Adam Carolla Breaks Down Occupy Movement: ‘F**king Self-Entitled Monsters’

The American Tea Party VS The Anti-American Fleabaggers

The American Tea Party


The Anti-American Occupy Fleabaggers

You decide!

You Might Be A FleaBagger If….Part II

#YouMightbeaFleabagger if you think crapping in public is cool but think getting a job is oppressive.

nicklow28 Nicholas
if you think government spending programs generate wealth #youmightbeafleabagger: if you think government spendi…

gdthomp01 gary thompson
if you think a #union will help provide a better future for American workers then #youmightbeafleabagger

brockboehlert Brock Boehlert
If you say you detest banks while using debit & credit cards to collect donations deposited into a bank #YouMightBeAFleaBagger

GaltsGirl Michelle Ray
RT @iowahawkblog: If you think you’re cleaning up Wall Street by taking a dump in the middle of it, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

kesgardner Ken Gardner
THIS. RT @iowahawkblog: If you think the best way to get money out of politics is to make government bigger, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

EdCrunk james edward smith
LOL RT @jtLOL If you think everybody should have a job, as long as nobody gets rich enough to hire anyone, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

RickAnderson Rick Anderson
And one-liners too? #YouMightBeAFleabagger MT @ctvqp: Send us photos from #OccupyCanada for our giant set wall on tomorrow morning’s show!

SusanAnneHiller SusanAnne
#YouMightBeAFleabagger if you think that the Republicans got the most donations from Goldman Sachs & BP. For the record, the Democrats did.

iowahawkblog David Burge
If you think the best way to get money out of politics is to make government bigger, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

CamEdwards CamEdwards
If you think Burke is something you wear on your feet, not someone you read, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

diggrbiii R
If you’ve never done hard labor in your life, but claim to represent “workers”… #YouMightBeAFleabagger

saraforamerica saraforamerica
If you think “free enterprise” means you should demand free soda with that free pizza #YouMightBeAFleabagger

CamEdwards CamEdwards
If you’re raging against capitalism from your iPhone, #YouMightBeAFleabagger. And a moron.

CamEdwards CamEdwards
If you’re fighting The Man, while planning on voting for the incumbent in the White House, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

OceanusRex OceanusRex
If you think Gandhi is a tumor on society, and the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means #YouMightBeAFleaBagger

SusanAnneHiller SusanAnne
#YouMightBeAFleabagger if you think that socialism and communism are outstanding political systems that create justice.

SusanAnneHiller SusanAnne
#YouMightBeAFleabagger if you have nothing else to do during the day and blame someone else for that.

You Might Be A FleaBagger If….

You might be a fleabagger if:

#YouMightBeAFleabagger if setting up your tent this week was the most work you’ve done all year.

The_NeoKong NeoKong
If you do not know who provided the muffin you ate this morning , #YouMightBeAFleabagger

Dehaag Dan Haag
If you’re simultaneously an anarchist and wish the government to tax everyone at a higher rate, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

DSolberg Deb Solberg
RT “@iowahawkblog: If you think the best way to get money out of politics is to make government bigger, #YouMightBeAFleabagger”

Taylor_mtg Taylor P
RT iowahawkblog: If u think immigrant who owns the convenience store should pay for your interpretive dance studies, #YouMightBeAFleabagger”

DreadfulPenny81 Melissa E.
If you think attacking Wall Street will solve world problems when Wall St. follows LAWS and REGS like all of us, #YouMightBeAFleaBagger

DocattheAutopsy Doc at the Autopsy
#YouMightBeAFleabagger if you spent $200k of your parent’s money at an Ivy league school to grow dreads, smoke pot, & drop out

tomfletcherbc Tom Fletcher
RT @iowahawkblog If you think immigrant who owns convenience store should pay for your interpretive dance studies, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

speednjoe Joe Tripp
#youmightbeafleabagger if you throw yourself under a barely-moving, horn-honking NYPD SCOOTER to fake brutality by #theman

joethepatriotic Joe the Patriotic
If you attack “legal person” status of corporations & spit on its essential benefits for freedom & free enterprise #YouMightBeAFleaBagger

B2Journal BD Pisani
If you despise cops, the wealthy, and conservatives but think that Pol Pot, Che, and Mao are heroes #YouMightBeAFleabagger

Kim_AE Kim Edwards
If your “grassroots protest” can only get started with a check from Soros & some union goons. #YouMightBeAFleabagger #ows

The_NeoKong NeoKong
If you washed up this morning in a McDonald’s restroom #YouMightBeAFleabagger

John Reid
GrahamPink John Reid
If you ever wondered why Communists and Marxist hold you in high esteem, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

Rick Anderson RickAnderson
If you don’t see any humor/humour in this #YouMightBeAFleabagger