A concerned Toronto citizen speaks out about corruption with Canada Immigration. Monica Willie Immigration Consultant, has a lot of explaining to do

just came across your website, I felt I had to write to you. I have encountered corruption with Canada immigration, Once you enter into this corrupted system, your life will slowly be destroyed. I have been married to a 3rd generation Canadian man for the last 7 years,and still have not got landed immigrant papers.I am surprised my marriage is still intact after all the stress we endured .My husband did tried to commit suicide in 2010, he could not take the pressure anymore, but lucky enough he failed.

My 2 boys who I brought here from the United Kingdom have suffered tremendously , both of my boys also tried to take they own life’s, one tried to jump in-front of the Subway train, the other was found hanging in Highed Park in Toronto ,both were blessed that 2 kind Canadians saved they life’s.We had corrupted Lawyers and the latest was a lady who claimed to be an immigration consultant Monica Willie.She took my money and now claims she never knew me. I research her name on the computer,and came cross a few articles about her http://www.thestar.com/news/article/226066–charity-for-a-price she is the same lady..I contacted Canadian immigration and I was told, that has nothing to do with them. Now my sons and I facing deportation, because of a corrupted system, You would not believe what , We as a family have endured.

My older son I can say , has graduated with honorees from the High School here in Toronto .My youngest boy,unfortunately has been destroyed by the system.He has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder , anxiety disorder , conduct disorder ,and major depressive disorder , From an A grade student he has become a broken soul. For myself, I am a nursery Nurse for special needs children, and my dream was to become Mental health Nurse in Canada to further my education, but It looks like I am not good enough for this country. Should I get deported, I will get deported to Germany, and my sons will be deported to The United Kingdom.

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