Don‘t Let Radicals Use Trayvon Martin’s Death to Push Political Agendas

On his Thursday radio broadcast, Glenn Beck delved into an incident that has ignited a whirlwind of controversy — one that has raised pulses of people from all walks, but all for different reasons. His radio segment with a caller concerned over the fallout follows below, but first The Blaze provides some background:

By now, many are probably familiar with the disturbing story of Trayvon Martin — a 17-year-old black teen gunned down by a Florida gated community’s self-appointed neighborhood watchman. Much of the current evidence indicates the shooting was a hate crime, as the unarmed boy, who was said to have been seeking shelter from the rain, was carrying nothing more than a packet of Skittels at the time of the incident. Adding to this theory, police indicate the shooter may have uttered a racial epithet — “f–king coon” — prior to opening fire on the Florida youth.

The shooter, a Hispanic by the name of George Zimmerman, claims he was acting in self defense and as such, has yet to be arrested. He maintains he was attacked by the teen, but a statement by the deceased’s girlfriend — who was allegedly on the phone with Trayvon at the time of the shooting — suggests it was in fact Zimmerman who assailed Martin.

Although Zimmerman is attempting to shield himself behind a 2005 Florida “Stand Your Ground” law giving citizens the right to defend themselves when threatened, it is clear this was not a case of meeting force with equal force.

According to reports, public records reveal that in 2005 Zimmerman was arrested in Orange County for resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. Residents of the Sanford gated community also allege the shooter had been overly-aggressive during his watch-shifts in the past.

It is possible then that Zimmerman may simply be a deeply disturbed, paranoid individual with a propensity for violence towards just about anyone.

In any case, few if any believe Zimmerman should not be arrested.

Even Stand Your Ground’s sponsors are calling for his arrest and do not believe the gunman deserves immunity under their law.

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Liberal Caller Threatens Talk Show Hosts

Those who receive Glenn’s daily email recapping his radio show may have noticed an especially interesting item. A Left-leaning caller named “Bobby” from San Antonio, TX called the show and proceeded to angrily denounce hosts Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray, before concluding with a bizarre threat. “Once you step outside your comfort zone, it’s over, buddy,” Bobby snarled. You can watch the clip from the show below:

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This Liberal loser caller also called the Rush Limbaugh show.