Backfire: ABC, CNN, NBC Call for White House to Release Libya Emails

***UPDATE: NBC’s senior White House correspondent joined the chorus Wednesday. On his MSNBC show, “The Daily Rundown,” Chuck Todd looked into the camera and said, “Attention White House: Release all the emails.” The headline has been updated to add NBC.

Assuming they are the ones who leaked to CNN an email written by Ben Rhoades (a Deputy National Security Advisor close to the President), the White House might have been too clever by half Tuesday. An act that was obviously meant to pour water on the Benghazi fire started by an ABC News report, has only ended up being gasoline. Now both CNN and ABC have joined conservative media in calling for the White House to release all the emails surrounding the editing of the CIA talking points.

Friday, in a bombshell report that blew the long-simmering Libya scandal wide open and right into the arms of the mainstream media, ABC’s Jonathan Karl reported that an email written by Rhoades specifically mentioned the State Department’s concerns about the CIA talking points. Here is how Karl transcribed the Rhoades’ email:

We must make sure that the talking points reflect all agency equities, including those of the State Department, and we don’t want to undermine the FBI investigation. We thus will work through the talking points tomorrow morning at the Deputies Committee meeting.

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Christians ‘being rounded up and tortured’ in Libya

Christians living in Libya have been rounded up, beaten and accused of proselytising, in the latest evidence of a militant Islamic movement gripping the country since the revolution.

The men, Egyptian Copts working in Benghazi, were seized by an Islamist militia but handed over to the government. One, named as Ezzat Atallah (44) died at the weekend after allegedly being tortured, his brother, Effat, said.

The authorities have condemned an attack on the community’s priest, but in a sign of their powerlessness in the face of sectarian violence, have taken no further action. After the death of Mr Atallah, four men remain in custody out of 60 detained, while 35 of the remainder have been deported on the grounds of illegal immigration.

Ragaa Nagah, the wife of one of the four incarcerated men, Emad Seddeek, said: “When I visited him he was in a pitiful condition. He was afraid to tell us how he was tortured, but he couldn’t see out of one of his eyes.

“They were standing over him and beating him while they asked him to confess and when they were about to give him an electric shock he said, ‘Don’t do that and I will say anything you want me to say’.”

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CNN links Obama’s disaster in Libya with the terrorist attack in Algeria

Death penalty for holding Bible?

Just possessing a Bible still can be cause for a death penalty in North Korea, so it’s no surprise that the hermit kingdom remains No. 1 on this year’s World Watch List of the world’s most notorious persecutors of Christians, a project assembled by Open Doors USA.

Persecution of believers also increased sharply across Africa, eight out of 10 worst offenders are ruled by Muslim theocracy and Egypt, under the Muslim Brotherhood, actually saw its ranking lowered, but not because of any improvement there. It was because of worsening conditions elsewhere, the report said.

In North Korea, a possible lesser penalty for someone having a Bible would be for the offender, and three generations of his or her family, to be sent to prison camps, where at estimated 50,000 to 70,000 people are held.

Open Doors’ Senior Communications Specialist Paul Estabrook says the reclusive communist dictatorship earned the ranking based on the group’s five criteria for evaluating a country.

“North Korea doesn’t allow Christians any freedom in any of the five spheres used in the process,” Estabrook said.

“We use five spheres, the private, family, community, congregational, and public. … North Korea doesn’t allow Christians any freedom,” Estabrook said.

In addition, the dictatorship maintains a gulag, he noted.

“North Korea is known to have somewhere between 50,000 to 70,000 Christians in forced labor camps. And they’re there for doing nothing except trying to worship the Lord,” Estabrook said.

That aligns with what WND reported in July, that under newly installed leader Kim Jong-un, the enigmatic nation of North Korea still has about 70,000 people in work camps.

Sources confirmed North Korea has eased or lifted a number of restrictions for citizens since Kim Jong-un succeeded his father, Kim Jong-il. Bans have been lifted on Western foods such as pizza and french fries, and restrictions on the number of cell phones have been loosened, for example, according to Ryan Morgan, an analyst with International Christian Concern Asia.

However, whatever secular benefits may have trickled down to residents of the isolated nation, there is no evidence of any improvement in the condition of the persecuted church there, he said.

“We have not heard any reports of improvement for Christians in the country and have no reason to believe anything has changed,” Morgan said. “The regime still has up to 70,000 Christians locked away in virtual concentration camps.”

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Homosexuals Beware: Islamists Kidnap, Threaten to Murder Homosexuals in Libya

As the results of the Arab Spring continue to show themselves in clearer light, Islamists in Libya have kidnapped 12 homosexual men and announced plans to kill them.

The kidnappers are members of the “Private Deterrent Force,” which is believed to be part of the Nawasi militia group.

They kidnapped the men from a private party in Tripoli on Nov. 22nd and have not made clear when they plan to kill them yet. Their actions demonstrate the fact that Sharia has come to Libya, and Islamists are ready to make examples out of those who offend Islamic law.

This episode brings to mind again the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi and the foreign policy failures of the Obama administration. It raises anew the question the Serbian consulate asked just days after Stevens’ murder — why was a homosexual ambassador sent to a country full of militant Islamists this hostile towards homosexuals?

Clinton asked for more security in Benghazi, Obama said no

Last night, it was revealed that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had ordered more security at the U.S. mission in Benghazi before it was attacked where four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens were murdered by Al-Qaeda but President Obama denied the request.

The news broke on TheBlazeTV’s “Wilkow!” hosted by Andrew Wilkow, by best-selling author, Ed Klein who said the legal counsel to Clinton had informed him of this information.

Klein also said that those same sources said that former President Bill Clinton has been “urging” his wife [Hillary] to release official State Department documents that prove she called for additional security at the compound in Libya, which would almost certainly result in President Obama losing the election.

Klein explained that everyone knew what was happening in Benghazi from the CIA to the National Security Agency and that there’s intelligence cables that have not been released.

Wilkow asked, “If everybody knew this including the White House, who would have given the order to go in and save the ambassador?”

Klein, “The President…he should have given the order to use the rapid reaction force…”

Wilkow, “Not Petraeus?”

Klein, “Well it has to come from the president.”

Wilkow also asked Klein about Valerie Jarrett who’s the Senior Advisor to Obama and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, and her role in this cover-up.

Klein said, “We don’t know but we can only assume that every action that the president takes, and he said so, he is on the record saying “I don’t take any actions without passing it by Valerie Jarrett”… so we have to assume that Valerie Jarrett whose also by the way, hooked into the Chicago campaign line…she has a direct line to David Axlerod, was a part of this whole cover-up in the White House.”

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‘Stand Down’ Libya Allegations: ‘Today Officially Is the Day That I No Longer Recognize My Country’

Today’s shocking Libya report has gone viral. The hashtag #StandDown trending on Twitter and tens of thousands of Blaze readers are responding to and sharing the story on Facebook. This morning, radio host Glenn Beck reacted to the new allegations — that numerous requests for assistance were denied during the September 11 attack in Benghazi and that the now-deceased former Navy SEALS were ordered to “stand down.”

Aside from showing his personal horror after learning the new details, he repeatedly asked, “What have we turned into?” and proclaimed: “Today officially is the day that I no longer recognize my country.”

During the segment, the popular radio host also took the time to praise the bravery of Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, the ex-Navy Seals who perished in the attack, noting that they selflessly gave their lives. Beck described the men as “hero Americans” who did “the opposite of what the White House did.”

“Tyrone is a guy who was over in Benghazi. He was not charged to protect the ambassador. He was not charged to protect the CIA safe house. He was over there not doing any of that,” Beck said. “He happened to be in the area and he heard the cries for help. He didn’t call a superior. He didn’t call anybody. He got into his car and he drove to the CIA safe house.”

While visibly moved by the bravery and disturbed over the allegations that Americans were left to fend for themselves in Benghazi, Beck noted that the entire incident is “a game-changer.”

Below, read one of the most powerful portions of Beck’s monologue:

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Obama’s Inaction in Benghazi Cannot Stand – Our Nation Must Come to A Moment of Reckoning

Americans died in Benghazi and our commander in chief did nothing to stop it.

Worse yet, senior U.S. officials were reportedly watching a live drone feed of a jihadist swarm pillaging a diplomatic outpost of the United States. Security officers on the ground in Libya at the annex facility were pleading for backup, and it was denied — three separate times.

We have finally learned the enraging truth of the Benghazi debacle.

President Obama, or one of his most senior and powerful advisors, should have called in the cavalry right away. The opposite calculation was made — “stand down” security officers on the ground were told. We have the most powerful military the world has ever seen, but the White House left it to a handful of brave Americans grossly outnumbered to fight their way out of a massive terrorist ambush.

This deplorable decision was made at the highest level. All Americans must demand to know why. There must be accountability.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said today that the Pentagon didn’t have enough real-time information to respond. But communication with officers on the ground at the annex in Benghazi, and the live drone feed of the attack, provide enough insight to see through this “fog of war” falsehood.

Action was not only possible in Benghazi — it was a steadfast obligation for the commander in chief. Libya is not the interior of Mainland China nor the vast interior of Siberia. It is within striking distance of multiple U.S. air bases. Libya doesn’t have any real air defense and no foreign government needed to be advised of the mission. A rescue party should have been dispatched immediately, with orders to secure all Americans.

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CIA Operators Told to ‘Stand Down’ During Attack & 3 Urgent Requests for Military Back-Up Were Denied

Explosive new allegations surrounding the Benghazi attack emerged this morning, with FOX News’ Jennifer Griffin reporting that sources have confirmed that three urgent requests for military assistance sent from the CIA annex were all denied. Additionally, CIA operators were told to “stand down” rather than respond when shots were heard around 9:40 p.m. on September 11. Following the alleged developments, Charles Woods, father of ex-Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods who was killed in the attack, passionately responded to this new information on Glenn Beck’s radio program (see his comments at the end of the article).

Let’s begin by examining the new-found allegations: Glen Doherty and Woods, the two former Navy SEALS who were among the four Americans inevitably killed, allegedly disobeyed orders from superiors to “stand down” in the wake of the attack. Despite being told by higher-ups not to respond, they purportedly decided to go to the main consulate building to help U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others who were under siege.

While it was previously known that these men arrived on the scene to provide assistance, the alleged “stand down” orders and the repeatedly-denied requests for military assistance are new developments to a story that seems to be continuously unraveling.

When the attack first took form, Doherty and Woods were at a secure CIA annex only one mile away from the chaos unfolding at the compound. After the men heard shots fired, they promptly let the chain of command know about the situation on the ground. However, FOX’s sources claim that they were told to refrain from action. This same mandate was given to the men when they called a second time just one hour later to report that the dangerous situation was still unfolding at the consulate.

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Here’s What Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About Libya

The White House knew—or should have known—an avowed Libyan Jihadist group named Ansar Al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack in Benghazi as it was occurring. Emails released yesterday from the Embassy in Tripoli make that point obvious, and Obama’s refusal to publicly state when he saw these frantic alert messages serves only to solidify suspicions of a cover-up.

It also proved that the White House response to the Benghazi assault involved an obvious incongruity. They were willing to cite in the earliest hours that an obscure youtube video sparked a “spontaneous” protest based on preliminary evidence from the internet. By contrast, the Obama administration didn’t think that similar open-source information merited public mention when a prime suspect—Ansar al-Sharia–announced it was involved in overrunning and burning out a U.S. Consulate.

Many in the media chalk up the bungled response to panic, while others recognize the obvious politics at work. Recent revelations have proven both of those claims true, but less discussed is why the administration sought to control and distort the narrative at the expense of their own credibility. By attempting to distort and deflect, the Obama administration merely delayed America’s inevitable reckoning that something rotten was afoot in our Libyan intervention.

Of course this all reeks of electoral calculation. This administration has lied to the American people, and it’s an outrage. But it also brings up a broader question that goes to the heart of U.S. policy in the aftermath of the Arab Spring:

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