Campaigning as usual bad for one businessman

Onetime TEA Party organizer and Wicomico County Council hopeful Chris Lewis is also a business owner. And while he’s not a complete stranger to the political process, recent events surrounding his downtown Salisbury deli have left a sour taste in his mouth.

It started last week when a representative of Andy Harris’s campaign contacted Lewis about stopping by his deli as part of a business tour through Salisbury’s downtown area. Last Monday the stop was called off, only to be re-added to the schedule the next day on one stipulation – Lewis, who supports Andy’s GOP opponent Rob Fisher, would have to take Fisher’s signage down.

“I had no problem with that,” said Chris. But just hours before the scheduled appearance to discuss economic issues with the businessman, Andy’s campaign backed off.

Oddly enough, incumbent Congressman Frank Kratovil had campaigned in downtown Salisbury days before with Mayor Jim Ireton. But Lewis’s deli was skipped as Kratovil was “picking and choosing” which businesses to enter.

That was an attitude Chris didn’t care for too much. “If they win, they’re still supposed to represent you,” he said. “If I want someone to act like a Democrat, I’ll vote for the Democrat.”

Needless to say, the snub by Harris didn’t sit well. There’s “no way I can support (Harris),” said Lewis. His staff “made a bad call” by canceling the appearance and playing politics.

Lewis, who reluctantly registered as a Republican after years of being independent – including a 1998 County Council run as an unaffiliated candidate – in order to facilitate ballot access, is running for one of the two at-large seats on the Wicomico County Council. He’ll need to survive the September 14 primary against two other opponents to advance.

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Sharptown/MD American Legion Candidate Meet and Greet







By authority of Ralph Cordrey, Treasurer

**Bringing accountability, accessibility, responsibility and representation back to local government.**


Democrats Continue Ruinous Economic Policies,
Special Interest Payoffs While Americans Suffer

(Salisbury) – Republican small businessman and Eastern Shore native Rob Fisher released the following statement regarding today’s sobering economic news:

“Last month our economy lost another 131,000 jobs and unemployment remained alarmingly high at 9.5%, yet Nancy Pelosi and Frank Kratovil continue to pursue the same flawed and failing policies that have resulted in fewer jobs and mountains of debt for all Americans. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, this has to be the most absurd Congress in our history.
Since the passage of the so-called stimulus Maryland has lost over 14,000 jobs, but Kratovil and his fellow Democrats remain intent on rewarding the special interest groups that got them elected and pursuing economic policies that have failed throughout the world. It’s clear the only jobs career politicians are interested in saving are their own.

It’s time we held our representatives accountable for their actions. We need people in Washington who understand that small businesses, not the government, create jobs, and who will fight to fix our economy and get our fiscal house back in order. The First District deserves a Congressman who will listen to his constituents, stand up to career politicians and Put Maryland First.”


(Salisbury) – Republican Rob Fisher today filed with the Maryland State Board of Elections, officially entering the race for Maryland’s First Congressional District seat. A small businessman, veteran and Eastern Shore native, Fisher is looking to bring real leadership to Washington that puts the needs of Maryland residents first.

“Like many Marylanders I am outraged by career politicians in Washington who are turning a deaf ear to their constituents while deficits balloon out of control and our economy continues to stumble,” said Fisher. “It’s clear we need to change the kind of people we send to Congress in order to get our country back on track and stop the reckless spending that threatens to bankrupt America for decades to come.”

Fisher, a small businessman with six generations of roots on the Eastern Shore, wants to tear down the barriers to success imposed on small businesses by Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats.

“This Congress and this President are more interested in rewarding the special interests that got them elected than in helping small businesses grow and prosper,” said Fisher. “It’s clear that Democrats’ long-term goal is the drastic expansion of government at the expense of the private sector. Government should be businesses greatest cheerleader, not its biggest detractor, and my policy toward small business will be based on one simple question: ‘How can we help you succeed?'”

Fisher has been running an issues-based, grassroots campaign focused on bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to Congress to help jump-start America’s economy and rein in out-of-control spending.

“Career politicians have had their chance. The First District deserves a representative who understand the needs of his constituents and will Put Maryland First.”

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Rob Fisher For Congress:

DISCLOSE Act Makes a Mockery of First Amendment

(Salisbury) – Republican Rob Fisher, a small businessman and candidate for Congress in Maryland’s First District, today released the following statement on the House passage of the DISCLOSE Act:

“Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats once again showed their utter contempt for the American people and our Constitution. The DISCLOSE Act is a blatant trampling on the First Amendment designed to protect Democrat interest groups in an election year and stifle any dissent or opposition.

This is just another example of Democrats ignoring the Constitution whenever it suits their needs in an attempt to stay in power and pursue a radical agenda against American taxpayers and businesses. I can only hope the Senate has the good sense to recognize this bill for what it is and send it to a speedy death.

The fact Democrats in Congress were so eager to protect special interests who pour millions into their campaign coffers and silence all opposition underscores the urgent need for real leadership in Washington. As Americans continue to suffer under the strain of high unemployment the only jobs Democrats are interested in protecting are their own.”

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Rob Fisher: Congress Guilty of Desertion

New Decade, New Leadership



CONTACT: Demetrios Karoutsos

June 25,2010

Democrats? decision to not submit a budget an
historic slap in the face to every American

(Salisbury) ? Republican Rob Fisher, a small businessman and candidate
for Congress in Maryland?s First District, today released the
following statement on the historic failure of Congress to pass a

?Not passing a budget is desertion of duty, plain and simple. Ever
since this Congress and this President took office, they have been
shirking their Constitutional responsibilities to the American
taxpayers to blatantly pander to the special interests that got them

This Congress believes it is not accountable to the American people,
that the Treasury is a blank check to be used to reward Democrat
interest groups and balloon the deficit even higher while our economy
continues to founder and millions remain unemployed.

At a time when Americans are pleading with their elected
representatives to stand up and lead, Democrats in Congress continue
to turn a deaf ear to their constituents and refuse to do their job.
Frank Kratovil, Nancy Pelosi and the career politicians have had their
chance. It?s time we sent people to Washington who understand the
needs of those they represent and put their constituents first.?

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(Salisbury) – Republican entrepreneur and Eastern Shore native Rob Fisher today announced the launch of the first television ads in the campaign for Maryland’s 1st District Congressional seat.

“Over the last few months, I have met hundreds of Marylanders and I’m very excited by the strong encouragement I have received so far,” said Fisher. “Our media strategy combined with our grassroots outreach will strongly increase First District voters’ awareness that they finally have a choice: Instead of another career politician, they can send a Representative to Congress with real-world experience who will put people ahead of party and help lead our country back to prosperity.”

The initial ad begins airing Wednesday June 9 and highlights Fisher’s business experience and the need to change the way things are done in Washington. It is the first in a series of ads that will run through the Republican primary on September 14.

“Voters need to know there is an alternative to politics as usual in this election,” said Fisher. “First District residents want a representative who will put Maryland first and work to solve our problems, instead of blindly following Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats as they push our economy off a cliff with job-killing programs and runaway spending.”

The ad will also be available on the campaign’s website, beginning June 9.

Rob Fisher for District 1 in Maryland/Issues


The current Congress has spent the vast majority of their time trying to force-feed a massive and unpopular health care bill down the throats of American taxpayers, at the expense of creating jobs and solving the unemployment crisis. In parts of the 1st District unemployment is 14% with no signs of slowing. We must work together to remove obstacles for American businesses, not create more barriers for growth, and allow them every opportunity to prosper. As a small businessman, I am deeply concerned that the Federal Government continues to forget that consumers spend money not Banks or Corporations. We need to develop new ways for consumers to feel safe in putting money back into the economy.

Government Spending

Our country is bankrupt, yet Congress is intent on ballooning the deficit even higher while proposing massive tax increases to pay for health care and climate bills the majority of Americans don’t want. We must work quickly to get our fiscal house in order or risk leaving today’s problems at the doorsteps of our children and grandchildren. Every member of Congress has a duty to spend our tax dollars wisely, and as your representative I pledge to vote against any bill that increases the deficit without real and immediate benefits to Maryland taxpayers. It is shameful that on the same day that the House of Representatives reinstituted the PayGo mandate, they passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling again. These actions show that they have no interest in controlling spending but are interested in raising taxes to pay for more government intervention in the Free Enterprise system.

E ducation is the key to creating the kinds of high-paying jobs that will help the 1st District thrive and prosper in the 21st Century. Our leaders in Maryland and Washington, D.C. must do more to encourage college graduates to stay local and settle in their home communities. That means providing good jobs for them to come home to when they finish college. When in Congress I will work to stop the brain drain of math and science degrees that is currently limiting American businesses from reaching their full potential and help bring those jobs to the 1st District and the Eastern Shore.

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Phone Number is 443-859-8176

The Andy Harris ‘job interview’ was….

…..cleverly disguised as an Americans for Prosperity meeting.

Last night over 100 people jammed into the back rooms of Brew River to have an opportunity to ask questions of the man who wants to be our next Congressman and avenge his close defeat by current Rep. Frank Kratovil.

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Fisher For Congress/1st District/Maryland

Rob Fisher to Run For Congress

(Salisbury) Republican Rob Fisher today announced he will run for Congress in Maryland’s First District after submitting a Statement of Candidacy to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). A small businessman, veteran and Eastern Shore native, Fisher is looking to bring real leadership to Congress that puts the needs of Maryland residents first.

“At a time when the people of the First District are struggling to make ends meet, Congress is more concerned with forcing job-killing legislation down the throats of taxpayers instead of helping lead us through these turbulent economic times,” said Fisher. “Maryland deserves a representative with real-world experience who will put people ahead of party and bring an entrepreneurial spirit to Congress. I pledge to be a tireless advocate for my constituents and make job creation my first priority.”

A serial entrepreneur who has run several successful small businesses in the First District and the Capitol Region, Fisher knows first-hand the challenges faced by small businesspeople and the barriers to success that have been championed by Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats. Fisher’s current company, Secure Infrastructure Solutions — a Cyber Security firm helping to safeguard America’s National Security assets — has been able to grow and expand despite the terrible economic conditions of the past two years.

“My company has grown in spite of Congress, not because of it,” said Fisher. “Small businesses need government to be their loudest cheerleader, not their biggest detractor.”

Fisher will run an issues-based, grassroots campaign that will focus on the needs of the residents of the First District. His campaign will be opening offices on the Eastern Shore, Anne Arundel County and the Baltimore area.

“The First District needs a Congressman who will put Maryland first,” said Fisher. “Career politicians have had their chance. It’s time for Congress to show real leadership, listen to the people’s concerns and find innovative solutions to our country’s problems.”

Mr. Fishers office number is 443-859-3342.

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