New Black Panther Chair — Obama’s Bombed ‘Black & Brown People’ But Hasn’t Killed ‘One White Man Yet’

The Chairman of the New Black Panthers, Malik Zulu Shabazz, had some harsh words for President Obama on a radio broadcast Tuesday, explaining that he’s angry with the president for killing “black and brown people” in Africa while not having killed “one white man yet.”

The often controversial group has been very quiet leading up to the elections, but began broadcasting again this week after a four month hiatus.

Chairman Shabazz immediately opened up the radio show by asking for callers’ questions. The first caller asked if he supported Obama in any of the last two elections. Shabazz gave a lengthy answer, saying that before 2008 he had “never voted in any presidential election.” He explained that he does not give “a damn” about the Democratic Party because they have “misused black people.” But 2008 was different for Shabazz. He voted for Obama, and the Panther chairman went into detail about that decision.

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Return of the New Black Panthers

They’re back, no thanks to Attorney General Eric Holder. Members of the New Black Panther Party are again stalking the polls in Philadelphia.

In 2009, the Department of Justice sought a permanent nationwide injunction against the New Black Panther Party appearing at the polls. The Eric Holder Justice Department gutted the case in May 2009.

Had the political appointees at Holder’s Justice Department sought the relief requested by Michael Mukasey’s Justice Department, this wouldn’t be happening. Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s DOJ filed a complaint that sought a permanent injunction against King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson from appearing in front of a poll in New Black Panther attire nationwide.

Instead, Eric Holder gave them a slap on the wrist. Here is the operative language from the watered down injunction:

Defendant Minster King Samir Shabazz is enjoined from displaying a weapon within 100 feet of any open polling location on any election day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or from otherwise engaging in coercing, threatening, or intimidating behavior in violation of Section 11(b) of the Voting Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. § 1973i(b).

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In an astounding episode of Black Panther Radio on Sunday, actual school children were interviewed about Black Panther policies. The practice was to reinforce the need for a “Pan African University of Black Excellence” in America that the New Black Panther Party intends to start.

The host of the show was the leader of the National Ministry of Education for the Panthers, Master James J. Muhammad. In an episode where he talks with multiple school children around the country (via phone calls into multiple locations), Muhammad asks, “Have you ever heard of the ”Black Holocaust?”

The children responded with general bewilderment. Some yelled “I have!” into the microphone. Some of the children simply said no.

Muhammad then followed up with a question, “How many people have ever heard of the Jewish, the Jewish, the people in Germany and Hitler, the Jewish Holocaust?”

The children responded in the affirmative, “Yes I have heard of that.” In the end nine children have heard of the Jewish Holocaust and eight did not know at all the Black Holocaust, to the disdain of Master Muhammad.

Master Muhammad then embarked on another conversation, discussing the results of the poll. ”We have to de-program our children” Muhammad lamented, ”they start teaching about the Jewish Holocaust in kindergarten.”

“I’m doing everything I can to make sure our children understand the truth,” Muhammad said. “There is not just the Jewish Holocaust.” He went on to explain that he wants the Trans-Atlantic slave trade “to be known as the Black African Holocaust”

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New Black Panthers: Kill ‘All White’ Men, Women, Babies, Blind, Cripple, Fa**ots, Lesbians & Old Crackers, ‘Dig ’Em Up’ & ‘Kill ’Em Again’

After news broke Wednesday of the New Black Panthers calling for the killing of white babies (see that here), more shocking audio from the group’s radio program has now surfaced. In the organization’s radio opening for August 13, they play a shocking segment from Khalid Muhammad, a former spokesman for Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. In it, he advocates extreme violence against white people in general, and specifically gays, lesbians, babies, and women:

We give them 24 hours in South Africa to get out of town by sundown. I say, if they don’t get out of town, we kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the babies, we kill the blind, we kill the cripple, we kill the crazy, we kill the fa**ots, we kill the lesbians, I say god dammit we kill them all.

If they are white kill ‘em all. Why kill the women? Why kill the babies? They are just innocent blue-eyed babies? Because god dammit they are going to grow up one day to rule your babies. Kill them now. Why kill the women in South Africa? I say kill the women because the women are the military manufacturing center. And every nine months they lay down on their backs and reinforcement rolls out from between their legs, so shut down the military manufacturing center by killing the white woman.”

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New Black Panther’s Graphic Charge: We Need to Kill White Babies by Bombing Nurseries

“Under siege.” That’s how New Black Panther Party Chief of Staff Michelle Williams describes the black community in Tampa, FL, site of the GOP convention. And you can bet she blames Republicans, whites, and “tea baggers.”

So during an Aug. 12 rant on Black Panther radio, she let loose not only on “crackers” but also on black conservatives. During a particularly colorful diatribe explaining why she hates whites and why all blacks should, too, she vowed that as long as whites keep characterizing blacks as “ni**ers,“ her ”feet [will be] on your motherfu**ing necks.”

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Federal Court: Obama Appointees Interfered With Prosecution in New Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case

A federal court in Washington, D.C., ruled last week that a number of President Obama’s political appointees within the U.S. Department of Justice did in fact interfere with the prosecution of two New Black Panther party members who were videotaped holding a night stick and intimidating voters outside a Philadelphia voting station back in 2008.

Thus far, both Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department have denied the involvement of political leadership in the case, something that is now being called into question.

The conservative legal watchdog group Judicial Watch previously sued the DOJ in federal court regarding Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests pertaining to information surrounding the New Black Panthers case. As a result of the lawsuit, the group was able to obtain a number of withheld documents and are now suing the DOJ for attorney’s fees, the Washington Examiner reports. More importantly, as a result of their motion, a federal judge ruled against the DOJ.

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New Black Panthers: Obama Owes Us Favors

According to New Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz:

If Republicans win the White House, “There will be little mercy or no mercy on the New Black Panther Party”
The New Black Panthers “delivered” Obama into office
Obama “owes” the Black Panthers “some favors”
Obama and Holder showed the Black Panthers “mercy” in their voter intimidation case, where the DOJ controversially dropped charges against the group
Republicans are the “most powerful enemies in the world” and they “hate” the Black Panthers
Republicans will brand the Black Panthers “an official hate group, terrorists”
Does not know how much longer “President Obama and Eric Holder can hold out” in their favor.

Don’t miss the connection.

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) chairman wants to remind Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama that their organization “delivered” the president and his administration to office. The New Black Panthers, who recently espoused their desire to hang whites and openly meet with a Holocaust-denying terror regime, believes Obama and Holder “owes them” a few favors.

These new incendiary comments come from NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz on a radio show hosted by his National Field Marshal, King Samir Shabazz. The two were having a discussion about what would happen to the organization were Republicans to win the election in November. The outlook is not good. According to chairman Shabazz, Republicans don’t like the Black Panthers and would prefer to brand the organization a “hate group” that uses “terrorist” tactics.

That was disconcerting to the host of the show, King Samir Shabazz, who was prosecuted by the Department of Justice two years ago over well-documented charges of voter intimidation. These charges had subsequently been dropped by Eric Holder’s Deputies, even though senior attorneys working on the case advised against it. According to Chairman Shabazz, though, that action was “owed” to the Panthers because they “delivered” Obama to office. Still, he admitted the administration was showing the organization “mercy” and that Republicans have every intention to “re-open the case” against him and the NBPP if they gain the White House in 2012.

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More Black on White Violence

Gainesville, Florida, police are investigating what they believe may have been a “racially motivated” attack early Tuesday morning stemming from the nationally covered Trayvon Martin case involving the tragic death of an unarmed 17-year-old.

According to local news affiliates, a 27-year-old Gainesville man was walking home from the bars early Tuesday morning when he said he was jumped by five to eight men who yelled “Trayvon” before the attack. The call before the attack appears to be in reference to the Sandford case that has rocked national headlines, and led to broader societal discussions on crime and race. News4Jax reports:

Gainesville investigators told The Gainesville Sun that they believe Tuesday morning’s attack stemmed from the Martin case.

“We do believe that the crime was racially motivated,” Gainesville Police Department spokeswoman Cpl. Angelina Valuri said.

Valuri said the victim was white and the attackers were black.

Police said the victim had been drinking, so the only description he had of the attackers or their vehicle was that is was a mid-size vehicle. But Valuri did say that the victim’s injuries were consistent with being jumped by a group.

The victim told police that he was beaten for five minutes. He had injuries to his left eye, abrasions to his palms and a cut on his right knee cap. Valuri said he would likely have permanent damage to the left side of his face. He was taken to Shands Gainesville for treatment.

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Malik Zulu Shabazz: New Black Panthers Planning April 9 ‘Day of Action’

The National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz, appeared on the syndicated radio program The Muslim Street Sunday night to discuss his party’s initiatives regarding Trayvon Martin.

The New Black Panthers made news last week when they released “Wanted: Dead or Alive” posters for George Zimmerman, who shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin, and then offered a $10,000 reward for his capture.

“We wanted, and want, and demand that Zimmerman be brought to justice and brought to trial immediately,” Shabazz said, “and if that had been done we wouldn‘t even be discussing the ’reward’ topic.”

Shabazz continued by revealing a national “day of action” scheduled for April 9, a day before a grand jury is scheduled to begin hearing the case.

“This Saturday in Sanford, Florida the New Black Panther Party will be conducting county-wide and state-wide defense training and community patrols to protect against racial violence and attacks, and people like Zimmerman…” he said.

“[Then] On Monday, April 9 we have teamed up with over 300 organizations in a national and international coalition and are calling for a national strike…and a day of absence, where there is no work, no school, and no shopping in the cause of justice for Trayvon and the immediate arrest of Zimmerman and charging him with the appropriate charges.”

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