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Tired of federal mandates on issues such as health care? Concerned about the nation’s future with an aggressive White House agenda to ban guns? Worried about the constant rampant spending on phantom projects? Just plain tired of Barack Obama’s idea of America?

There’s a conference coming – studded with high-profile speakers such as Monica Crowley, John O’Sullivan, Phyllis Schlafly and Marshall Teague – that’s just for you. It will teach you how to engage in the political and social battles, and organizers say it will teach you to come out the victor.

Hosted by the Constitution Coalition, events at the Educational Policy Conference are scheduled Jan. 24-26 at the Hilton in St. Louis, and organizer Donna Hearne told WND the issue isn’t complicated, and those who are familiar with America’s founders, founding documents and history already know all about it.

It’s that America as a nation was set up and intended for a “moral people.”

But now, she said, “America is facing a poverty of information on our founding principles, so severe that it threatens the future of freedom.”

General information about the conference is on the website, but for attendance plans, please call 636-386-1789.

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Sen. Marco Rubio delivered a stinging indictment of Barack Obama Thursday night, declaring that he’s not a bad person, just a bad president.

Addressing the Republican Nation Convention on its final night just before Mitt Romney accepted the party’s nomination for president, Rubio said the past few years under Obama have driven America backward, not forward, and that “hope and change” have become “divide and conquer.”

“Our problem is not that he’s a bad person, our problem is that he’s a bad president,” Rubio said. “His new slogan for his campaign is ‘forward.’ Forward? A government that spends $1 trillion more than it takes in? An $800 billion stimulus that created more debt than jobs? A government intervention into health care paid for with higher taxes and cuts to Medicare. Scores of new rules and regulations.”

“These ideas don‘t move us ’forward,’” Rubio said. “These ideas move us backwards.”

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Even though he’s not running for the presidency and may not even be eligible for it, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida will someday hold the highest office in the land, according to talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

The top-rated political analyst made the prediction this afternoon while making a point about sticking to candidates with conservative purity instead of promoting moderate Republicans.

“You want conservative purity,” said Limbaugh, “I’ll give it to you: Marco Rubio, who is someday going to be president of the United States.”

He made the statement as part of an in-depth discussion on whether conservatives should remain faithful to their values, or become more moderate.

He cited Rubio, an unabashed conservative, who defeated former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, often described as a moderate, in the race for U.S. Senate.

Though Rubio is not a candidate for president, he has often been mentioned as a prime choice to be a vice-presidential running mate for whomever wins the GOP nomination.

But as WND has reported, Rubio’s eligibility remains in question, as the Constitution specifies a president must be a “natural-born citizen,” a requirement that has plagued President Obama since his ascension.

Although Rubio was born in Miami, Fla., on May 28, 1971, his Cuban-born parents were not U.S. citizens until they became naturalized Americans on Nov. 5, 1975. There are many who believe that a natural-born citizen means being the child of parents who are both U.S. citizens.

When asked specifically if Rubio considered himself to be a natural-born citizen, the senator’s spokesman Alex Burgos told WND, “Yes.”

Besides Rubio, Limbaugh today also pointed to other recent conservative success compared to moderate Republicans.

“How about Rand Paul vs. the Republican moderate (Trey Grayson) there in Kentucky?” Limbaugh asked. “Rand Paul. That’s a little conservative purity there and it won.”

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You are going to want to hear this

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Rubio: “This Debate Will Continue”

Posted: August 3, 2011 by AKA John Galt in Economy

On “Fox News Sunday,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol reiterated his support for a Paul Ryan–Marco Rubio presidential dream ticket.

“I think it should be Ryan-Rubio, but if Paul Ryan is a little hesitant to seize the moment, I think Marco Rubio has to do it and make Paul Ryan his vice president,” Kristol said. “But Ryan–Rubio or Rubio–Ryan would be a very strong ticket. These are two pretty spectacular speeches given on the floor of the House Thursday night, then on the floor of the Senate by Rubio yesterday.” (Marco Rubio: ‘Why we must save Medicare’)

While such a ticket between the House Budget chairman and the freshman Florida senator seems unlikely at this stage in the electoral game, Kristol explained how the drama over raising the debt ceiling has made the ticket more plausible.

“Yes, because the presidential candidates — Michele Bachmann is against any deal, Jon Huntsman’s for any deal,” he said. “The rest of them have been ducking or as we say in the Obama era, ‘Leading from behind.’ I think Republican primary voters would welcome a Ryan–Rubio ticket.”

Later in the show’s online segment, Kristol continued to make his case for the Ryan–Rubio ticket by citing recent history.

“A freshman senator named Barack Obama, if I recall, ran against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment in 2007–2008,” Kristol said. “He did pretty well and Paul Ryan has been in Congress a lot longer than Barack Obama. And Marco Rubio has about the same amount of experience as a whole as Barack Obama. He was speaker of the Florida House. I think Ryan–Rubio would be a terrific young Republican ticket, a little bit of a change from the Bushes and the Doles.”