“Occupy” Facebook Page Praising Suspected Cop Killers Sparks Outrage

There is outrage in the Philadelphia Police Department following a social media page that went up praising the killers of 22nd District Police Officer Moses Walker Jr.

John McNesby of the Fraternal Order of Police informed FOX29 of a Facebook page that praised Rafael Jones and Chancier McFarland as “brave men” for their alleged role in the death of Walker.

“It’s appalling,” McNesby said. “There’s no sense to it.”

Jones and McFarland are accused of following Walker on his way home from work last weekend and attacking him. They say Jones fired several shots killing Walker.

Jones was arrested and is currently facing murder charges. Police are still looking for McFarland.

Police say the page, entitled “I Support Chancier McFarland & Rafael Jones”, was posted by Occupy Philadelphia member Joshua Albert.

The page was full of anti-police rants and links to popular songs critical of law enforcement, including rapper Ice T’s highly controversial song “Cop Killer”.

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