Maryland delegate moves to ban rat trafficking, ‘protect our borders’

A Republican delegate in Maryland plans to introduce legislation to protect Maryland’s borders not from undocumented workers, but from rodents.

Del. Pat McDonough, R-Baltimore, will at an afternoon news conference roll out his Rat Trafficking Act, which would bar the D.C. government “and any other entity from trafficking rats and other vermin into Maryland.”

McDonough’s move will come after a flurry of attacks against the District’s Wildlife Protection Act of 2010, which mandates that animal control companies use humane methods when handling animals. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli set off the firestorm when he publicly worried that the law would lead to a mass relocation by exterminators of D.C. rats into his state.

The law, though, exempts most rodents from its purview and allows companies to pursue four options with animals they’ve trapped, including relocation — but only with the property owner’s permission — and euthanasia.

In an advisory announcing his plans, McDonough slammed the Wildlife Protection Act.

“This insane law obviously places Maryland and Virginia at risk for an invasion of out-of-state rodents,” the release said. “We must protect our borders.”

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Help Save Maryland – Illegal Immigration Issue Red Hot Across The Nation!

State lawmakers are working to pass a group of bills against illegal immigrants known as, the National Security Begins at Home Legislation.

Stolen jobs, and a burden on tax paying Pennsylvanians are just two of the reasons State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R) 12th District, is trying to pass a package of Illegal Immigration bills in Pennsylvania.

” Right now you have tens of thousands of citizens unemployed in Pennsylvania. There`s illegal aliens coming here specifically to find work and if we can find work for illegal aliens we should be able to find work for Americans,” says Metcalfe

Among three bills that have already passed in the house, a Sanctuary Cities Bill.

It would ensure cities are not setting policies that would attract illegal immigrants to their cities.

” We`re working with the Senate and our house leadership to protect American`s lives, liberty, and property here in Pennsylvania,” says Metcalfe

One of the more controversial bills in the package waiting to hit the house floor.

A bill that would allow police to verify a person’s immigration status if they’re stopped for a crime, and reasonably suspected of being in this country illegally.

” I think it could be considered racist, discrimination, and kind of not what America is all about,” says Evita Cotta, one of the founders of the Latino Hispanic American Community Center of Harrisburg

She says illegal immigrants are taking jobs that Americans don’t want, and that many times, illegal immigrants simply can’t afford to go through the citizenship process.

” They can`t afford it and it`s no different than any other citizen here that`s in need of services and they can`t get help and they don`t have the money,” says Cotta.

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casa de maryland Already Has The Names And Addresses Of Everyone Who Signed Petitions!

By Delegate Smigiel

When I called the State Election Board last week it was to inquire about the allegations that they were going to give the illegal immigration advocate group, CASA, the original petitions to take with them to copy at a local copy center. (see previous blog post).

Little did I know what was to come of that inquiry. The election board personnel gave me the numbers of how many petitions names had been approved, as handwritten and how many were done on computers they also told me how many had been rejected and how gave me a brief explanation of the various reasons for rejecting signatures.I asked if I could get some information sent to me to explain that process, (thinking that when we ask for the copies of the petitions I would be able to translate what the notations in the margins of the petitions mean and why any particular signature had been rejected) I was told I would be sent a disk.

Imagine my surprise, Saturday evening, when I opened the mail from the election board and found a disk that not only contained the information about who was rejected and who was certified along with their addresses, 54,971 names and addresses arranged by counties in alphabetical order.

I just realized that there is no longer an issue of what CASA is going to do if they get the names and addresses of all those who signed petitions, CASA, who also received the disk, already has the information on all those who signed the petition.

I have heard from dozens of people this last weekend who had two concerns:

“Do I have to worry about someone calling to harass me about signing the petition?” and

“How do I find out if my name is one of the more than 7,000 that was rejected and why it was rejected?”

It is my opinion that the actions of CASA to date would give petition signers legitimate reason to be concerned about what CASA may do with the lists of names. We know that CASA has been posting phone numbers to call if you see people out exercising their Constitutional duties per Article 16 of the State Constitution, collection signatures. CASA would then send people out to the location to intimidate and harass people coming to sign as well as those collecting signatures.

This weekend we also learned that CASA is hiring people through a group called “Field Works”. Young college students are being paid $12 per hour to go to the location of people collecting signatures and to shadow them, if they move they are to move along with them. They are handing out fliers entitled “ Think before you ink” which spew half truths and lies meant to suppress people’s willingness to sign the petitions. How is this not voter suppression? You have to be a voter to sign the petition and you have to get enough signatures to get the question on the ballot. I understand it is not a vote, but signing a petition is clearly a constitutionally protected part of the election process and those signing deserve protection from interference from outside forces. The bottom of the flyers being handed out has an authority line which lists, “One Maryland Defense Campaign” and gives and address of 8151 15th Street, Hyattsville, Md. If you look up CASA de Maryland on line and click on the contact button, you will be directed to the same address. Clearly CASA is already taking an aggressive, over the top, approach to stopping the will of the people to put this question on the ballot for the citizens to vote on at the next election.

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MD Schools Will Now Require ‘Environmental Literacy’ to Graduate High School

A state board of education in Maryland has bought into the green agenda. So much so that it just voted to require “environmental literacy” in order to graduate high school.

“This is a defining moment for education in Maryland,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said. “By approving this environmental graduation requirement, the Board of Education is ensuring that our young people graduate with a keen understanding of and connection to the natural world. Only through exposure to nature and education about our fragile ecosystem can we create the next generation of stewards. ”

“This is a momentous day not only for Maryland but for educators across the country who are watching what Maryland does, and hoping to increase outdoor learning in their states,” Don Baugh, director of the environmental advocacy group No Child Left Inside Coalition (NCLI), which pushed for the vote, said in a release. “Governor O’Malley and Dr. Grasmick deserve our profound gratitude. For years they have put Maryland at the forefront of the environmental education movement.”

The Washington Post reports on what the requirement means: “Under the graduation requirement, public schools will be required to infuse core subjects with lessons on conservation, smart growth and other environmental topics. School systems will be able to shape their programs, but they must align with state standards.”

“With today’s vote school districts must now move beyond standard science courses that provide minimal focus on the environment,” NCLI added in its release. “The Maryland State Department of Education has established two workgroups to begin revising and aligning Maryland environmental literacy standards, and developing guidelines to provide school systems with guidance and support for implementation.”

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Bay Bridge toll could double

The Maryland Transportation Authority is developing a plan that would raise tolls dramatically for the first time in decades.

The proposed tolls are part of a four-year package of $210 million in increases that would affect the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the Baltimore Harbor crossings, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway and other toll facilities.

The plan discussed before the authority’s finance committee Thursday calls for raising the tolls Oct. 1 this year and July 1, 2013.

The toll on the Bay Bridge would be raised from $2.50 to $5 this year, and $8 in 2013. Tolls on the bridge have been frozen since 1975. Commuter rates would jump to $1.50 in the first phase and $2.80 in the second.

Maryland Transportation Secretary Beverley Swaim-Staley said Thursday that toll increases are unavoidable because of the need to pay bondholders for existing debts and the growing maintenance demands of aging bridges, tunnels and roads.

“They are at an age where they need major rehabilitation, and we need to pay for that rehabilitation,” Swaim-Staley said.

Republican Sen. E.J. Pipkin, R-Cecil, described the proposed increases as “outrageous.” He said they show how “out of touch” Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration is with the average working family.

“Do you think the average family income in Maryland has gone up 300 percent?” Pipkin asked.

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Next up for Maryland legalization — polygamy

And so, with one vote, the Maryland Senate swung wide open the doors to polygamy in the state.

That’s where the 25-21 vote making gay marriage legal inevitably has to lead. This assertion will no doubt infuriate gay rights activists — the very idea of equating a union between two gay men or two lesbians is not equivalent to polygamy, they will rightly argue — but polygamy advocates will no doubt use the logic gay marriage supporters used to great advantage.

That logic was basically this: Gay marriage is a civil rights issue. Restricting marriage to heterosexuals is discrimination. Gays and lesbians are citizens, and should be entitled to the same rights as heterosexuals. And one of those rights is marriage. Those 25 senators who voted to legalize gay marriage in Maryland would claim that they in no way meant the same to apply to polygamy.

Those senators simply don’t get it. They now have to apply the same rule to those who believe in polygamy. Aren’t they citizens? Shouldn’t they have the same rights as heterosexuals, gays and lesbians? Why is it legal to continue to discriminate against them?

The anti-discrimination argument is the one that puts gay marriage proponents on really thin ice. Yes, it’s discriminatory that a heterosexual couple can get a big break by filing jointly on their federal tax return while a gay or lesbian couple has to pay through the nose.

But, back when I was single and my filing status was the same, I had to ask myself this question: Why is it OK for the federal government to bust my hump for not being married while giving a tax break to married couples? I mean, we’re all citizens, right?

That, proponents of gay marriage have to realize, is discrimination. If the Maryland Senate members who voted to legalize gay marriage because banning it is discriminatory, then their next order of business must be to introduce legislation eliminating the single, married filing jointly, married filing separately and head of household categories for Marylanders filing their state tax returns.

Gay rights activists and their supporters will, I’m sure, be quick to whip out their “homophobe” card upon reading this column. They’ll be half-right: I do have a fear, but it’s neither of gays, lesbians or their marrying. No, my fear is not of the bill that the Maryland Senate just voted to pass, but ones they might pass in the future.

At a panel discussion on gay marriage a few years back, one moderated by a friend of mine who just happens to be gay, I told him how I felt: You liberals, I said, have a way of asking for one reasonable thing and then trying to sneak in something completely unreasonable or, in some cases, downright unnecessary.

In the early 1960s, the late Hubert Humphrey, a champion of civil rights long before it was fashionable to do so, and a fine Minnesota senator who later became vice president, promised to eat the 1964 Civil Rights Bill if there was anything in it that might lead to quotas.

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The CASA staff and illegal alien Day Laborers never knew what hit them today.

100 Help Save Maryland members and supporters arrived at the Silver Spring Day Laborer Center, bringing the lawless worker operation to a complete halt. There were plenty of signs, flags and voices letting the CASA center and those driving by that HSM members are opposed to wasting tax dollars on illegal worker centers for illegal aliens.  Instead of furloughing Montgomery County Police officers and Firemen, this taxpayer funded illegal worker center should be shut down instead.

Concerned citizens participated from 10 Maryland Counties – Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll, Cecil, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s and Washington.  Our friends from the Cecil County Patriots drive 2 hours to support HSM!

And to think that all arrived today without taxpayer subsidies, taxpayer funded buses or taxpayer funded Metro fare cards.

Baltimore County Candidate for MD Dist 12A, David Aughenbaugh and a rep from MD Senate Candidate Jim Rutledge’s team were also on hand to support HSM.

WUSA TV 9 covered the event which was the lead story on the 6pm news.  A radio station, the Washington Post, Gazette and Silver Spring Voice also interviewed our members.  We also received lots of support from citizens driving by the Center.

One of my favorite scenes today was CASA’s Kimmie Propeack, so-called Director of Community Organizing and Political Action, ranting and raving at the Montgomery County Police Officers monitoring the event about our members being near the CASA entrance.

The Montgomery County Police, who did an excellent job all throughout the event, basically told Kimmie to get back on CASA property as HSM members were fully within their rights to march at the site.  Poor Kimmie.  You can bet MoCo Police Chief Tom Manger will be sending Kimmie a full apology next week.

Overall, it was an excellent event and I thank all the participants from around our great state.  This should send a strong signal to Governor O’Malley, MoCo Executive Ike Leggett and the entire MoCo County Council that MD citizens have had enough of CASA of Maryland and their lawless taxpayer funded illegal worker centers.

Brad Botwin, Director Help Save Maryland


Help Save Maryland has a “Legal Help Hotline & Referral Service” for those negatively impacted by illegal immigration.

Please carefully read the following 3 paragraphs:

*   Have you or someone you know been hurt or hindered because of
zoning violations related to the presence of illegal immigrants?
(parking, fire safety, multi-family occupancy, declining property value,
unlicensed food vending, property management and landlord-tenant issues)

*   Are you a business owner or do you know of a business owner who
has been hurt or disadvantaged because you/they follow the law and
refuse to hire illegal workers and your competitors hire illegal
workers?  (competitive injury/unfair competition)

*   Have you or someone you know been hurt or hindered because your
employer hired illegal workers and laid you off, reduced your hours,
reduced your income, or terminated your employment contract because it
was cheaper for them or “less hassle” for them to hire illegal

If you have information regarding the above, please contact HSM with your concerns or comments at We will get back to you ASAP.  Maryland’s citizens can and will fight back!


Thursday, May 20, 2010 Gazette

Federal immigration program helps keep residents safe

In response to The Gazette article of May 6, “County defends federal immigration initiative,” I want to express my sincere appreciation to county Corrections Director Mary Lou McDonough and County Executive Jack B. Johnson for their decision to participate in the Secure Communities Initiative (SCI). I commend them both for implementing SCI and for resisting calls from organizations which do not respect the rule of law to end Prince George’s  County’s participation in SCI.

Under SCI, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is contacted to check whether detainees are also being sought by ICE for known violations of immigration law. In contrast, under ICE’s more comprehensive 287(g) program, every detainee is investigated by corrections officers regarding their citizenship or immigration status. Consequently, under 287(g), foreign nationals who have entered the U.S. illegally without ICE’s knowledge are identified and reported to ICE.

Although I wish that Prince George’s County, like Frederick County, was enrolled in 287(g), I am happy that my county at least participates in SCI.

Those who have consciously violated federal law and who are being sought by authorities, at the very least, threaten the rule of law in our local communities. Further, for these fugitives — who are hiding from the law enforcement officials actively pursuing them — breaking yet another law, and yet another law, becomes easier to do. That is what SCI does — if fugitives are arrested for a second crime, then they face judicial proceedings for both the new offense and the old offense.

Although opponents of SCI claim that county resolution CR78 prohibits county law enforcement from working with ICE, such an interpretation would be a violation of U.S. immigration law, which states that “Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, no State or local government entity may be prohibited, or in any way restricted, from sending to or receiving from the Immigration and Naturalization Service information regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful of an alien in the United States.”

We citizens demand that our communities are made safe, that the rule of law is respected and upheld, and that criminal activity of any kind not be tolerated.

Thank you Prince George’s County for your continued participation in the Secure Communities Initiative and for working to keep our communities safe.

Robert Fireovid, Greenbelt

Switching parties for Ehrlich

As a 30-year Democrat, I am so ashamed of Gov. O’Malley and seriously thinking of changing my political party. He has done nothing right as far as I’m concerned. [Giving] $1.4 billion last year to illegal immigrants, not including their health care. We rank No. 2 in murders and our school system is failing.

Illegal immigrants are given welfare, our state jobs through subcontractors and our state officials say they have no control over that. They are working on our highways and landscaping. When I asked O’Malley why, he said he wants to be fair. What’s fair about giving illegal immigrants welfare, a voter’s card and a driver’s license through 2015? I give up. Robert Ehrlich’s my choice.

Jack Frazieur, Baltimore

Congressman Tom McClintock Tells Mexico To Butt Out!

Legal Immigrants and 10 Counties Join Help Save Maryland at Rally – My letter to the State in Silver Spring as Casa De Maryland Day Center

Maryland Citizens and Legal Immigrants Unite in Rally against Casa De Maryland and Illegal Aliens in Silver Spring – My Report May 22nd, 2010

Today, Legal Immigrants and Legal Citizens of Maryland joined forces to Rally against the Lawless Organization Casa De Maryland, who blatantly state, “Regardless of Immigration Status, we will find you work”. Today, those Law Breakers held up make shift signs as we caught them completely off guard. The Signs Read, “Maryland Loves Immigrants”, well, that is true in 2 ways, one, yes, if you come here legally, we will embrace you and take you under our wings and support you, second, Maryland Citizens despises the non tax paying, social service, health care sucking dry Illegal Aliens in our State. Funny thing happened along the way, Governor O’Malley took a stance a few weeks ago, and now his comrade in arms, Doug Gansler is doing the same, stating that Illegal Immigration is a Federal Issue. Well, let me tell you something, you could not be further from the truth, if the Illegal Aliens, not undocumented, but Illegal Alien enters our state illegally, not paying taxes, using our tax dollars to promote job placement regardless of immigration status, then yes, it is your problem and since you refuse to uphold the laws of the state and the land, you to are the problem and not the solution. I would show you some pictures from today’s rally, but why should I? You ignore the Maryland Citizen and Legal Immigrant, and would probably find someway to use it against us, after all, we are only standing up for our Constitutional Right to Free Speech and Assemble and Protest. Let this be the pink slip notice to remind you, come November, we, THE PEOPLE will decide if you should stay or go. To the ilk supporters of Casa De Maryland, Joe Vallario, Doyle Neimann, Saqib Ali, Ana Sol, Pena-Melnyk, Harrington, Ramirez, Frosh, Mike Miller, Governor O’Malley, Susan Lee, Jill Carter, and many many others to name a few, you have destroyed Maryland with your support of this Criminal Organization. The People of Maryland are demanding a Federal Led Investigation into the going’s on of this group and we are also demanding the IRS take a look at that financials to find those who are donating from outside of this country who is on the USA watch list.

Today, along with Legal Immigrants who stood with us, we heard the horrific stories of Business Owners loosing their work because of under cutting bids, day laborers taking the jobs that the legal citizen should get, but because Maryland allows the Lawless Activities to continue, boss man picks up these illegals at cheap labor costs and does not report their payroll activities to the IRS, thus, saving a few bucks on the backs of illegals. Maryland has become the poster child for the Law Breakers with Arizona on Illegal Immigration, Driver’s License’s, Voting Rights through Maryland’s Motor Voter Law, Free Health care on our Tax Dollars, Free Education, Incarceration Costs, and on and on and on. When will it stop? I guess when it affects you and your family like it has those who have been murdered, raped, burglarized, hit by an illegal alien driving drunk? How about the poor children being victimized by Illegal Aliens? How about when you lose your business, or contracting work because boss man can pay less for illegals then those who are doing it by the book?

Today, we held Casa De Maryland accountable for their misdeeds and misuse of tax dollars and the assistance of Illegal Aliens in our Communities. We will no longer take a back seat. To the Governor who says he treats everyone Equally regardless of status, well sir, you have a problem enforcing state and federal immigration laws. To Doug Gansler, unless you plain on helping hold these organizations accountable, stay out of it, you are doing more damage supporting Illegal Immigration then fixing the problem. We don’t need you standing up for Gay Rights, we need you to stand up and Investigate the misuse of Tax Dollars and to take action at the requests of Legal Citizens of our once great state. To Peter Franchot, a man of his word and has always done the people’s work, one can only hope you decide to have the IRS look into this Organization and request they open the books.

To those Delegates and Senators who approved more tax dollars this year, and the 1 million dollar vote, you are on notice for November. The Status Quo Politician must be held accountable for not listening to their employer, The Maryland Tax Payer. Remember, you work for me and for the rest of the legal immigrants and legal citizens, not Illegal Aliens or to further your career or yourself.

Today, we took a step forward at reclaiming our once great state, and we will not stop until you do the work and will of the people. You should have seen it down there, trash everywhere in the housing community, about 75 or so Day Laborer’s waiting at the 7-11 at the corner of Piney Branch and University Blvd. That my friend’s is loitering and the police in Montgomery County should be citing those there, at which point, they can check the Immigration Status, but as Chief Manger stated and I quote, “I am not going to ask my officers to take a couple extra hours checking immigration status if they run a red light”, to which I say, why not, that’s why we are paying your salary, to protect the community, not ignore it. It’s time for Maryland to wake up and do what is right, stop ignoring our pleas for help.

In closing, I will remind you, we support the Legal Immigrant who comes here, fills out their paperwork and does it appropriately, if they have to wait, well, so what, that is not a reason to enter our state and steal our jobs and live here illegally. Think about this, if you cross over to other countries, say in Africa, Illegally, you know what they do to you? I think you already know that answer, that is how they deal with breaking the law, but here, you can stay. Or how about this, in Mexico, if you are caught a second time coming into their country illegally, they can jail you for up to 6 years. Lets adopt Mexico’s Illegal Immigration Laws and SB 1070 in Maryland and then we will see how Maryland’s budget will grow, unemployment will drop, and crime will go down. As an official blogger and writer, I can only write what they ask me to write, nothing more, nothing less. Now let’s get down to fixing the problem and make Maryland a Template for the rest of the Country to follow, not a mockery and embarrassment.

Thank you for your time.