protect Obama.

“You know, go on the Internet and look at the filth, the dispute out there. Look at organizations like Google. I mean Google, who has repeatedly on more than one occasion taken down sites, taken down searches for folks like Barack Obama and Michelle Obama but has left it out there for me for 10 years so people can be exposed to the most horrific filth that you ever want to see but it’s okay if you are a conservative.”

And that Santorum said is the result of a political agenda from Google.

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