“I’m Done with Republicans If They Don’t Fight Obamacare”

Hannity Dumped Cumulus, Cumulus Turned to Savage in Revenge Play

On Friday, Inside Music Media reported the inside story behind Sean Hannity’s split with Cumulus Media, owned by the Dickeys:

Sean Hannity, the popular conservative radio and TV talk show host, turns down a recent Cumulus offer to renew his contract to continue airing his show on 40 of their stations….Cumulus tried as recently as the past few weeks to re-up the show but it was Hannity who rejected it. And you know what happens when you reject a Dickey. Hannity and his syndicator Clear Channel-owned Premiere asked Cumulus for a release so they can negotiate a new deal but to date Cumulus has failed to respond. By contract, Hannity can’t renew his syndication deal with Clear Channel until late October even though Cumulus knows that renewal will be completed in a New York minute….Hannity and Rush Limbaugh will leave Cumulus-owned WABC for Clear Channel’s WOR January 1, thus eviscerating whatever ratings WABC had left.

According to the report, recognizing the fact that Hannity had turned them down, the Dickeys decided to unleash oft-boycotted talks how host Michael Savage, who announced via Mediaite that he would be replacing Hannity in the 3-6 PM EDT time slot. “I predict, right here, right now, that I Michael Savage and the Savage Nation is going to take over The Sean Hannity Show time slot by the end of the year,” Savage said.

As Inside Music Media points out, Lew Dickey told investors that Cumulus’ revenue drop was due to Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio skewing older. But Savage is 71 years old and has been boycotted for, among other things, suggesting that virtually every child with autism was “a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out.” He also lost a show on MSNBC after suggesting that a caller was a “sodomite” who should “get AIDS and die.”

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Broadcast giant ‘dropping Limbaugh, Hannity’

Two of the most successful names in radio, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, are soon to be dropped by Cumulus Media, the second-largest broadcaster in the U.S., according to a published report.

In a story by Dylan Byers, the Politico says an industry source claims Cumulus is planning to let go of both Limbaugh and Hannity from its stations at the end of the year.

The source indicated the broadcasting giant won’t renew its contracts with both popular voices, removing the two most highly rated conservative talkers from more than 40 Cumulus channels in major markets.

The source also said negotiations between Cumulus and Premiere Networks, the division of Clear Channel Communications which distributes Limbaugh and Hannity’s shows, came to a halt over disagreements about the cost of distribution rights.

“Cumulus is known to drive a hard bargain on costs, and Clear Channel is known to seek top dollar for big names,” Byers noted.

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Sean Hannity Rips Joe Scarborough: He’s Sold His Soul to a Liberal Network to Attack Conservatives

Hannity Stumps NAACP DC Leader: Name One Person Killed in Chicago During Zimmerman Trial

Father of Slain Benghazi SEAL: White House Order Was “Don’t Help Them, Let Them Die”

Saudi National Ruled Out as ‘Suspect’ in Boston Marathon Bombings to Be Deported on National Security, Obama Regime Coverup? Update


Sources tell TheBlaze that the Saudi national is set to be deported on “security and related grounds.” His visa also has been revoked. Below is some of the information that has been communicated to us:
1. One source at the FBI and another at the Saudi Embassy referred to the student as connected to an important Saudi family.
2. An “event” was created on this guy three days ago. An event is a file. The file contains his deportation record and the reason he is being deported. According to ICE the reason is under section 212 3B — “Security and related grounds” – “Terrorist activities”
3. His visa has been revoked.
4. The FBI said a file was started “just in case he was found to be connected to the crime,” however, the file shows he was scheduled to be deported. This was not a precaution, it was in “orders.”
5. One source said they believe a “voluntary” departure has been signed — that means the Saudi Student could be out of the country as early as today.
6. The file was immediately classified. We believe the deportation order will be classified as well — requiring a FOIA to get it.
7. The story was going to be “he wanted to go home,” however he was actually being deported.
8. Our source said the FBI believes the Saudi student is tied to 2 to 3 more people.
9. Our source said this “looks like they were trying to make this a ‘lone wolf’ crime so, the Saudi government would be spared embarrassment and the U.S. would avoid explaining how a terror cell was active when we had AQ on the run.”

TheBlaze Chief Content Officer Joel Cheatwood reported on “The Glenn Beck Program” Thursday morning that TheBlaze has been informed that the government is now ​considering ​not ​deported Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi.

Classy… Liberal Activist to Sean Hannity “You’re a Big, Big Man With a Little Gland”

Liberal Sweetheart Sotomayor ‘Compares’ Homosexuality to Incest

If you want proof of how vicious the mainstream media is when it comes to punishing black conservatives for daring to be black and conservative, look no further than the media’s coordinated attack against the openly conservative Dr. Ben Carson for making the exact same kind of argument about same-sex marriage as Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor did on the exact same day.

Tuesday night, during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sean Hannity asked Dr. Carson about his thoughts on same-sex marriage. Here is Carson’s response in full:


Marriage is between a man and a woman. It is a well-established fundamental pillar of society, and no group — be they gays, be they NAMBLA [North American Man/Boy Love Association], be they people who believe in bestiality — no matter what they are, they don’t get to change the definition. So it’s not something that’s against gays; it’s against anybody who wants to come along and change the fundamental definition of pillars of society. It has significant ramifications.

It took a few days for Media Matters and the rest of the organized-left to gin up the outrage needed to grab hold of the mainstream media’s attention. But by Friday afternoon, Dr. Carson found himself under direct fire. NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell brought Carson on her MSNBC show for a grilling, as did CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

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