Contract for the American Dream

Before I can tell you about way way out in left field liberal website and their “Contract for the American Dream”, we must first address the concept of the American Dream. My how THAT has changed! For generations, the American Dream has been rooted in the concepts of freedom, self reliance and liberty … the idea that through hard work and good decision making we could achieve a better life for ourselves as compared to the generations before us. Not only that, but we could set the stage for our children to enjoy a better life than we. The American Dream has always been based on the freedom to pursue your dreams and the enabler for the American Dream has always been our Constitution, the rule of law, and economic liberty. Our free enterprise system lifted more people out of poverty than any other system this earth has ever known. Government exists to protect your rights and to prevent other people from interfering with your pursuit these dreams, free of harm.

The American Dream is different for every person in this country. For some it is to own a home. For some it is to have a successful business. Whatever that Dream it is to be achieved through your own personal perseverance, drive, determination and responsibility. It’s not anybody else’s job to deliver your American Dream to your doorstep, and that includes the government. The American government is not in the business of achieving your American Dream. The American government is in the business of protecting the freedom of its citizens to pursue their dreams.

Unfortunately that is not the definition that all Americans are using nowadays, particularly the progs and the libs. Somehow, through generations of liberal-directed education in government schools, the definition of this dream has changed. Somewhere along the way, government became the provider of the American Dream, not the enabler. Liberals have managed to convince the American people that it is the role of the government to make them successful. The fundamental flaw in liberal logic is that it fails to believe in the power of the individual and puts its faith in the power of the collective – in this case, government.

So now that we understand the differences in my definition of the American Dream versus the prog definition … let’s talk about this “Contract for the American Dream” That has shown up on the Internet. Thus far there are about 150,000 people who have “signed” the online petition to put this contract into force.

This contract includes 10 critical steps to getting our economy back on track. Without further ado, these steps are as follows:

1. Invest in America’s Infrastructure
2. Create 21st Century Energy Jobs
3. Invest in Public Education
4. Offer Medicare for All
5. Make Work Pay
6. Secure Social Security
7. Return to Fairer Tax Rates
8. End the Wars and Invest at Home
9. Tax Wall Street Speculation
10. Strengthen Democracy

How many of these “critical steps” involve empowering individuals or securing our freedoms? Not one. How many of these steps involve empowering government, promoting government spending schemes, encouraging government dependency and growing the size of government? Pretty much every one. It is clear the Progs consider the American Dream to be MORE government with HIGHER taxes and LESS freedom. Is this what you think America should be?

But wait! There’s more! To really understand this leftist dream for America, all you have to do is scroll down the website a bit to see who the sponsors are. Here’s a partial list:

We have, Demos, Color of, Center on Wisconsin Strategy,, Daily Kos, AFSCME, CWA, Progressive, the FairShare alliance, Peace Action, Code Pink, People for the American Way, Democracy for America — yup, pretty much the spectrum of anti-Capitalist, pro-Government organizations. Just what you might expect.

And don’t even get me started on this “fairer tax rates” argument. More specifically, this means an end to the Bush tax cuts and the creation of two new tax brackets – a 45% rate for millionaires and a 49% tax rate for billionaires. Let me put this into perspective for you. Only 0.2% of households in America have incomes of a million dollars or more (about 200,000). And there are a lot more of those who earn closer to $1 million than $1 billion. But if we just wanted to shore up our deficit for one year – that doesn’t include any increase in spending like this prog plan has called for, but just close the deficit gap for this year – you would have to increase taxes on each of these millionaires and billionaires by $6 million each. That’s on top of what they already pay!

And what’s with this idea that strengthening our Democracy will somehow lead our economy out of the trenches? Don’t these people know that Democracy was once a dirty word … not to mention the fact that the United States is not a democracy? The only reason these Progs push democracy on the dumb masses it strengthens government. How so? If the dumb masses can be convinced that, since we are a democracy, the government should be able to do whatever the political class convinces the majority of Americans it should do … then we have stronger politicians and weaker protections for our rights. Simple as that.

Riots in London

These riots in London have taken on a socio-economic bent, pinning the achievers in Great Britain against the moochers. The more we hear from these people who are rioting, the more we realize that many are using this as an excuse to act out and show those evil rich people that “we can do what we want.” Yeah, those evil rich people .. it’s all their fault that our government benefits are being cut! This is our way of showing that “we’re redistributing the wealth.” Interesting that they would blame the rich people for their benefits being cut, because without the taxes paid by rich people, there wouldn’t be any money for their precious government benefits.

Usually in this case, I would ask one simple question of these moochers who are blaming their problems on rich people: If, by chance, you were to decide to become employed, would you go try to get a job from a poor person? But we have this “if you were to decide to become employed” problem here. The argument can be made that Great Britain has become such a cesspool of welfare moochers that its citizens are no longer concerned with actually earning a living. They are owed a living by the government. These rioters are acting with little concern as to how their actions affect their fellow citizens who are trying to make it: the bus boys at the restaurants that they are vandalizing, the cashiers at the groceries they are stealing from, the local business owners whose livelihoods they are sending up in smoke. These people are trying to earn a living and are currently unable to do so because of the selfish and criminal actions of these rioting moochers. This is what happens when a society becomes reliant on a government for its survival … take a look at this insight from Brendan O’Neill on the welfare state of Great Britain:

What we have on the streets of London and elsewhere are welfare-state mobs. The youth who are shattering their own communities represent a generation that has been suckled by the state more than any generation before it. They live in urban territories where the sharp-elbowed intrusion of the welfare state during the past 30 years has pushed aside older ideals of self-reliance and community spirit. The march of the welfare state into every aspect of urban, less well-off people’s existences, from their financial wellbeing to their child-rearing habits and even into their emotional lives, with the rise of therapeutic welfarism designed to ensure that the poor remain “mentally fit”, has undermined individual resourcefulness and social bonding. The antisocial youthful rioters are the end-product of this antisocial system of state intervention.

As Thomas Sowell says in his latest collection of random thoughts: “Today, the welfare state shields people from the consequences of their own mistakes, allowing irresponsibility to continue and to flourish among ever wider circles of people.”

More for the Moochers

For those of you who are clamoring for smaller government, this statistic isn’t going to sit well with you. For those of you who are concerned that we will never again see the days of a society based on self reliance, this statistic isn’t going to sit well with you. For those of you who are worried about our spending levels, this statistic isn’t going to sit well with you. Here’s how large and inefficient our government has become, benefiting only the moochers of society …

There are 77 federal programs that provide benefits specifically to poor and low-income Americans.

How many different “benefits” can we provide for the “poor” in America? Housing subsidies, heating subsidies, food stamps, healthcare .. where does it end? The fact is that it is not going to end; it is only going to grow larger and consume us. This, from the Republican Study Committee.

… combined state and federal welfare spending has almost doubled since 1996. Since President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty in 1964, Americans have spent around $16 trillion on means-tested welfare. We will spend another $10 trillion over the next decade based on recent projections.

What do we have to show for this spending? “Even with all these resources devoted to assistance for the poor, poverty is higher today than it was in the 1970s.” Beyond the poor, poor pitiful poor .. entitlement spending will cripple us. No, I’m not being dramatic, I’m being realistic. After reading the following statistic, you should be marching on Washington with pitchforks, demanding that our politicians do something about entitlement spending. If they know that your vote depends on their cuts to entitlement spending rather than their continued efforts to maintain the status quo, then you may be able to get somewhere. But you are going to have to demand it. So here we go with some facts from the Cato Institute..

The vast majority of future debt is driven neither by defense nor discretionary programs but by so-called entitlement programs, three in particular: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. In fact, by 2050, those three programs alone are expected to consume every penny that the federal government raises in taxes. That means that everything else that the government does, from domestic programs to national defense, including paying interest on the federal debt, will have to be paid for through still more debt, or else government will have to raise taxes to astronomical levels. As the full burden of entitlement programs kicks in, the federal government will consume more than 40 percent of GDP by the middle of the century. Again, half of that will be for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

How old will your children be in 2050? If you are nurturing an infant right now, that child will be 39 years old … the prime of life … in 2050. Think about that. Do you want your children to grow up to be productive members of society? Do you think that they will want every last penny of their taxes going toward the funding of the moocher society?

Lawlessness In America: Unions Go Beserk

The Green Bay Press Gazette:

Hundreds of off-duty police officers and deputies joined protests today against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill that would strip most collective bargaining powers from about 170,000 public employees.

Police, state troopers and firefighters are exempt from Walker’s proposal, but even as some marched on the downtown Capitol Square, hundreds of other officers from around the state provided security.

They came equipped with riot gear, including helmets and batons, they said, but didn’t expect trouble.

The Understory blog posts this:

From inside the Wisconsin State Capitol, RAN ally Ryan Harvey reports:

“Hundreds of cops have just marched into the Wisconsin state capitol building to protest the anti-Union bill, to massive applause. They now join up to 600 people who are inside.”

Ryan reported on his Facebook page earlier today:

“Police have just announced to the crowds inside the occupied State Capitol of Wisconsin: ‘We have been ordered by the legislature to kick you all out at 4:00 today. But we know what’s right from wrong. We will not be kicking anyone out, in fact, we will be sleeping here with you!’ Unreal.”

More from the Press Gazette:

Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Cpl. Matt Spence and Deputy Todd Traas stood guard on the Capitol’s northwest side directing pedestrians toward entrances to the building.

“We left at 3 a.m. on Thursday and have been (in Madison) ever since,” Traas said. Five Sheboygan County deputies were on duty Saturday.

They came equipped with riot gear, including helmets and batons, they said, but didn’t expect trouble.

“It’s been great,” Spence said.

Richard Daley, 62, of Green Bay, who retired from the Madison Police Department after 20 years on the force, came back to Madison on Saturday “supporting the fact that we all see this as union busting and wage suppression. This is a long-term, downward spiral of wages for working families.”

Wausau police Detective Cord Buckner, 42, stoically stood in the cold with an American flag wrapped around his face and holding a “Cops for Labor” sign as thousands of demonstrators marched around the Capitol.

“I‘m here to support all the unions’ rights,” he said. Saturday was his fourth day demonstrating in Madison since protests began, even though members of his union, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, won‘t be affected directly by Walker’s bill.

“The aggregate effect on public employees will affect police unions eventually,” he said.

More from the Union Terrorists:

Collective Bargaining is Not a Right!

While citizens of Libya are being robbed of their “human rights” by being murdered by a ruthless dictator, our own labor unions and their allies in America are crying for their “human rights.” Take this Muslim Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison. In an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell he says that he is proud of his progressive caucus in the House because they are fighting for workers’ rights … after all, “Workers rights are human rights.”

I’m sorry, but taking away a union’s ability to collectively bargain hardly seems to be stripping Americans of their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. There is no human right to collective bargaining with your employer. It could be argued that you have a natural right to bargain individually with an employer .. but no right to team up with others for that purpose unless it is done by mutual agreement. And there’s the key.

It’s an agreement … a contract … and all of the parties have to be a part of it. You don’t have a human right to force mob rule on anyone. These thoughts, however, are a bit advanced for the typical liberal mind.

A Moocher Society

We are well on our way to becoming a majority moocher society. That is a society where the majority of people rely in some form on the government to survive. On the other side remains the shrinking pool of producers who will continue to be looted in order to support the moochers and their addictive government habit. If you are a producer, these numbers will be particularly hard for you to stomach:

In 2011, we will pay out $385 billion in food stamps, $365 billion for the federal portion of Medicaid (with an almost equal amount due from the states), $200 billion in unemployment benefits and over $100 billion in aid to education. The total cost of these payments will exceed $1 trillion, but the cost of administering these programs will add approximately $300 billion in expenditures to the federal budget.

The trend is only getting larger – the moochers are multiplying while the producers are dwindling, thanks to our asinine government that seeks to punish wealth and success.


It’s not that we have become a nation of moochers; it’s that the moochers have realized the power of the ballot box .. that their ability to plunder the pockets of the producers can be achieved by one touch on a touch screen. While there may not be an official moocher union, they have collectively collaborated, socialized and maintained mediocrity for years in their government schools. By the time they leave, they are educated enough to know that their classmates will only aspire to do as much as they need in order to get by. This collective understanding permeates throughout their adult lives, throughout communities and throughout their families. With this multiplier effect, they take comfort in knowing that they won’t be challenged. They take comfort in the fact that if they fail, there will be no real consequences .. the government will be there to support them until they can earn just enough to be average again. But just in case, they will make sure to vote for whomever promises them that safety net – the looters. These are the politicians who build their careers around the demonization of wealth, success and hard-work. These politicians legitimize the moocher existence. And the cycle continues, from generation to generation, exponentially growing worse over time. At this point, any odd-balls in the moocher union factories (government schools) are stifled by the sheer force of a tidal wave of mediocrity – their classmates who, day-in-and-day-out, make it nearly impossible to stand out without suffering severe social scorn. There comes a point where most are beaten into submission by their peers, by their educators, by society and by their parents. Hypnotized in unison they all proclaim: There is no need to stand on your own two feet when government provides you with a chair .. paid for by someone else. The current political class may succeed in accomplishing the final push to stamp out these survivors, allowing for this tidal wave of mediocrity to surge on full-force, unhindered by the few who dared to be better.