Supreme irony for Obamas at Oscars

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh says there was supreme irony and a possible “conspiracy” in having first lady Michelle Obama present the award for best picture Sunday night at the 85th annual Academy Awards.

“There was some real irony last night that zipped by and blew by a lot of people,” Limbaugh noted, saying it was the first time in a decade he had watched the entire broadcast from start to finish.

“The best picture award last night went to a movie named ‘Argo,’ which was about what? The rescue of embassy personnel under attack in Iran. The wife of the commander in chief who failed to rescue four Americans at an embassy/consulate in Benghazi presented it, and talked about how important it was, and how necessary it is and how great it was and all that.

“This administration FAILED in rescuing Americans under attack, and the wife of the president who failed presented the Oscar to the movie who won the best picture award about a successful rescue of embassy personnel from Iran in 1979, thereby maybe claiming credit.”

“I can’t get over it,” he continued.

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“For First Time in My Life, I’m Ashamed of My Country” Are you?

Obamas Hijack the Oscars

Conservative movie lovers didn’t suffer any serious Red State taunts during the just-wrapped Academy Awards telecast. Michael Moore wasn’t on hand to bash the GOP, and show host Seth MacFarlane trained his immature wit on George Clooney, breast-baring actresses and the show’s ridiculous length.

And then it came time to announce the Best Picture winner, and Jack Nicholson stepped on stage to do the honors. Only Nicholson, and the show’s organizers, had something else in mind.

Enter Michelle Obama.

The First Lady appeared via satellite to not only announce the night’s biggest prize but gave a speech extolling the virtues of the films in play. It was an unprecedented cultural power grab by the Obamas, almost daring conservative viewers to adore her as much as progressives already do.

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Attack of the 50 ft Woman Marxist

Barack and Michelle Getting Divorced……………

Donald Trump’s “very big” announcement about President Barack Obama may involve never-before-seen divorce papers of the president and his wife Michelle Obama, according to Douglas Kass, a respected investor and financial pundit with ties to Trump.

Kass alleges the real estate tycoon “will claim the documents show the First Lady and the President were at one point in their two decades of marriage seriously considering splitting up,” The Daily Mail reports.

What information may actually be included in the divorce papers that may or may not exist, such as reason for divorce, is a mystery.

Trump began teasing the major announcement via his official Twitter account on Monday, posting “Stay tuned for my big Obama announcement.” He followed that tweet up with another telling his followers to “…just wait and see!”

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Have You Seen the 2004 Michelle Obama Letter Endorsing Partial-Birth Abortion?

Here is the letter:

American Children to Michelle Obama and the Food Police: ‘We Are Hungry!’

New lunch guidelines passed in 2010 as part of Michelle Obama’s health initiative (the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act) limit the amount of calories school lunches can provide.
The number, 850, is forcing many to go hungry, as the restrictions don’t account for active vs. inactive students or boys vs. girls.
One group of teens (with the help of teachers) in Kansas created a video mocking the restrictions called “We Are Hungry” and it’s gone viral.
Some Republican lawmakers are trying to get the calorie limits repealed.

On Monday night, several stories popped up regarding students revolting against Michelle Obama’s new “healthy” school lunch mandates that restrict the amount of calories schools can serve. And while there are plenty of facts, information, and even interviews, nothing captures the heart of the story as much as a viral video made by a small group of high school kids mocking the program. So who are these kids and what sparked the video? We went digging and found out.


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Nation’s children push back against Michelle Obama-backed school lunch regs

Children and parents across the country are fed up with the restrictive new school meal regulations implemented by the Department of Agriculture under the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,” which has long been touted by first lady Michelle Obama.

The standards — which cap meal calories at 650 for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, at 700 calories for middle school students and 850 for high school students — also dictate the number of breads, proteins, vegetables and fruits children are allowed per meal.

A spokeswoman for Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, who earlier this month introduced legislation to roll back the new standards, told The Daily Caller that King’s office has heard more complaints about the issue during the past few weeks than any other.

“This year, we’ll be hungry by 2:00,” one student, Zach Eck, told KAKETV in Kansas. “We would eat our pencils at school if they had nutritional value.”

Iowa mom Robin Wissink told TheDC that she now provides her autistic daughter Molly, a junior in high school, with a bag lunch because her school’s new menu is so unappealing. Students at St. Mark’s in Colwich, Kan. have also been “brown bagging” their meals.

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Virginia Elementary School Rejects Michelle Obama Request To Speak

A Chesterfield County elementary school in Virginia rejected First Lady Michelle Obama’s request to speak on Thursday, citing school policy.

Tim Bullis, the school division’s community relations director, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that School Board policy 6100 prohibits “the use of school facilities during the school day for political purposes.”

Jim Holland, the only Democrat on the school board, said the school board’s denial would be appropriate if the Obama campaign’s request was for a political event, but the board could have allowed Michelle Obama to speak if the request had been for an event designated as “non-political” or “official.”

The Obama campaign said “any time the campaign looks at venues for events, we consider a range of options” and “the school was only one of several options being considered in the greater Richmond area …”

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