Is Free Speech Under Attack, or Just Unethical Bloggers?

A federal judge in Oregon has ruled that a Montana woman sued for defamation was not a journalist when she posted online that an Oregon lawyer acted criminally during a bankruptcy case, a decision with implications for bloggers around the country.

Crystal L. Cox, a blogger from Eureka, Mont., was sued for defamation by attorney Kevin Padrick when she posted online that he was a thug and a thief during the handling of bankruptcy proceedings by him and Obsidian Finance Group LLC.

U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez found last week that as a blogger, Cox was not a journalist and cannot claim the protections afforded to mainstream reporters and news outlets.

Although media experts said Wednesday that the ruling would have little effect on the definition of journalism, it casts a shadow on those who work in nontraditional media since it highlights the lack of case law that could protect them and the fact that current state shield laws for journalists are not covering recent developments in online media.

“My advice to bloggers operating in the state of Oregon is lobby to get your shield law improved so bloggers are covered,” said Lucy Dalglish, executive director of The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. “But do not expect the shield law to provide you a defense in a libel case where you want to rely on an anonymous source for that information.”

The judge ruled that Cox was not protected by Oregon’s shield law from having to produce sources, saying even though Cox defines herself as media, she was not affiliated with any mainstream outlet. He added that the shield law does not apply to civil actions for defamation.

Hernandez said Cox was not a journalist because she offered no professional qualifications as a journalist or legitimate news outlet. She had no journalism education, credentials or affiliation with a recognized news outlet, proof of adhering to journalistic standards such as editing or checking her facts, evidence she produced an independent product or evidence she ever tried to get both sides of the story.

Cox said she considered herself a journalist, producing more than 400 blogs over the past five years, with a proprietary technique to get her postings on the top of search engines where they get the most notice.

“What could be more mainstream than the Internet and the top of the search engine?” she said.

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Jason “Crash The Tea Party” Levin Still Blaming “Teabaggers” For Time Square Bomb

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You remember our friend, Jason Levin, right? It was less than a month ago that his attempt to lead a lefty moonbat invasion of the tax day tea parties ended in abject failure, his pathetic site, “Crash the Tea Party” got overrun by conservative trolls, and he was put on administrative leave from his job at a Middle School in Oregon for his bizarre antics.

What could he possibly do to top that, you ask?


He’s now posting at a nutroot site, Election Ink. His post from May 2, before the identity of the Time Square bomber was known, is a sight to behold:

Palins Tea Party Express Movement possibly involved in Times Square SUV bomb ?

UPDATE MAY 03 Suspect currently being questioned by law enforcement.
Anonymous sources have reported that a suspect is currently being questioned in the Bridgeport / New Haven CT area. The suspect is a middle age white male, has a history of strong political views, and considers himself a Sarah Palin Tea Party express activist. An arrest is expected within days.

More pictures to follow.

The Nissan Pathfinder that prompted police to close off parts of New York’s Times Square contained bomb-making materials, the city’s mayor said.

The car was parked on 45th Street, and the block was closed between Seventh and Eighth avenues as a precaution, police said. Times Square lies about four traffic-choked miles north of where terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, then laid waste to it on Sept. 11, 2001.

“There were gas cans and bomb making materials in the car,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters early Sunday morning.

Bloomberg said authorities found propane cylinders, fireworks and timing devices in the car.

Anonymous sources at the scene have reported that the terrorist attack is likely related to the Sarah Palin Tea Party movement. “Much like the 911 attackers, Sarah Palin’s Tea Party movement also has shown a strong dislike of the United States government.” one source reported.


Oh my lord….I shouldn’t laugh. Mayor Bloomberg probably reads his blog.

But if that wasn’t funny enough, he updated later with:

May 4th. A message from Jason Levin concerning this article:

The tea bagging terrorists have been filling my PM box with there usual rantings….NO, I will not retract my story.

I stick by my story as written. The Tea Party is responsible for the Times Square bombing. Perhaps not physically, but there hatred for the current administration gives fuel to the fire. Since they are on the same page as foreign terrorists concerning there hatred of America, they should be treated the same.

I am sure the Tea Party movement is secretly funded by Al Queda and that it is only a matter of time before there Timothy McVay clones attack OUR country.

Feel free to contact me by clicking my user name.


Barbarossa at The Jawa Report notes his contact info is now gone….weeee!

His latest post: Times Square Bomber was victim – appears to have fallen victim to recession

Victim of teabaggers, too, maybe?

Good Grief. Seriously, this guy is the poster boy for the argument that liberalism is a mental disorder.


Hoo-boy…. I am tipped by “the teaparty leader” that this photo was on Jason’s own website before he pulled it:

Do the Jawas know about this?

Hat tip: The Jawa Report

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