The Party of Abortion

The Democratic party underwent an ideological evolution in Charlotte last week. They are no longer a pro-choice party. They’re the party of abortion.

In the first prime-time speech of the first night of the convention, the Democrats featured “former Republican” Maria Ciano (she’s been a registered Democrat since at least 2006). “[Republicans] want to deny me the power to make the most personal decisions about my life,” Ciano said. “The America I love respects the dignity of women. The America I love is a place where, when we say ‘freedom,’ we mean my freedom to make decisions about my life, not someone else’s freedom to make them for me.”

Ciano was followed by NARAL president Nancy Keenan, who opened by insisting that “the Democratic party believes that women have the right to choose a safe, legal abortion with dignity and privacy.” Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick agreed a short while later in his remarks from the stage, saying, “We believe that freedom means keeping government out of our most private affairs, including out of a woman’s decision whether to keep an unwanted pregnancy.”

On the second night of the convention, the Democrats continued to make appeals based on abortion rights. The head of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, opened the 8 o’clock hour on the convention stage by claiming that Mitt Romney is campaigning “to overturn Roe v. Wade,” and “we won’t let him.” Later, liberal icon Sandra Fluke promised that if President Obama is reelected, women will retain “the right to choose.” The message was unmistakable: The Democrats believe abortion rights should be a central facet of their appeal to voters.

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