Obama makes history

Barack Obama has officially set another record. No, this one is not a spending record. This one is about his approval ratings. The latest Gallup presidential job approval index shows that Obama’s approval rating has finally passed below that of Jimmy Carter’s. This earns Obama the worst approval rating of any president at this stage of his term in modern political history. Way to go Obama. You worked hard for this, and you succeeded! How very proud you must be. But don’t worry, Barry. You’ll still get about 95% of the black vote next year … and the moochers and leaches will stand by as long as you talk about taking money away from the evil high-achievers and give it to them. So … there’s hope. There’s always hope for Democrat. All you have to do is make more and more Americans dependent on the federal government. Come on … why do you think Princess Nancy announced last week that if the takers would put the Democrats back in power they would do for child care what they did for health care. Nanny government.

I wish I could say that Obama’s re-election chances in 2012 are slim, but I just can’t. He is a putrid president, but he’s an awfully good campaigner. Plus, I’m afraid that these poll numbers show an overall frustration with government .. Congress is polling at historic lows as well. This may mean that a lot of folks in the middle simply won’t care, give up and not show up to the polls in November. The ones who will show up and support Obama are those with someone else’s skin in the game – they have government benefits that need protecting and they want these politicians to follow through on their promises to seize more wealth from the evil rich people! This is what will be driving people to the polls to vote for a guy like Obama.

Now get this … this is truly amazing. Obama is running a campaign ad for some website called JoinObama.com. In that ad he says that his reelection is not going to depend on what he does. It will depend on what “you do.” Amazing, isn’t it? Obama telling us that it’s not up to him to do the things that would make Americans want to keep him in office for another four years. It’s up to his supporters to get out there and work for his reelection no matter what.