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Alabama Governor Weighs Approval of Arizona-Style Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants

The governor of Alabama is taking the weekend to decide whether he will sign an Arizona-style bill into law to crack down on illegal immigrants.

If Gov. Robert Bentley gives his stamp of approval to the controversial legislation, the American Civil Liberties Union has vowed to challenge it in court.

“It’s an outrageous throwback to the pre-civil rights era and we call on Governor Bentley to veto this deeply misguided bill,” Cecillia Wang, director of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, said Friday. “The Alabama Legislature has invited rank discrimination into people’s everyday lives,”

The bill, passed by the Alabama Legislature on Thursday night, makes it a crime for a person to be in the state without a valid federal registration or other proof of legal presence.

Like the Arizona law, the bill allows police in a traffic stop to detain anyone without legal papers if the officers have “reasonable suspicion” that they may be present illegally and research by the officers can’t turn up any records. “Reasonable suspicion” could include acting nervously or having a tag that doesn’t match vehicle registration records, sponsors of the bill said.

It would also be a crime for an illegal immigrant to apply for work. The bill requires all Alabama businesses to use the federal E-Verify system to check the legal status of new employees, although businesses with 25 or fewer employees could get the state Department of Homeland Security to do it for them. A business caught twice for knowingly hiring an illegal immigrant would lose its business license.

The bill also makes it a crime to transport or harbor illegal immigrants and it prevents cities from passing laws to protect illegal immigrants in their cities.

The bill sailed through the Legislature on votes of 67-29 in the House and 25-7 in the Senate.

Support came from Republicans and some white Democrats, while black Democrats led the opposition.

“This is an Arizona bill with an Alabama twist,” said the sponsor, House Republican leader Micky Hammon.

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Border police bait & switch


President Obama is suing Arizona for hav ing its cops identify and round up illegal aliens — even though he’s also deputizing them to do the same thing.

That’s right: Under a little-known federal program called ICE 287(g), the administration has continued to enlist at least eight Arizona state law-enforcement agencies to carry out the procedures at issue in the new Arizona law, which goes into effect July 29.

The program dates to a 1995 law signed by President Bill Clinton, which allows US immigration officials to train local law-enforcement officers and authorize them to ID and detain illegals. After 9/11, the Homeland Security Department entered into official partnership agreements with various police departments, allowing them to search federal databases for illegals.
Napolitano: As governor, OK’d police work on illegals. –
Napolitano: As governor, OK’d police work on illegals.

The program spread across the country, including to Arizona. It now involves 71 state and local police agencies. Indeed, Homeland Security has even conscripted Arizona state troopers to help it enforce federal immigration rules. Obama’s Homeland Security chief, Janet Napolitano, OK’d that agreement and another deal with a second state law-enforcement agency when she was Arizona’s governor.

All told, the feds have deputized 1,100-plus cops in 26 states to round up illegals — including officers in the liberal bastions of New Jersey, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Maryland and Massachusetts.

And the program has continued virtually unabated in the Obama years — despite calls by the ACLU and Hispanic groups to shut it down. The ACLU complains the program promotes an “anti-immigrant agenda” and encourages “racial profiling and civil-rights abuses” — the very same complaints Obama’s been making about the Arizona law.

Which, presumably, is why the president didn’t mention federal 287(g) program in his immigration “reform” speech, in which he scolded Arizona for its “divisive” and “ill-conceived” crackdown on increasingly violent illegal immigrants pouring across the border. “Laws like Arizona’s put huge pressures on local law enforcement to enforce rules that ultimately are unenforceable,” Obama complained.

“Unenforceable”? Hardly. Just since 2006, more than 110,000 illegal immigrants have been ID’d and rounded up for deportation under the extremely successful federal-state partnership, which is finally putting a dent in the backlog of criminal aliens in the United States.

Last year, one out of every five immigration-related arrests in the country was made by local police.

In its lawsuit against Arizona, the administration argues the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction over immigration and border security. Yet it’s farming out that role to state and local police under 287(g).

And Gov. Jan Brewer says she signed the Arizona statute to help enforce federal law, not to supplant it. In fact, the state’s new training video prepping cops for the new crackdown advises them to turn over any illegals they nab to either ICE agents or “the local 287(g)-certified officer.”

Local cops across the country are already directly involved in federal border security — the Obama administration just prefers not to acknowledge it. Its rhetoric and legal filings utterly ignore what it’s doing with its other hand, raising even greater suspicion that its opposition to Arizona’s new law is pure politics designed to energize the Democratic base ahead of November’s elections.

If Arizona’s law usurps federal authority, what about those 71 agreements the feds have made with state and local police under 287(g)? Are they unconstitutional, too?

Perhaps this hypocritical administration should look into suing itself.

Are You an American, or Do You Just Live Here?

By Heather Carlton

Our country has become a country of Americans and other people who just live here. It pains me because I believe that this will change our nation from greatness to mediocrity.

I saw the flag wave as I stood at attention during the playing of our national anthem. It was simply sublime. I could see the tears well up in the eyes of my brother, a twenty-year Army veteran. I could feel the tears in my own eyes. The song pulled at the heartstrings of every member of our family. But not everyone in the crowd felt that way. Not everyone is moved by the ring of freedom.

There are six children in my family, and four of us have served our country. We have uncles who have served, and my grandfathers served. We have a long history of service. There are few citizens in this country who can’t find a military member in their lineage. I say “citizens” because this is where I will clarify my statements.

People in our families have served and served with pride in their hearts. When the anthem plays, they remember loved ones and friends who died for this great country and feel proud to have known them. They remember that freedom is not free.

When I watch the news and I see that more of our soldiers have died on foreign ground, it chills me to the bone. It causes my heart to ache for the families and loved ones who have sacrificed it all for our freedom. It has been said that our country is great because “all gave some and some gave all.” However, our country is not made up that way anymore.

What has happened to our country? We have become a country of entitlement. Liberals tell us we should allow the illegal immigrants to come here because they are just coming to feed their children, that if you were starving, you would come here, too. They say they are not hurting anyone.

I am here to tell you they are hurting someone. They are hurting us. When Ellis Island was receiving immigrants in record numbers, the people who came to this country came because they wanted to be Americans; they kissed the ground and prayed thanks to God for getting them to this great country and allowing them its vast opportunities. They had to endure great evils and hardships to get here, but they did so happily. They learned our language, and they wanted to assimilate into our culture. They loved America and became Americans.

Now, we are receiving record numbers of illegal immigrants. These people who do not respect our country enough to enter the country properly and legally. They do not care that we have laws, and they bring their own culture here. Many of them do not respect our flag; in fact, they burn it and spit on it in public, periodically. These people are not coming here to be a part of our great country. They want us to learn their language, they want our jobs, and they send money back to support their economy. They do not even plan to assimilate. They will take what they can from our country and leave when it is convenient. These people are weakening our country.

So I say to you: There is a difference between the people who live in America and the people who are Americans. If you are an American, then you should be truly outraged at what is being allowed to happen to our country! You should feel angry over how undeserving people are receiving the freedom and rights that you and your loved ones have fought for and died for. You should feel sad because so many people no longer remember that being an American is really about, and they are all right with settling for just living in America.

Ask yourself. Do I deserve to be here? Do I love this great nation which is unlike any other? Or do I simply reside here? Freedom is not free, and it is not an entitlement. Freedom is ours because of people who loved this country and loved the principles of this country so much that they gave everything they had.

Illegal immigration already breaks up communities

By: Gregory Kane

It should go down as one of the most pathetic presidential speeches in American history, but probably won’t.

That would be President Obama’s speech about immigration “reform” he gave at American University recently. During the course of his speech, Obama took aim, once again, at Arizona’s new law that would enable local police officers to do their part in stanching the flow of illegal immigrants into the country.

“These laws have the potential of violating the rights of innocent American citizens and legal residents,” Obama said, according to various news reports, “making them subject to possible stops and questioning because of what they look like or how they sound.”

There goes Obama again, resorting to hysteria, demagoguery and downright lies about Arizona’s law. Nowhere in the Arizona law does it say police are allowed to stop people “because of what they look like or how they sound.”

The law does say the stops have to have probable cause. Obama tried to cover himself by not claiming Arizona’s law will, in fact, do what he said, but that it has “the potential” of doing it.

All laws have the potential of being enforced in a racially or ethnically discriminatory manner. We have to conclude that the head of the executive branch of our national government, responsible for enforcing the nation’s laws, is in fact anti-law enforcement.

Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called Obama’s immigration “reform” speech disappointing, showing what a charitable soul she indeed must be. The speech was egregiously awful, especially this part, as reported on the Web site

“As for critics of ‘amnesty,’ Obama said it’s simply impossible to deport 11 million people. Doing so would disrupt communities and break up families, he said, ‘as many undocumented immigrants have children who are U.S. citizens because they were born here.’ ”

Has the president been living in the same country the rest of us have been living in for the past 20 years? There are American communities that have already been “disrupted” by illegal immigration. Several formerly all-black or predominantly black communities in Los Angeles have been disrupted by the influx of illegal immigrants from south of the border.

In December 2005, a California historian named Roger D. McGrath wrote a piece, “End of the Rainbow,” that appeared on the Web site In his article, McGrath quoted a black Los Angeles auto mechanic named Terry Anderson about the influence illegal immigration has had on formerly black Los Angeles:

“We have schools here that used to be 80 percent to 90 percent black and now, after a period of 10 years, are 80 percent to 90 percent Latino. As this trend spreads, blacks either can move to other neighborhoods or watch their children stuck in schools listening to Spanish all day. Yet nobody speaks up for our children the way pro-immigrant organizations do for immigrant children. As a result, our children are getting the equivalent of half a day of school. Why should our children be deprived?”

Because many Americans, our president among them, clearly don’t understand the intent of the 14th Amendment. Ratified in July of 1868, the amendment was meant to make newly freed slaves citizens and to end the abuse black Americans faced in former Confederate states.

People who come here illegally, have children and then ask for a pass on their illegal acts because their children are American citizens are cynically abusing the 14th Amendment.

Obama passed on his opportunity to urge Americans to close that 14th Amendment loophole, thereby ending such abuse. That’s not statesmanship, but rank cowardice.

Meet Rosalio Munoz – Mexican American Communist

As a leader of the Communist Party USA’s Mexican American Equality Commission, Los Angeles based activist Rosalio Munoz, enjoys a level of political influence that would be envied by most U.S. Congressmen or Senators – if they had the slightest inkling of its extent.

Munoz’s primary job is to ensure that as many Mexican Americans as possible vote Democrat – to ensure that the Republican Party and conservative values in general , are consigned to the “dustbin of history”. It is up to Munoz and his comrades to tilt the balance of power, in the border states particularly, to the point the Republicans become a permanent minority.

Rosalio Muñoz has a long activist history. He was the co-chair of the Chicano Moratorium Against the Vietnam War, a Los Angeles protest march of 20,000 Mexican Americans in August 29, 1970. One year before that , Rosalio Munoz decided that if drafted, he would refuse to go fight in Vietnam. When he received his draft notice in the mail, Munoz, who had been UCLA’s first Chicano Student Body President, started organizing in the Chicano community.

His induction date coincidentally fell on Mexican Independence Day, September 16, 1969. He showed up at the draft board with around 100 activists and supporters. The draft board postponed his induction for a few months, and Munoz continued to fight at every point in the induction process. He refused to cooperate with the board, insisting on speaking in Spanish instead of English and eventually undertook a hunger strike. He did not go to Vietnam.

In recent years Munoz has opposed the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, through his leadership of Latinos for Peace , an affiliate of the communist dominated United for Peace and Justice.

But it is through organizing voters that Munoz has made his biggest impact.

In Rosalio Munoz and his comrade, Arizona based Lorenzo Torrez were entrusted by the Communist Party USA, with swinging the Mexican American vote in the Southern States behind the Democratic Party. From the Peoples Weekly World of March 6, 2004;

TUCSON, Ariz. – Communist Party leaders and activists met here to discuss plans to bring out the broadest possible Mexican American and Latino vote to defeat the ultra right in the November elections and to strengthen the CPUSA’s work among this section of the population. The participants at the meeting, held in the Salt of the Earth Labor College on May 15-16, came chiefly from the Southwest and the West Coast.

Lorenzo Torrez, chair of the Party’s Mexican American Equality Commission, reviewed the Commission’s work in the recent period. He proposed the organizing of a left-center Latino coalition to mobilize the progressive sentiments of U.S. Latinos. Rosalío Muñoz, CPUSA organizer in Southern California, reported on Latinos and the elections. He noted that the presidential race will be decided in key “battleground states.” A number of these, such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, are states where Mexican Americans are concentrated, he said.

Muñoz proposed that the CPUSA put out literature in both Spanish and English explaining what is at stake for Latinos in the upcoming elections.
The 2007 Latino Congreso was designed partly to influence the 2008 election cycle.

Rosalio Munoz and Joelle Fishman of the Communist Party USA Political Action Commission, were two of many communists involved in the Congreso.

In an article written for Communidad by Munoz and Fishman, the comrades quote Congreso opening speaker Antonio Gonzalez, President of the Southwest Voter Registration Project. Gonzales is coincidentally serves on the advisory council of the the Los Angeles based organization, Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday , which is lead by Communist Party USA Mexican American Equality Commission member, Evelina Alarcon;

Some 2000 Latino leaders and activists from throughout the United States came together in Los Angeles October 5-9 to iron out a plan of action and a social justice program of issues for the 2008 elections with the goal of bringing out 10 million Latino voters that can play a decisive role in the presidential and congressional elections.

Latinos can be decisive in determining the presidential electoral in the key battle ground states of “Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada … and congressional elections in twenty states” that can change the political direction of the country said Antonio Gonzalez President of the Southwest Voter Registration project in opening up the 2nd National Latino Congreso convened by 10 national Latino organizations and hundreds of state and local groups from 22 states.

“We are going to mobilize massively to reach record levels of Latino vote” on the key issues of immigration reform, the war, greening cities, health care and climate change declared Gonzalez. While recognizing that “today we don’t have a critical mass to affect that change”, Gonzalez said this can be achieved with “conscious thinking, planning and organizing” leading up to the 2008 elections.” “We have big issues not only as Latinos but as citizens of the world”, he concluded.

In 2008, the Communist Party USA, including Rosalio Munoz, campaigned hard for their “friend” Barack Obama;

In February 2008, Rosalio Munoz wrote on the Communist Party USA PA Editors Blog;

I’m active in East LA Obama activities, outreach to the neighborhoods by phone and shoe leather is mushrooming Obama support, manana is here its time to get out the vote all day Super Tuesday.

Why bother with risky guns and bombs when you can manipulate millions of voters into progressing your Marxist-Leninist agenda?

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