Obama Campaign Staff Impersonating Election Officials in Florida

This morning, I wrote about the Obama campaign spreading misinformation about early voting in Pasco County, Florida. The effort is an obvious attempt to confuse voters and potentially reduce the number of GOP voters turning up at the polls. However, a more serious allegation against the Obama campaign has surfaced. Its staffers were able to speak before high school classes by posing as officials from Pasco County’s election office. This is likely illegal.

Obama campaign’s deception came to light after a local GOP official was first asked and then uninvited to speak before high school students.

District spokeswoman Summer Robertson explained that the Democrat who spoke to the classes got into the school by claiming to represent the county elections office as part of an annual voter registration drive. Once before students, this person gave a distinctly partisan message that the teacher, Jennifer Dixon, sought to offset by calling Bunting.

Every election year, county election officials conduct voter registration drives in area high schools. Obama campaign staff allegedly posed as election officials at at least three area high schools. At at least one of these schools, the campaign staff gave a highly partisan speech to the students.

Breitbart news as obtained an email sent by the county’s top election officials to the regional director for the Obama campaign [David Pearl].

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