Fraud! Voter ID Laws, Obamacare, and You!

“If you have someone cast a fraudulent vote, they disenfranchise, cancel out the vote of the legitimate voters, for example: someone who votes twice, someone who is voting out of state, someone who is dead, someone who’s impersonation someone else; all those things cancel out legitimate voters.”

So what can be done, and what can you do to protect your vote?

Prolific author and National Review columnist John Fund stopped by TheBlaze to discuss voter fraud and just how much it actually affects your life, from the value of your vote to the policies implemented regarding your health-care. Fund’s newest book on voter fraud, Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats put Your Vote at Risk, covers a variety of areas discussed in this interview including our confidence in our votes, where voter fraud exists, how fraudsters are getting away with their crimes, as well as the myths and arguments over the topic we see debated in the media relentlessly the past few months.

In the discussion Monday with Mallory Factor, contributor to TheBlaze, Fund exposes the massive amount of voter fraud which happens today, stating: “One out of eight (of our voter registration rolls), according to the Pew Research Center, are either invalid or contain major errors.”

Factor begins the conversation with a challenge, namely, the question many of us face during election time, “Aren’t only swing states to worry about when it comes to voter fraud?” Fund responds “sure, but not for all other elections down the line…” including electing your congressmen, senators, state representatives, mayors, and town councils. Fund desires to make it clear that not only is voter fraud immense and growing, as will be seen in just a moment, but it is an issue that affects all citizens, from who represents you the next four years to what health care policies get passed through the House and Senate.

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