Striking SEIU workers intentionally endangered CT nursing home patients

After the collapse of 17-month-long union negotiations on July 3, unionized health-care workers walked out of five nursing home facilities in Connecticut, but not before placing some elderly patients in dire medical risk through acts of sabotage, according to the company that owns and operates the facilities.

“In the hours leading up to the strike by the New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199 SEIU (the Union) against five HealthBridge Management Health Care Centers in Connecticut, Union members engaged in multiple illegal and dangerous acts against Center residents,” reads a statement released by HealthBridge on Tuesday afternoon.

According to police reports obtained by The Daily Caller and reported Monday by the RedState blog, HealthBridge Management Health Care Centers alleged that union employees in at least three of its facilities intentionally mixed up or removed patient name plates, photos, medical bracelets and dietary advisories as they began their strike. Additionally, the police reports include allegations of both vandalism and larceny.

A July 3 police report from the Danbury Health Care Center in Danbury, Conn., states that “between the hours of 2300 [11:00 pm] on 7/2/12 and 0700 [7:00 am] today, 7/3/12, there were several incidents that directly affected and potentially could have negatively impacted patient care.”

“The incidents ranged from clean linens being thrown on the floor to more serious incidents whereby patients’ identification wrist bands were removed as well as patient identifiers on room doors and wheelchairs.”

“There are no suspects,” the report continues, but “the persons involved are presumed to be employees who are part of a protest taking place outside outside against the Danbury Health Care Center.”

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Union Guru’s Shock Charge to College Class: You Must All Vow to Be Arrested This Year

While giving a talk to Georgetown University’s Labor Lab on April 30th, renown Community Organizer Steven Learner boasted some peculiar parenting accomplishments, while bringing into question his version of the Jewish tradition of Bar Mitzvah.

Lerner began his speech by bragging about his disruption of Washington DC in the Justice for Janitors campaign of the 80‘s and 90’s:

”Do people know about when we shut down Washington, D.C.? Does anybody know that story? So we had this idea to get– that if we couldn’t picket the buildings anymore because of secondary boycott law, maybe we should just shut the city down. So we parked school buses across the bridges into the city and set up classrooms to symbolize that pacts weren’t being paid, and the schools were in deterioration.”

He then announced a point of personal importance and pride over the protest:

“An important event in my life because my oldest son got arrested for his first time. And it was very big event, [we’re] joking now that the leftist bar mitzvah is when your son gets arrested for the first time. And he then– just a great side story– at our local elementary school my youngest son, they said during story time, “do you have anything to share?” And he said, “yes, my brother went to jail last night.” And the teacher said, “Oh, that’s ok it happens to all of us, you know it will get worked out.” And my youngest son said, “We’re so proud.”

Van Jones: ‘Occupy…Saved the Entire Country From Destruction’

Former Obama administration green jobs czar Van Jones said Saturday the Occupy Wall Street movement essentially “saved the entire country from destruction.”

Jones made the comments in Los Angeles ahead of his appearance at an “All in for the 99%” training event, saying Occupy “disrupted the narrative” as both parties “barreling toward more austerity.”

“[The] Occupy movement pretty much saved the entire country from destruction,” Jones said in an interview posted online. “Both political parties were barreling toward more austerity, more cutbacks, more pain for the people and more — basically both political parties had managed to converge on this idea of basically no rules for the rich, no rights for the poor, no middle class to speak of. That was basically the agenda, the question was just how much pain how fast.”

“Occupy Wall Street came on and completely disrupted the narrative,” he said. All the ‘austerity, austerity, cut, cut, cut’ stuff went away and suddenly even Republicans had to talk about income inequality and that whole theme. Occupy Wall Street really kind of, like, helped us to hit a reset in the country.”

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SEIU Collects Union Dues From Disabled Kids’ Medicaid Checks

Robert and Patricia Haynes take care of their two children, who at the ages of 30 and 34 are more like children in adult bodies. That’s because they both have cerebral palsy, and rely on their parents to feed and change them — and likely will for the rest of their lives.

The Haynes family receives monthly checks from the state of Michigan through Medicaid, allowing the parents to care for their son and daughter themselves instead of institutionalizing them. But because a Michigan law classifies Robert and Patricia as “home health care workers,” they are considered public workers and therefore automatic union members — meaning the SEIU gets a $30 cut of the family’s Medicaid subsidy as union dues.

“We’re not home health care providers — we’re parents taking care of our children,” Melissa Haynes told Detroit Fox affiliate WJBK-TV:

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Video Exposing How ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Was Organized From Day One by SEIU/ACORN Front

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