Liberal NutJob Ron Pagano To Run For Wicomico County Council

There is a rumor on some blogs and liberal whacko Ron Pagano has filed to run against Joe Holloway for Wicomico County Council.

God help us all!!If this is true, what say you?


Dear Friends and Family:
After much deliberation, discussing it with my wife, Nancy, and meeting with many folks in the area, I have decided to join the race for the Wicomico County Council’s 5th District. It is a large district, mostly rural, but also covering towns and villages, from Delmar to Willards, and out to the Eastern edge of the County.
What I hope to bring to the race is my passion to fight for the issues I take on, whether for the unemployed, veterans, former inmates who want to turn their lives around, the disabled, or the host of other issues I have worked on in my life.
As many of you know, I have faced many obstacles in my 60 years, but I have always been an optimist, knowing that I have the ability to overcome anything I put my heart and mind to. My handicap has not kept me from pursuing my dreams, including my education, my family, my businesses or my beliefs. In fact, it is my handicap, along with all of the accompanying problems associated with it, that has pushed me to become the person and advocate I’ve become. I see problems and I want to help solve them, just as I’ve solved my own! If there is one thing I can impart from my own experiences, it is, “Never give up!”
My district is mostly rural, including many farms and rural communities. I may only have ‘farmed’ my backyard vegetable garden, but I have lived in rural, farmland communities for most of my adult life and when I met my wife, (who was born and raised in Parsonsburg), instead of discussing whether she might move to Anne Arundel County (where I was living at the time), I chose to move here, to Wicomico County, because I had come to love rural life, the slower pace and the people who live in places like this.
I promise the voters of the 5th District that I will fight for their concerns, just as I’ve always fought in the past. I look forward to opening a dialogue and finding new solutions to old problems. The way to the future is not through arguing, obstructing or refusing to see both sides; it is through finding ways to meet, talk, understand and compromise. All I ask from the voters is to hear what I have to say, and then watch, as I follow through. THAT’S the real test of any elected official!
The slogan for my campaign is, “Honor the past, plan for the future!” I hope that everyone will join me in this new challenge I’ve taken on. I’m eager to get started and find out how I can make life better for our community! I will be posting additional details about the campaign over the next few weeks.
With Warmest Regards,

Again, God help us all from this idiots.

How ObamaCare Is Destroying PRMC

I would like to point out how Obama-care is causing the changes at PRMC. The new rule is, if a patient is re-admitted within 30 days of their discharge medicare/cade does not pay the hospital. I would like to put this in the context of 3 common examples.

1- Patient comes into hospital with a heart attack- they are stabilized and found to be a candidate for open heart surgery. The patient is discharged home for a week or less to gain strength for the surgery. The patient is readmitted for surgery- NO PAY for open heart surgery!

2- A patient has cancer. The patient is on a 21 day cycle of chemotherapy and has to be admitted for 1 or 2 days to take their treatment. The patient is admitted for the first treatment, discharged and is admitted again 21 days later for their next treatment. This cycle is subsequently repeated. NO PAY for subsequent treatments!

3- A patient is admitted for an exacerbation of a chronic condition (i.e. Heart Failure and others). The patient is admitted, stabilized, and discharged. When the patient goes home they have trouble taking or refuse to take their new medications to treat their condition. The patient is readmitted within 30 days due to their medication failure- NO PAY for subsequent admission!

1+2+3= ALOT OF $$$

Maryland, under O’Mally’s leadership, has been the most aggressive state in implementing Obama-care. No hospital in Maryland is currently turning a profit- a direct result of the 30 day rule!

I agree that shutting down the transitional care unit makes business sense, since there are other facilities (Healthsouth and others) who can provide this service. But, the transitional care unit is a small fraction of the real problem that PRMC is facing.

PRMC as a whole has effectively positioned itself for the new healthcare landscape. They have invested in outpatient facilities to focus on keeping people out of the hospital while maintaining cash flow. The hospital will still be there for acute care, but the goal is to decrease the need for acute care.

There will be ALOT of changes coming to healthcare in our country- some good, some bad. FOR SURE it will include more layoffs at PRMC! It will take time, but, I am confident that PRMC will recover and become a streamlined business.

From Anonymous…..

The $19 Million Dollar Question in Maryland

Over the past few days mayoral candidate Joe Albero has taken to his Salisbury News website – you know, the one with no authority line – and thrice bashed incumbent Jim Ireton for scheming to raise city taxes and fees by $19 million. But is Albero correct in blaming Ireton?

Yes and no. One could extend blame to the party Ireton is a member of and the politician he supported twice for President for signing an Executive Order compelling the federal government and states to increase their tempo in restoring Chesapeake Bay. It allowed the EPA great latitude in determining a course of action (like these marching orders show – orders which include the stick of possibly “withholding, conditioning, or reallocating federal grant funds”) and established a “pollution diet” which had little to do with maintaining the economic viability of the region but more to do with pie-in-the-sky goals for the state of the Bay twelve years hence. This supposedly would “ensure that all pollution control measures needed to fully restore the Bay and its tidal rivers are in place by 2025.” (Yet, as I’ll discuss in a bit, that won’t be the end of the road. Far from it.)

Thus, the state of Maryland became a greater participant in the effort – not that Governor Martin O’Malley, who Ireton also supported for election twice, was exactly going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the prospect of further power over and control of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay watershed population.

But it can be argued Ireton has his hands tied, and if Joe Albero wins? He still has to deal with it. As it turns out, this $76 million effort is just a portion of Salisbury’s share of costs to enact the Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan, lovingly presented to the EPA by the state of Maryland last year. This led to the mandate from the Maryland Department of the Environment for local officials to prepare a plan for Wicomico County:

As requested by MDE, each of the twenty‐three counties and Baltimore City were instructed to prepare a Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan that details / demonstrates how each jurisdiction will do their part in improving the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries across Maryland.

Read more here.

Law Abiding Citizens in Maryland to become Criminals

Testimony in opposition to SB281:
Firearm Safety Act of 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Senate:

Let me begin by saying I find this bill to be improperly named, because its passage will not make Marylanders any safer.

As members of the General Assembly, you are charged with making laws. By definition, criminals break them.

Yet I predict this bill will make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.

Otherwise this law will deny the right to self-protection from many thousands of Maryland residents your government claims to be looking out for: the poor and disadvantaged among us. If one were to purchase a handgun after November 1, not only will they be responsible for the price of the gun but also hundreds of dollars’ worth of licensing fees, classes, and other costs associated with this law. They’ll be faced with a choice: self-protection or starvation. Is the state going to step in further and pay for gun safety courses for the poorest among us, waiving the $100 licensing fee on a sliding income scale? Of course not.

Certainly at this point you’re shaking your head at the crazy example I point out above, but I shook my head in disbelief when I saw this bill for what it is: a kneejerk response to a tragedy this law would not have prevented. Again, by definition criminals break laws. The very first victim of the Sandy Hook tragedy owned her weapons – the ones stolen to be a means for committing these murders – legally.

Logic and reliance on facts aren’t generally the strong suits of those who would take away the access to weapons, though, so that truism is lost on those who pushed for this bill in the name of “safety.” As you probably know – and will likely hear often throughout this day of testimony – the Second Amendment clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It does not go on to say “…shall not be infringed, except when they put scary-looking enhancements on the weapon” or “…shall not be infringed, except for the payment of $100 and taking of a training course.” I would further argue that the people aren’t the “well regulated militia” but the “over-regulated militia.”

It’s rather unfortunate that I can’t be there today to deliver this in person, to see the reaction on your faces when I take a page out of the old saw many of us grew up hearing, “Question Authority.” It’s the people’s job to do so when authority oversteps its bounds and turns a right into a privilege for the chosen few.

I understand this bill probably has enough votes to clear the Senate based on the number of co-sponsors; furthermore, I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this hearing was scheduled at a time when President Obama would be nearby.

But I guarantee to you that I speak for thousands and thousands of law-abiding gun owners in Maryland who have never fired their weapon in anger; in fact, I would wager that most have not fired their weapons in the last year. Luckily, society is still civil enough that the need for self-protection is a rare occasion for most of us.

Read more here.

Joe Albero Announces Candidacy For Salisbury Mayor

Will Liberal Maryland be first state to vote ‘yes’ on gay marriage?

Irene Huskens has the wedding venue picked out: a charming bed-and-breakfast in southern Maryland. But the wedding is no sure thing.

The plans made by Huskens, a 43-year-old police captain, and her partner, Leia Burks, hinge on whether Marylanders make history on Nov. 6 by voting to legalize same-sex marriage. A “yes” vote, and the wedding is on. A “no” victory? Huskens is loath to consider it.

“There are a lot of Marylanders who want to set the precedent of equality who will vote from their gut for fairness,” she said at her colonial suburban home in Prince George’s County, where she and Burks are raising two adopted children.

Dating back to 1998, 32 states have held votes on same-sex marriage, and all 32 have opposed it. Maryland is one of four states with Nov. 6 referendums on the issue — and gay-marriage advocates believe there’s a strong chance the streak will be broken.

In Maryland, Maine and Washington, it’s an up-or-down vote on legalizing same-sex marriage. In Minnesota, there’s a measure to place a ban on gay marriage in the state constitution, as 30 other states have done previously.

Read more here.

American Dictatorship

The idea that the United States of American, the “land of the free and the home of the brave..” would ever fall under a dictatorship seems far fetched to most people. While the executive branch of our government has grown exponentially for decades and its bureaucracy has appropriated what can only be described as dictatorial power, most Americans are loathe to think of their elected government as autocratic. Not only has the executive, with the complicity of congress and the courts, expanded its power in relation to those other branches, it has expanded its power over all of us through the bureaucracy and their myriad regulations. Its law enforcement and domestic spying organizations, the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security, are compiling mountains of information on us, monitoring us, and with the Patriot Act and Defense Authorization Act have the ability to snatch us off the street and incarcerate or kill us without charges, hearings, or trials.

We have allowed all recent presidents to exercise this illegitimate and unconstitutional authority and it is not surprising that eventually someone would be elected to office who was not steeped in American culture and ideals who would not show respect to even the veneer of our myth of limited government. President Obama has been very clear in his contempt for the Constitution and its limitations. He has stated that he will circumvent and ignore congress to advance his agenda. His statist cohorts in that body will twist and break the rules to get their way. This has resulted in pushback from many Americans, notably the TEA party.

The problem is that those whose entire focus is on obtaining and exercising power do not obey the rules. Elections and legal limitations are nuisances to be circumvented. At some point, when push comes to shove, the statists who have been content to see their agenda implemented piece by piece over time will no longer be satisfied exercising power piecemeal. They will decide to consolidate authority within the executive and the bureaucracy and blatantly exert totalitarian control over all our lives. The specific framework for establishing such a state has already been established through a series of executive orders issued during the Kennedy administration and continuing through the present. The executive need only pull the trigger to implement its protocols.

What is the trigger? It is found in Executive Order 11051 signed by President Kennedy on September 27, 1962.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis

It goes on to say;


WHEREAS national preparedness must be achieved and maintained to support such varying degrees of mobilization as may be required to deal with increases in international tension, with limited war, or with general war including attack upon the United States;

While many of these executive orders were in response to to the very real threat of nuclear attack and all out war with the Soviet Union, look at the vague language of the “triggers.” All executive orders can be put into effect “in times of increased international tensions,” “economic or financial crisis,” “limited war,” or “general war including an attack on the United States.” Consider each one of these. We are currently in a state of severe international tensions. Muslims the world over are attacking our embassies and violently lashing out at anything non-Muslim. Iran and Israel are close to war. Tensions with China and Russia are growing. Any of these could presently or with little escalation be a pretense for pulling the trigger.

The next is economic or financial crisis. Are we not facing an economic crisis of unprecedented scope? The Federal Reserve is destroying our currency. The government is taking on unsustainable debt. There is “Taxmaggedon,” the cuts and tax increases that are designed to happen at the end of the year. The imminent collapse of the Euro and the European Union. Any one of these could easily be a trigger.

Finally we have war, limited or general. We are currently engaged in the “war on terror.” We have experienced attacks on the United States with the promise by our enemies that there will be more. Those could include nuclear, EMP, chemical or biological attacks in addition to the low tech terrorism we have been subject to for the last two decades. We have already seen this war with Islam result in constitutional protections being thrown out the window. It would take very little for such events to serve as a trigger.

An even more important consideration is who pulls the trigger, who determines when the criteria have been met? Section 105 states “Plans so developed may be effectuated only in the event that authority for such effectuation is provided by a law enacted by the Congress or by an order or directive issued by the President pursuant to statutes or the Constitution of the United States.” It can be congress or the president pursuant to statutes or the Constitution. The Constitution can be ignored and the president can issue a directive or order to put all this into effect. Dictatorial powers can be appropriated by one man based on his perception of the vague threats that constitute the trigger.

Why haven’t the executive orders been implemented yet? My guess is that during the Obama administration there has not been a singular event like 9/11 that would provide a crisis of a magnitude necessary to make such actions palatable to a large percentage of the population. There is plenty of potential for that to happen and if reelected, its likelihood over the next four years is almost certain.

What is the scope of these executive orders? There are many but most related to our topic were consolidated by President Nixon in order 11490 on October 28, 1969. If you read through this and other execrative orders, some of them seem reasonable in response to a disaster or the disruption caused by a great war on our soil. For example, compiling a register of all people with the purpose of reuniting families is a good idea. However, it is not hard to conceive of using a register of all people for sinister purposes by an executive whose main aim is total control over the population. That is the problem with government power. When originally expanded or co-opted it may be done for good reasons or with good intentions by good people. However, that power can one day be exercised by people with evil intentions. Consider that as I highlight some of the powers authorized by these executive orders.

The Department of State will have the authority to control all people entering and leaving the United States. (201-11)

The Department of the Treasury will have control over monetary, credit and Federal payment programs. They will determine who gets what and how much. (302)

The Department of Defense has the authority to confiscate “production facilities, production equipment, petroleum, natural gas, solid fuels, electric power, food, transportation, and other services” it needs for mobilization. It is authorized to take whatever measures necessary to overcome deficiencies in production, manpower and the appropriation of non-industrial facilities. In other words the military can take what it wants, when it wants. It will control all military and civilian air traffic. It is also authorized to enforce the “National Censorship Agreement” and control all devices capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation. In other words, it will control the content of information and the means of its dissemination (Radio and Television) (401-2, 9. 16, 20, 22, 26, 27)

The Department of Justice will make every effort to give all this the veneer of legality and will appropriate for the Federal Government local law enforcement and prisons, making provision for “mass feeding and housing.” Why are we appropriating prisons for mass feeding and housing unless they are assuming the people being fed and housed are a mass of prisoners? (501-2, 502-1, 2)

The Post office is authorized to implement a program of registering all people and censor the mail. (601-1,2)

The Department of the Interior has control over “all usable waters, from all sources.” (as amended in EO 11921)

The Department of Agriculture will exercise control over the production, processing, storage and distribution of all food, control of all farm equipment.and the management of the land itself. (803-1,3)

The Department of Commerce has a blanket authority to control “the production and distribution of all materials, the use of all production facilities, the control of all construction materials, and the furnishing of basic industrial services” except for those under the specific authority of another agency, like the military. It has authority over all scientific and technological development. (901-1, 3) As amended in EO 11921 “Claimancy for resources shall include materials, manpower, equipment, supplies services and water.” This amendment also gives it total control over the fishing industry. Such blanket claims are found throughout the executive orders.

The Department of Labor has the authority to ensure the maximum utilization of the civilian manpower population as well as the ability to control the wages and benefits of those workers. (1002-1, 2)

The Department of Health, Education and Welfare has authority over all health services, both facilities and personnel including their direct operation by the government and compensation for service. It is in charge of all welfare services including those administered in the private sector. It has the authority to determine Social Security benefits and control of credit unions. It is also put in charge of all education, public and private. The water supply is also under its control as well as all food and drugs. It has the authority to direct a program of training emergency welfare workers-we need to make sure redistribution never stops. (1102-1 through 7, 1103-2, 5, 1104-2)

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, in addition to building new housing, has the authority to determine which areas should be redeveloped and the authority to transfer people to temporary or permanent housing. (1202-1, 1204-2, 1205-1)

The Department of Transportation has total control over all civilian transportation and the nation’s roads and highways. (1301-3, 1303-3)

The Import-Export Bank has the authority to control all imports. (1601-a)

The Federal Bank Supervisory agencies (which includes the Fed) has the authority to regulate money and credit including the distribution of currency. It also has the authority to regulate cash withdrawals and credit transfers. (1701-1, 4)

The Federal Communications Commission exercises total control of the broadcast industry, including the regulation of its business, the shutting down of stations and utilization of its personnel. It also has the authority to close any radio station capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation which is aimed at HAM radio operators. (1802-1a, 5)

The General Services Administration has a lot of responsibilities including determining access to survival stockpiles which includes the requisitioning of private property. In other words, your private emergency stash is considered part of the government’s emergency stockpile and can be appropriated for its use. (2001-8, 12, 2002-7, 8, 10)

The National Science Foundation has the ability to conscript scientific personnel. (2301-1)

The Securities and Exchange Commission has total control over the stock market including closing it, suspending redemption rights, freezing stock and bond prices, and controlling the flow of capital inside and outside the country. (2501-1 through 5)

Section 3006 establishes direct economic controls including “price, rent, wage and salary stabilization, and consumer rationing programs.”

The other executive order that is relevant here is 11051 which established the Office of Emergency Management in 1962. It includes the provision for rationing consumer goods. (204) It is the director’s responsibility to push legislation to ensure that these orders can be implemented (303) and he has the authority to develop whatever rules and regulations he deems necessary to implement these directives. (501)

Are you prepared to live under a government that exercises total control like this? Over everything? Food, water, money, transportation, wages, prices, information, the workplace, technology, consumer goods, and housing, along with appropriating to itself the authority to make any rules necessary to ensure compliance. With modern technology such a place will be worse than Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany. Freedom will have been extinguished in one fell swoop based on the decision of one man (or woman) who will then have total control. This control should never be exercized by any government or any man. It doesn’t matter who is elected in November, we should not, we must not, acquiesce to this total consolidation of power for any reason by anyone. Even in response to a massive attack or natural disaster, the Federal Government has shown itself in the past to be inept, inefficient, corrupt and often does more harm that good. It is local communities and neighbors that are best able to assist and defend themselves and each other if they are allowed the latitude of action and the means to achieve it. The Federal Government’s job is to defend us from enemies abroad and if they attack us, rain hellfire upon them. It should have no role whatsoever in conducting our affairs in response to an attack (unless it is an invading army) or disaster on our soil.

In response to this information we need to prepare to assert our rights and individual sovereignty against a government that respects neither. That government, our government, will appropriate by force everything we need to survive. It will show no respect to private property, the concept will cease to exist in their minds. If we expect to see our founding ideals and the very concept of unalienable rights survive here and in the world, we must be prepared, mentally and physically, to defend them with any and all means at our disposal.

Michael Calpino

Candidate for Congress 1st district MD

Joe Albero files lawsuit vs. Mayor Ireton

In his line of work as a local news blogger and (ultra-conservative) provocateur, Joe Albero gets called lots of names he says can’t be published in a newspaper.

But he draws a line at being called a “Delaware blogger” — as Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton has learned.

Albero is seeking $200,000 from Ireton in damages related to the mayor’s twice calling him a First State resident at a recent news conference. The libel lawsuit, filed in Wicomico County Circuit Court in June, also accuses Ireton of making “defamatory statements” in telling the media that Albero lied about a prank phone call supposedly from the mayor.

Ireton declined to comment Wednesday for this report.

The lawsuit offers an ominous preview of next April’s mayoral election. No one has officially filed to run; Albero has publicly announced his candidacy, becoming a T-shirt-distributing, handshaking fixture at his downtown office and local events.

Albero alleges that Ireton called him a Delaware resident to raise questions about his eligibility to run for office.

City law dictates that candidates must be residents for at least one year before the election. Albero said he moved on March 24 from his home in Delmar, Del., to the second floor of his office on Salisbury’s Main Street.

Read more here.

A show of support

Normally the time around 2:30 is a slack one for the restaurant business, and certainly Chick-Fil-A is no exception on a normal day. But this was the scene outside the Salisbury restaurant this afternoon.

Yes, cars were literally lined up around the restaurant and inside you could barely find a table. This was the scene while I was waiting on my food.

Actually, the wait to order food wasn’t bad at all – it was the wait to get the food that was about 20 minutes. I asked the friendly young man who waited on me about how the day was and he said “crazy.” He was expecting a busy day, he said, but not quite like this. In listening to other people talk I heard at least one person had come from Millsboro, Delaware just to eat at the restaurant. Inside, employees were offering to refill drinks and handing out mints to those who were waiting.

Now I don’t know how the location at the Centre of Salisbury fared, but my guess is they had the same sort of business.

How was the food? I’ve always liked their waffle fries but this time I tried one of their cool wraps. Probably should have stuck with the sandwich, but next time I’ll know better. It wasn’t bad, just wasn’t all that great.

From what I’ve been able to gather, I’m not the only local person who’s provided an eyewitness report of his experience at Chick-fil-A today. But one thing about this show of support which makes it far more obvious than a boycott is the number of people who packed the parking lot and restaurant. And there wasn’t a lick of trouble or complaint from those who had to wait.

Read more here.

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