Muir Boda Files For Wicomico County Council At Large

Thank you so much for taking to the time to visit and learn more about why I wish to serve you on the Wicomico County Council.

The obvious questions you may have is why am I running and what do I have to offer?

To answer the first, I love Wicomico County and I am pleased to say we are one of the 100 Best Communities in the Country in which to live. We have so much to offer people who are looking for a great place to live, work, worship, learn and play. My purpose and my goal in running for County Council is to ensure that we remain one of the 100 Best Communities.

As I see it, there are several key issues we need to address to not only keep that status, but improve our standing among our 100 peers.

Today I am putting forth the Wicomico Initiative, a five point plan to take our County and Region to the next level. These five issues are key to addressing many of the problems that threaten our way of life and I am committed to working with all municipalities, Law Enforcement, the business community, our educational system, civic groups and those elected with me to County offices to strategically implement the Wicomico Initiative.

The five key actions we need to focus on are Reducing Crime, enhancing our Educational Opportunities, refining and developing our economy, Defending our Revenue Cap and Protecting our Property Rights. Though there are more issues that will need to be addressed throughout this campaign, these issues are key in setting the foundation on which I stand.

I certainly understand that I alone cannot implement policy direction and legislation. It will take the Council as a whole in cooperation with the County Executive and all public servants in Wicomico County and its municipalities to do what is right for our people, our neighborhoods, and our County. It requires us to put aside political differences and egos, for those are the greatest impediments to positive progress. Join me and send a message to our leaders to stand with us in protecting our way of life.

If you would like more information on my campaign please Visit our website at

Muir Boda
At-Large Candidate for Wicomico County Council

A liberty forum for two

This was probably a pretty short forum if just two candidates were featured, but if you didn’t have the opportunity to find out what two of the First District Congressional candidates had to say at a recent forum sponsored by the Free State Patriots. Featured were Libertarian candidate Muir Boda and write-in aspirant Michael Calpino.

I’m glad to give these guys a little bit of exposure, but the obvious question remains: where were Andy Harris and Wendy Rosen? Were they invited? Since the forum occurred in June (the videos were released earlier this week) I’m led to assume neither showed up.

Read more and see the two videos here.

The austerity plan

I’ve been rolling this one in my head for a couple days, and I’ve become convinced of something. Austerity is a dirty word in this country.

This is America, for gosh sakes, and we are entitled to the best of everything, aren’t we? What is this stuff about doing without? That seems to be the response on the lips of millions of Americans, with perhaps the better way of putting it being that we should cut the fat out of government – of course, anything benefiting these Americans isn’t considered fat.

So into the middle of this attitude the local Libertarian Congressional candidate drops a big, fat helping of talk about cutting back. Perhaps the money paragraph in his treatise is this one:

The culture of dependency has nearly destroyed the soul of our country. The welfare state is wrought with fraud and failure. It has deprived generations of their dignity and few ever break out of the cycle. They have become enslaved by dependency and are trapped under the giant footprint of government.

Of course you know Muir Boda is right, but you also know his hopes of being elected on a Libertarian ticket lie someplace between those of being struck by lightning and winning the Powerball lottery. So the idea for Libertarians isn’t necessarily winning elections, but rather to pull the political center in their direction. In that respect they’re acting like the TEA Party to the Republicans and the Occupy movement to the Democrats, borrowing something from both.

And this message is actually at home in the Republican Party; unfortunately too many GOP members of Congress have the same attitude I expressed above. (The incumbent Boda is running against is better than most at resisting this.) They talk in platitudes about reducing government but when it comes to some favored constituency that buck just keeps right on going. One case in point: the farm bill under consideration, which instills yet another program to privatize profits and socialize losses through the “shallow loss” portion of the bill which provides a guaranteed income floor to qualifying farmers. Simply put, it’s not the government’s job to do this and I defy anyone to tell me where this is authorized under the Constitution. It sounds more like something President Obama would write up in an Executive Order.

Read more here.

Muir Boda For Congress

Welcome and thank you for visiting our Campaign website.

A long shot, yes. However, our purpose for standing up and running for congress is quite simple: The message of Individual Liberty and Freedom and restoring our Nation’s Honor must be a viable choice for voters. We offer that.

We don’t anticipate raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and having entrenched political machines robo-calling and printing out wasteful mailers to voters which represent half truths and empty promises. We actually believe that is part of the problem with modern politics in America.

Many people are still looking to Washington and the two major political parties to solve all of our problems, actually problems they have created. They have nearly bankrupt our national wealth by devaluing our currency, spending astronomical amounts of money on wars, nation building and a myriad wasteful programs through a budget process that is broken. All of this set up on on a tax and regulatory system that is oppressive and has destroyed job creation in our country by forcing businesses overseas.

We can continue to elect people from the two major parties who disregard our Constitution by creating laws and giving our government powers not authorized by the Constitution. We can continue trusting the the same group of people to fix our issues of debt and oppression that created the problems. We can continue electing people who have allowed money and special interest to control their decisions and attack good people all for political expediency.

We can continue down this path and our country will continue in the direction that it is currently on which will lead to an economic collapse that will make the great depression look like a drop in the bucket.

Or we can truly change direction and elect people who respect the constitution and believe that decentralizing the power of Washington is of utmost importance. Individual Liberty and Personal Freedom must be a priority. Eliminating oppressive tax codes, laws and regulation to bring back an economic boom unlike any this country has seen.

We stand at a pivotal moment in our Nation’s history and the choice of electing the Establishment candidates seems like a safe choice. However, the Establishment politicians have brought us to this moment. I can assure you, we are not the Establishment candidate and our goal is to dismantle the monstrosity that the Establishment has created.

Read more here.

The Misunderstanding of opposing Subsidizing Extreme Home Makeover

I think many people misunderstand why there is opposition from many of us who oppose Wicomico County subsidizing the project by Extreme Home Makeover by waving fees, paying overtime to law enforcement and other expenses of the project they requested for no cost by local businesses. I think baseless arguments and finger pointing at the Tea Party and those who oppose Obama has nothing to do with this issue. Saying we are not “Christian” or are heartless because we do not wish our tax dollars to be used in this manner, again are baseless statements and comments and hold no merit.

First, Extreme Home Makeover is a for profit business. They sell advertising to fund their production and to pay their talent. What they do, I think is a great concept and it has been a very successful show which has led to the indirect success of HGTV.

I also wish to commend all of the people who donated their time by helping uplift that neighborhood, San Domingo. I do believe this created a sense of volunteerism and tapped into one the greatest assets we have here on the Eastern Shore and that is our willingness to step up to the plate and serve our neighbors and friends when they need it. We saw this with the search for Sarah Foxwell and the outpouring of love to the family of Alice Davis.

The heart of the matter is waving the fees associated with permits and inspections, the waiver of tipping fees and paying law enforcement to work traffic and crowd control around the project. Some say it is worth the price to help the family in need and many on the County Council and in the County Government were quick to waive the fees and get things approved as quickly as possible. Government officials were very quick to cut through red tape so that the project could get underway.

Yet this is the same County Government that has cut its budget the past couple of years because of decreased revenues. Our board of education is talking of making drastic cuts and changes in our schools because of budget shortfalls. This affects all of our children and families.

This is the hypocrisy many of us are seeing from our elected officials. They nickel and dime everything and then when Hollywood comes calling, they say, “It’s whatever you need.”

Many have no objection to our tax dollars being used this way because “it’s for a good cause.” They point the finger at many of us who oppose this for not being “Christian” and being heartless. I take exception to that. The Christian thing would have been for all the Churches in the area to help with love offerings to help cover the fees and costs associated with this, not force taxpayers to burden the cost. I did not vote for my elected officials to use my tax dollars or waive fees in this manner.

Charity should be given freely and managed by organizations who do charitable work. For profit businesses should all be treated the same whether they are businesses that provide jobs and sell products or businesses that come into to do “charitable work” but are still businesses for profit.

If someone wants to donate their time, energy and money, I encourage and applaud those people because it is their money that they earned. Tax dollars are everyone’s money and should be used for the basic operations of our government not to grant special favors for pet projects no matter how noble.

Muir Boda
Vice-Chair Maryland Libertarian Party

Muir Boda’s Letter to the Salisbury City Council

As a citizen of the City of Salisbury and one who has been actively involved in city politics for the past couple of years, I have grave concerns over the process with which the City Council handled the budget process this year. I do feel some good things came out of the budget, such as removing furlough days for Police Officers and reducing the number of furlough days for the remaining city employees.

My concern is solely on the process and what appears to be a lack of negotiation and communication between the Office of the Mayor and the City Council. I have an even greater concern with the fact that the Council did not schedule a work session between the public hearing and the vote on the budget that included their amendments. Many ideas and suggestions were brought forth in the hearing and should have been discussed and considered before final passage.

I am also concerned that the Council was so quick to schedule an emergency session to override the Mayor’s veto. This was not an emergency; June 30th would have been considered an emergency, not June 8th. There still would have been plenty of time to for the Council to reach out to the Mayor to work on getting the budget to where all could have agreed.

This is very disappointing and their actions as a council are in contrast to what some on the council campaigned against and have complained about concerning past councils.

Muir Boda

It May be Time to Leave Salisbury, Maryland

Cohen, Mitchell, Spies elected to City Council

Unofficial results from the Wicomico County Board of Elections show Councilwoman Terry Cohen, Laura Mitchell and Tim Spies as winners of the District 2 City Council election.

Mitchell was the top vote-getter with 796 votes, followed by Cohen with 783 and Spies with 741.

Muir Boda received 673 votes, while Orvile Dryden and Bruce Ford received 542 and 357, respectively.

Anthony Gutierrez, election director with the BOE, said 210 absentee ballots were issued and, as of Tuesday morning, 144 had been returned. However, he added, more will “trickle in” throughout the coming days.

The first round of absentee ballot canvassing is Thursday at 10 a.m., after which another round of unofficial results will be released. Official results will be determined April 13, after the second round of absentee ballot canvassing and provisional vote count.

Read more here.

Tales from the voting booth

A quick update…

First, I can almost guarantee that I won’t have the results from Salisbury’s election first tonight because I have a job to do. It pays better than this site, although if the advertisers from another somewhat disgraced site wished to invest in mine this enterprise may make me more coin than my job.

Anyway, I voted today around 3:00. There were two items I found worth mentioning.

First, I asked about turnout at my polling place (Wicomico Presbyterian) and I was the 375th voter. If this is relatively accurate then I think turnout isn’t going to be much greater than 15 to 17 percent, and that doesn’t bode (no pun intended) well for the challengers. It’s the faithful voters who showed up in the primary who are voting in this election, too – so the results will likely be similar. Had there been 500 voters at the precinct I believe the challengers had more of a chance. Let’s hope I’m wrong on that one for Muir Boda’s sake.

If it were up to people who read monoblogue and Two Sentz, though, Muir would be a shoo-in. Here’s the results of our joint poll:

Muir Boda, 34 votes (38.2%)
Laura Mitchell, 22 votes (24.7%)
Terry Cohen, 14 votes (15.7%)
Orville Dryden, 13 votes (14.6%)
Tim Spies, 5 votes (5.6%)
Bruce Ford, 1 vote (1.1%)

Of course, I think the influence of having an ad for Muir Boda on my site and Laura Mitchell on Two Sentz just might influence the poll. If nothing else, I suppose that proves blog advertising works (see first paragraph above.)

Finally, I had a nice complement from the young lady who’s running Laura Mitchell’s campaign, or at least I presume she does. She thanked me for my fair coverage of the race, and not jumping into the rumor mill about Laura’s living arrangement.

Now maybe there was something to the rumor, but since the protagonist seemed to backtrack from it I doubt it. And hers wasn’t all that important of an issue, just like who Jim Ireton sleeps with was but a sidebar to the real issues surrounding the mayoral race two years ago. It hasn’t affected his job performance, although I was pretty skeptical about that anyway.

So after tonight’s count we will probably have an idea of who will be representing District 2 for the next 4 1/2 years, since the next time these seats will be contested will be the fall of 2015. Unless it’s close enough to require an absentee count and we end up in a tie, I think the top three in the primary will prove to remain in those positions.

If so, beware – it’s open season on landlords and other small businessmen in Salisbury.

Read more here.

Salisbury: GET OUT AND VOTE!!!! There is still time……….

Look Gulls- it comes down to this. Joel Dixon was a young, happy go lucky, student friendly candidate who lost the primaries last month by 1 vote. Did you get that? 1 VOTE!!! We know that theres a lot of apathy out there; the sentiment that “my vote doesn’t matter” is really popular with our generation. But here’s the thing- in Salisbury, your vote does matter. It matters A LOT. Your vote can actually make or break this local election- that’s how important it is.

There’s a lot on the table for college students today- people are running who will not act in our best interest if they win. For years their sole goal has been to take back their neighborhoods…and look where we are. Crime is through the roof, the economy is in the shitter, there are no jobs, and neighbor on neighbor animosity is as high as it’s ever been. Do you want to spend the rest of your time in college under the thumb of a council with a blatantly anti-student agenda? Do you want to tell your kids that you would have had a great time in college if the town you went to school in didn’t suck so much? More over, do you want to tell your kids that you had the chance to make things different but passed it up…cause you didn’t feel like getting off the couch?

Are you tired of complaining about Salisbury? Then do something about it. Don’t sit still when so much is on the line. Get out to the polls today and please VOTE FOR MUIR BODA, ORVILLE DRYDEN, AND LAURA MITCHELL at HARVEST BAPTIST CHURCH (right behind the Giant liquor store and across from the pawn shop). YOU HAVE UNTIL 7:00 P.M. TONIGHT. Students, for the first time ever, the future of Salisbury is depending you…please don’t let us down. GO GULLS!

Read more here.