Joe Albero For Mayor Of Salisbury? Publicity Stunt or Serious? What Say You.

What Salisbury Needs…………..

Mr. Ireton is now looking to business owners for help with:

• Allfirst Bank Building, 201 W. Main St.
• 113 W. Main St.
• Hess Building, 205 W. Main St.
• The Powell Building, 218-220 W. Main St.
• White & Leonard Building, 117 &119 W. Main St

It seems a little late, doesn’t it? Will the right thing be done for the wrong reason? That is very possible.

What Salisbury needs is simple. It is what Maryland and America as a whole needs. Simply, we need the ability to live our lives, succeed or fail, we must be allowed the opportunity. Government can steal our money and try to prop some up and destroy others, but we all lose in that type of environment.

Is Mr. Ireton sincere in his quest to ask those who risk everything what they need to succeed? If so, the answer is simple. Mr. Ireton, the City and County Council, the state of Maryland and the Federal government, get out of our way! Get rid of the inventory tax, remove the red tape, and simplify the process.

This is a country based on the abilities, knowledge and the vision of invidividuals, not the force of the government.

More to come………

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Campaigning as usual bad for one businessman

Onetime TEA Party organizer and Wicomico County Council hopeful Chris Lewis is also a business owner. And while he’s not a complete stranger to the political process, recent events surrounding his downtown Salisbury deli have left a sour taste in his mouth.

It started last week when a representative of Andy Harris’s campaign contacted Lewis about stopping by his deli as part of a business tour through Salisbury’s downtown area. Last Monday the stop was called off, only to be re-added to the schedule the next day on one stipulation – Lewis, who supports Andy’s GOP opponent Rob Fisher, would have to take Fisher’s signage down.

“I had no problem with that,” said Chris. But just hours before the scheduled appearance to discuss economic issues with the businessman, Andy’s campaign backed off.

Oddly enough, incumbent Congressman Frank Kratovil had campaigned in downtown Salisbury days before with Mayor Jim Ireton. But Lewis’s deli was skipped as Kratovil was “picking and choosing” which businesses to enter.

That was an attitude Chris didn’t care for too much. “If they win, they’re still supposed to represent you,” he said. “If I want someone to act like a Democrat, I’ll vote for the Democrat.”

Needless to say, the snub by Harris didn’t sit well. There’s “no way I can support (Harris),” said Lewis. His staff “made a bad call” by canceling the appearance and playing politics.

Lewis, who reluctantly registered as a Republican after years of being independent – including a 1998 County Council run as an unaffiliated candidate – in order to facilitate ballot access, is running for one of the two at-large seats on the Wicomico County Council. He’ll need to survive the September 14 primary against two other opponents to advance.

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