League of the South

At its founding meeting in June 1994, The League of the South adopted the following Statement of Purpose:

We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable means.”

Our Core Beliefs Statement is a more detailed explanation of our views on the four areas set forth above—the cultural, social, economic and political.

I. Cultural Independence

The League of the South believes that Southern culture is distinct from, and in opposition to, the corrupt mainstream American culture. Therefore, we stand for our own sublime cultural inheritance and seek to separate ourselves from the cultural rot that is American culture. We believe that

The South still reveres the tenets of our historic Christian faith and acknowledges its supremacy over man-made laws and opinions; that our Christian faith provides the surest means of securing the welfare of all mankind; and that our primary allegiance is to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

Our strongest and most enduring earthly affections and allegiances are to those people and places closest to us—family, friends, neighbors, villages, towns, cities, counties, and States. Conversely, our weakest attachments are to far-off abstractions such as “the nation,” “the environment,” or the “global community.”

Southern artists, writers, poets, musicians, and playwrights have produced world-class works of art and literature. Such endeavors must be nurtured and preserved for future generations of Southerners.

Southerners are a people bound closely to the land. It is more than just a resource for production; it is who we are. It defines both our character and world view.

Southerners have respect for human life, in all its stages, as a gift from God. Life should be preserved, nurtured, and protected.

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