Hateful ESPN Host: Palin Addressed ‘Dumb,’ ‘Angry,’ Phony Patriots at NRA Convention

Mike Lupica, the ESPN host and regular panelist on the network’s Sunday “The Sports Reporters” program, wrote in a column that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin addressed “mean,” “dumb,” “angry,” and phony patriots at the NRA convention last Friday in Houston, Texas.

In a New York Daily News column published late Sunday evening, Lupica also called NRA attendees the “craziest and creepiest gun lovers on the planet” who are also “phonies” who think “they’re patriots and brave defenders of the Second Amendment.”

Outraged that Palin rightfully called out those like Lupica who have shamelessly tried to exploit senseless tragedies like Sandy Hook for more gun control, Lupica wrote NRA convention attendees were “contemptible people.”

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Jovan Belcher’s Girlfriend Should Have Had Her Own Gun

The National Rifle Association and guns in general have taken a lot of media criticism in the wake of last weekend’s murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre pushed back Thursday telling USA Today Sports, “The one thing missing in that equation is that woman owning a gun so she could have saved her life from that murderer.”

Countering claims made by NBC’s Bob Costas as well as Kansas City sportswriter Jason Whitlock, LaPierre said, “There is no gun culture in the NFL. You’ve got good Americans who love to play sports, who are disciplined, who are responsible, and they’re no different from any other Americans.”

“Owning guns is a mainstream part of American culture and it’s growing every day,” he continued. “We’ve got to stop making excuses. A murderer is a murderer.”

LaPierre made similar comments in an NRA News video posted at the organization’s website Monday hammering Costas for “trying to piggy-back his agenda on the back of this national tragedy and spew it all over America.”

He also maintained that Costas “wouldn’t have said a thing [Sunday] night if this woman had saved her life, by having a firearm available, from Jovan Belcher.”

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